Little Guy Football roundup: Weeks 1 and 2

Little Guy Football roundup: Weeks 1 and 2

Following are the roundups from the first two weeks of the Mining City Little Guy Football League. Games are played at Copper Mountain Park.

Week 1
Sixth grade
Pioneer Technical Packers 20, Newland and Company Bears 0
Remington Grunhuvd moved to quarterback for the sixth-grade season, and he led the Packers to victory in the opener. Mason Johnson started the season solid with a touchdown catch for the Pac, while Triegh Hollow put on a vicious running display by adding two more scores on the ground. Tucker Kissell added a safety through tenacious defense, and Hudson Steele kept the bears running back in check with outstanding open field tackling.

Dylan Moore, Chase Powers, Charliee Richter, Titan Johnson and Jax Montez all played well for the Bears.

Lisac’s Tire Raiders vs. Glacier Bank Rams
Kodye Kjersten and Landon Klimpel ran for touchdowns to lead the Raicers. Mick Paffhausen, Gavin Miranda, Cody Facincani, Christopher Moran played great on both sides.

Highlights for the Rams were not provided.

Fifth grade
McQueen Athletic Club Vikings 24, First Citizens Cowboys 0
Renzy LeProwse started things off and got a first career rushing TD as the Vikings picked up the win. Fabian Thompson caught a touchdown pass, and Chase Nasheim and Logan Bigley led the offensive attack along with superior line work from Colson Huerta. Riley Macumber and Miles Choquette starred in their Little Guy debuts.

Highlights for the Cowboys were not provided.

Fourth grade
Harrington Pepsi Patriots 26, Casagranda’s Seahawks 8 (Made up Sept. 20)
Cruz Kissell played a great game at quarterback, running for multiple touchdowns in the win. The victors also got a great job blocking by the offensive line and Rody Johnson continues to do an excellent job at center. The Patriots defensive unit showed overall improvement, with Clay Christieaens, Boston Lakalla, Mason McIntyre, and Kaden Vaira each had multiple tackles.

Crew O’Conner scored a touchdown and registered five tackles to lead the Seahawks. Treyton Rostad ran in the conversion, while Canyon Lawson chipped in with a sack and two tackles for loss. Gaige Baker added four tackles, and Lane Hintz broke up a pass.

Week 2
Sixth grade
Lisac’s Tire Raiders 27, Pioneer Technical Packers 6
Quarterback Troy Samson ran for a touchdown for the Raiders. Jules Queer great defense, while Braydin Cannon, Kale Gibson and Matthew Rostad were credited with outstanding play on both sides of the ball.

Tucker Kissell scored the Packers touchdown late in the second half. Through a difficult defensive battle, Corwin Hallsted, Mason Smith and David Honer all proved to be stellar open-field tacklers against a poised Raiders running attack. The defense recovered a pair of fumbles in the first half to keep the game locked in a scoreless tie.

Newland and Company Bears 32, Glacier Bank Rams 0
Calvin Cunningham, Matt Marsenich, Teagan Duffy, Kadyn Fisher and Gaige Cline all played well to lead the Bears to the victory.

Highlights for the Rams were not provided.

Fifth grade
McQueen Athletic Club Vikings 31, Steele’s Chiefs 20

Kanye Chopper led the charge with multiple carries on the opening drive, and he scored a goal line touchdown for the Vikings. Noah Sutton took over the offensive game and put the game out of reach. McKoy Bigley showed again he’s a force to be reckoned with at any position on the field. Roman Taylor and Hunter Anderson-Stepan were forces on the defensive line.

Tucker Allmendinger scored two touchdowns and Colbey Doyle scored one to lead the Chiefs. These long touchdown runs were highlighted by downfield blocking from Teddy Mayne, Jack Pesanti and Dylan Fellows. Defensively, the Chiefs were led by Walker Frevert with an interception and multiple tackles from Landon Day-Purcell and Lakota Collins.

Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 40, First Citizens Cowboys 0
Remmy Petersen was a beast out there knocking people down on the offensive and defensive side of the ball for the Steelers. Henly Mansanti was a blocking and tackling machine and when his hands touched the ball all he could do was find the end zone. Hugh O’Brien was a man on a mission at linebacker and a powerhouse when he got the ball breaking tackles left and right. Easton Dawes was a blur out there. He had a great punt return, a heck of long TD catch, and was making tackles all over the field. Hayden Salmonsen was a man amongst boys in the trenches, pushing people around with ease and making plays in the defensive backfield.

The Cowboys showed great mental and physical toughness in the loss. Colt Day was a driving force behind the team with a great performance on the offensive line and a positive attitude throughout the game. Kaden Evans had a great game at running back and stepped up to play quarterback in the second half. Hayden Kuper broke a great run in the second half to give the team a boost. Ryder Gonzalez made several great punts and had a great game at corner. Aasin Sheehy recovered a kickoff and was a key player on the front line.

Fourth Grade
Thriftway Colts 18, Harrington Pepsi Patriots 6
Nick “Lil Dynamite” D’Amico was a tackling Machine for the Colts. It seemed like he was in on every tackle. Logan “Wolverine” Grunhuvd was unstoppable on both sides of the ball, and he rushed for a touchdown. “Maximum pressure” Gaige Gonzales was an animal on the offensive and defensive line. He also kicked great. Bridger “Bob” Stearns bulldozer his way into the end zone for two touchdowns.  Gabe “The Punisher” Hergott made plays all over the field on both sides of the ball

Quarterback Cruz Kissell played an outstanding game, executing the offense and using his legs to pick up yardage for the Patriots. Center Rody Johnson did exceptionally well getting the ball to Kissell every play and showed great skill as a long snapper. Running Back Blake Connors scored touchdown on run of more than 40 yards. Clay Christiaens, Boston Lakkala and Mason McIntyre showed to be dominant on defense, with each of them having multiple tackles, quarterback hurries and excellent hustle to the ball.

Casagranda’s Seahawks 58, Universal Athletic Dolphins 20
Crew O’Connor scored five touchdowns and recovered a fumble to lead the Seahawks. Treyton Rostad scored three touchdowns and ran for two conversions. Parker Klimple added a touchdown and five, and Canyon Lawson added four tackles for loss and disruptive in the backfield all game. Kohlter Pennell caught a pass and recorded five tackles, and David Elliott , was the birthday boy and had several key blocks.

Ryder Cunneen scored two touchdowns for the Dolphins. The team got great blocking from Trey Cabrera, and good tackling by Jace Rauch and Keaton Hislop. Kody Gonder chipped in with a pancake block.

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