Little Guy Football Jamboree roundup

Little Guy Football Jamboree roundup

Following are the game reports from the Mining City Little Guy Football League’s season-ending jamboree, which was held on Montana Tech’s Bob Green Field.

Lisac’s Tire Raiders 14, Glacier Bank Rams 0
Kale McDonald and Cameron Gurnsey showed off some hard running to lead the Raider defense in the victory. Alex Watson, Aiden Tierney and Jonas Sherman led the defense.

For the Rams, Konner Pochervina played great at quarterback behind strong blocking from Grady Quilici, Patrick Pauslen, Ryan Singleton and Erik Wold. The Rams got strong defense from Eric Loos, Zach Tierney, Tanner McDonald, Tanner Polich and Canyon Mullaney.

Casagranda’s Seahawks 14, Lil Copperheads Bears n/a
John McCarthy ran for a touchdown, and Kolt Scollard and Ryan Stenson played tough defense to lead the Seahawks. Eric Schulz and Logan Dubois played their hearts out, and Soyer Mahkuk and Tucker Sawtell played great on the line.

Highlights for the Bears were not submitted.

Casandra’s Seahawks 22, Newland & Company Bengals 20
Cayden Kibler kicked the game-winning field goal to win the game in overtime. Kyle Holter ran hard all game, scoring a touchdown. Dougie Peoples hit Tyson Swan in the end zone for six.

Kayden Fultz played very on both sides of the ball, registering a sack and scoring a touchdown for the Bengals. Cameron Tobiness scored a TD and made several tackles for a loss. Kevin Donaldson scored on a long run, and Nick Bailey made an acrobatic interception. Also, Ethan Cunningham played well at quarterback and safety.

Pioneer Technical Packers 32, Lil Copperheads Bears 0
Jeremiah LaPier caught a TD pass from Wiley Dallaserra, and Jason Gunderson hauled in a scoring strike from Rye Doherty in the win. Doherty also ran for a score, while Trent Harrison made all his extra points.

Highlights for the Bears were not submitted.

Glacier Bank Rams 24, Pioneer Technical Packers 22
Great team play by Sean Ossello and Austin Phillips led the Rams to the win. Cody Beckler had a great kick return, while Dawson Kriskovich played solid defense at cornerback. Hunter Holmes and Reid Whitlock played great at multiple positions.

Wiley Dallaserra threw a pair of TDs — one to tight end Thomas Jensen and one to Rye Doherty — to lead the Pack. Michael “The Hawk” McGivern ran for a TD, and Isaac Kohler ate up the offense from his spot at free safety.

Lisac’s Tire Raiders 20, Newland & Company Bengals 0
Jace Stenson and Kolbe Lammi led the offense that showed off great running and blocking as the Raiders finished the season undefeated. John Sullivan, Blake Armstrong and Kalli Langley lead an amazing defense that surrendered 14 points all season.

Rye Vincent played great on both sides of the ball for the Bengals. Tyse Powers and Beau Dessing played great defense, and Nick Bailey played well.

First Citizens Bank Falcons 6, Rainbow Photo/John’s Pork Chop Patriots 0
Aiden Cuchine scored the winning touchdown in overtime. Bryce Keane played well at receiver, while Josh Gifford registered three sacks. Also Rueso Batterman recovered two fumbles.

The Patriots’ coach didn’t submit highlights, saying “The Patriots wrapped up the season like they played throughout, working as a team, playing hard and having fun.”

Sports Fanz Redskins 29, Rainbow Photo/John’s Pork Chop Patriots 0
Jack Keeley and Wyatt Gross scored touchdowns on offense for the Redskins, and Keeley added another pick 6. David Babb was an animal on the inside rush, while Jack Luoma was amazing at taiback. Quinn Cox played well at tight end, and Colin McKernan and Austin Zinda rounded out a stout defensive effort. Also Trevor Nisbet provided the spark the team really needed.

The Patriots’ coach didn’t submit highlights, saying “The Patriots wrapped up the season like they played throughout, working as a team, playing hard and having fun.”

Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 8, Sports Fanz Redskins 6
Grady Winston rushed for a TD, and Hunter Peck booted the PAT to seal the victory for the Steelers. Bradley Adreon ran the ball hard, and Casey Anderson, Jake Tauscher, Ty Angove and Austin Eggers put up a strong defensive effort.

Wyatt Gross ran in a TD for the Redskins. Tayler Sampson and Kade Corcoran rounded out a balanced offence, while Tyler Galle and Kyler Stenson were stellar on defense. Logan Thomas sparked a comeback with a monstrous block in Gross’ touchdown.

Thompson Distributing Vikings 12, Lil Copperheads Cowboys n/a
Quarterback Jeremiah Saari scored a pair of touchdowns in the victory. Kudos go out to the entire Vikings offensive line. Luke Verlanic, Colin Richards-Doyle and Cayden McNeal played great at linebacker.

Highlights for the Cowboys were not submitted.

Thompson Distributing Vikings 18, Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 6
Tyson Zeren scored on a great run, and Kobi Hanni hauled in a great TD catch for the Vikings. Will Silk ran the ball very well, Nathan Collins and the defensive line recorded a safety, and Gavin Roesti played excellent on both sides of the ball.

Nolan Casey ran in a TD for the Steelers Maverick McEwen played great on both sides of the ball, and Jake Ricci, Kade Schleeman, Cylus Six Killer and Will Taylor led the defense.

Lil Copperheads Cowboys 18, First Citizens Bank Falcons 6
Highlights for the winning team were not submitted.

Max Fantini threw the ball well and played great defense for the Falcons. Bryce Keane recovered two fumbles, and Ayden Durkin and Rueso Batterman played great on defense.

Harrington Pepsi Chargers 6, Thriftway Giants 0
Preston Muns scored on a short run to give the Chargers the win. Carter Barsness was tough at defensive end and tight end in the victory, while Raya O’Connell was a best at offensive tackle. Teddy Johnson fought through tough injuries, and Colten Shea was awesome at corner and safety.

Asher Palmer played well in the trenches for the Giants. Hailey Skeel played awesome on offense, and Kyler Kjersten is a beast on defense.

Thriftway Giants 19, McQueen Athletic Club Colts 12
Dakota Rebich was an absolute beast under the lights, scoring three touchdowns in the overtime win. Luke McMahon and Ryan Popovich played awesome defense. Dylan Bache ended the game with an interception in OT.

Burke McGruder and Sam Sampson scored touchdowns for the Colts. Coy Campbell and Robbie Holman played tough defense.

McQueen Athletic Club Colts 8, Harrington Pepsi Chargers 0
A Sam Sampson touchdown was the difference in the game for the Colts. Jay Tierney booted the PAT. Titan Mansell played great on both sides of the line, and Burke McGruder and Ben McAdams played stellar offense.

Ethan Sweet played excellent on defense for the Chargers. Lucas Harris-Huerta ran great with the ball and played great defense. Also, Hudson Luedtke had several great runs, and Carter Ralph picked off a pass.

Thriftway Giants 14, Opportunity Bank Buccaneers 6
Dylan Bache was the star quarterback. He played an amazing game and scored the first touchdown of the game. Bret Polich was a brick wall on defense.

Braydon Pierce recovered a fumble for a touchdown for the Bucs. Kody Summers, Chase Hackman and Michael Peck showed off some great tackling. Cashton Spolar played great on special teams.

Harrington Pepsi Chargers 14, Steele’s Warehouse Dolphins 6
Colby Gordon ran for a pair of touchdowns, and Karstyn Bruni was a beast at linebacker for the Chargers. Ethan Sweet booted a PAT, Judah Lundstad played great at defensive tackle, Essynce Nixon was tough at corner, and Wesley Kendall was tough at safety.

Bryce Watson caught a Tocher Lee TD pass for the Dolphins. Trey McCarthy and Zain Dunn played great defense, and Kaden Medina and Brenden Snow played great both ways.

Steele’s Warehouse Dolphins 14, Opportunity Bank Buccaneers 0
Zain Dunn busted a number of incredible runs to lead the Dolphins in the win. Jason Johns and Jake Bailey played a tremendous game, and Mason Newgard, Karsen McEwen and Kaden Medina played great defense. Mathew Donaldson, Shade Pohia and Tim Williams spectacular blocks.

Will Stepan was a great team player for the Bucs. Gaige Malcom showed off some great blocking and tackling, and Patrick Stimatz played great at quarterback.

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