Little Guy Football Week 2

Little Guy Football Week 2

Following are the results from Week 2 of the Mining City Little Guy Football League. Also included is one Week 1 game inadvertently omitted from last week’s report.

All games are played Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings at Copper Mountain Park.

Universal Athletic Dolphins 30, Harrington Pepsi Patriots 20
Kodye Kjersten scored four touchdowns as the Dolphins did something their Miami counterparts will not do this year, win. Cody Facincani played great on the line in the win, while Hutch Welker was solid at middle linebacker and Braydin Cannon was great on both sides of the ball.

Xavier Jory scored on a long run, and Matt Marsenich scored and played great on both sides of the ball for the Patriots. Calvin Cunningham returned a punt for a touchdown, Blaise Perez played great defense and Landon “Smashin’” Shields made a great catch.

Opportunity Bank Buccaneers 12, Thriftway Giants 0
David Horner ran for a pair of touchdowns to go along with some good defense, and Trae Chopper registered three sacks as the Bucs picked up the win. Mason Johnson picked off a pass in the win. Jack Muhlestein played displayed perfect tackling form, while Treigh “Sleepy” Hollow made a bigtime reception.

Revels McEwen and Logan Costello stood out on offense for the Giants. Patrick Ghiorso, Tryston Gustafson and “Mighty” Casey Sawyer played strong defense.

First Citizens Cowboys 28, McQueen Athletic Club Vikings 0
Andrew Richardson tossed two touchdowns to lead the Cowboys passing attack. GG Fantini scored a touchdown on the ground and through the air. Jaeger “Hit Man” Hansen had a handful of hard hits and big stops, and Chase Garland made some big stops on fourth down.

Zeeke Thatcher’s excellent blocking stood out for the Vikings. Jaidyn Caldwell leveled hard hits in both hats. Xander “X Man” Mattson and Marcus McMullen were also forces on defense.

Pioneer Technical Packers 22, Newland and Company Bears 0
Gunner Bushman stood out at running back, and Dublin Cooney stripped the ball and returned it for a touchdown to lead the Pack. Howie Pearston, Peyton Johnson, Logan Carden and Cooney were studs on the defensive line. Keghan Cline and Teagan Bettle played great defense.

Kaleb Celli finally picked the right team and played great at quarterback for Da Bears. Taylor Olsen caught a long pass, while Anthony Alkire, Gauge Lemler and Ziggy Okrush were solid on both sides of the ball.

Keith Sayers Redskins 36, Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 6

Brady Doyle was an offensive leader, and Eddie Panisko brought his sticky hands for a long catch to lead the Redskins in the win. Eli Johnson and Braylon Johnson both used some fancy footwork to find the end zone, and Conner “The GOAT” Craddock and Jack Nyland led the offensive line. The McCarthy twins, Danny and Robert, were standouts on defense.

Maxx Pearston played tough defensive end, and Kasen Snyder stood out at safety and defensive end for the Steelers. Bryden Wagner hit Brady Walsh for a beautiful touchdown pass.

Lisac’s Tire Raiders 19, Glacier Bank Rams 0
Preston Jensen ran for a pair of touchdowns, while “Knight” Ryder McEwen pulled of the trifecta with a pick, sack and PAT as the Raiders picked up the win. Bridger Brancamp played great on offense and defense, and Blake Chambers was a force at center and linebacker.

Highlights for the Rams were not provide.

Week 1
Lil Copperhead Bengals 48, Glacier Bank Rams 0

Highlights were not turned in for the Bengals in their big season-opening victory.

Brazyn Dunne played hard on both sides of the ball for the Rams. Mason Hintz kept team moral up by staying positive, and Kyler “The Animal” Carpenter and Obadiah “Gronk” Breeton made some nice runs. 1 comment

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  • Brandi Dtajcar
    September 18, 2019, 12:19 pm

    It is always a privilege to read the stats and actions of the games! We are Butte Tough!


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