Little Guy Football Jamboree Round Up

As Little Guy Football finishes up another season we would like to thank Montana Tech Men’s Basketball team for refereeing every game this season and volunteering their time to our league. Our sponsors for making the league free and available to every Butte kid who wants to try tackle football. Our coaches for volunteering and investing their time to the program to teach kids the fundamentals of football. Montana Tech and Butte High for allowing us to play the Jamboree at your fields under the lights. We hope all the kids enjoyed their year in the program. And our board for putting countless hours in to make sure the season was a success. See you in 2023 on the field.

Pioneer Technical Packers

Rams 30 – Packers 28

In a repeat of week 1, a hard fought game was had by both teams, neither team was able to defensively get a stop.  It came down to the final play to determine the winner.

The Packers were led offensively by Weston Klima who had three receiving touchdowns from Colbey Doyle.  Doyle converted 2/3 on PAT kicks.  Running backs for the Packers, Brock Kelly and Landon Day-Purcell ran hard and blocked down field.   Specials teams was also a highlight for the Packers as Klima recovered a fumble on a kick-off.  Defensive standouts for the Packers were Walker Frevert, Landon Thomas, Kenny DeShazo, and Teddy Mayne who were all in on many tackles.

Packers 22- Raiders 12

The Packers redeemed themselves on a Week 2 blowout loss to the Raiders with the jamboree win.  Weston Klima found the end-zone on a nice catch and run from QB Colbey Doyle.  Doyle converted 2/3 on PAT kicks.  Brock Kelly had a great run for a touchdown breaking many tackles along the way.  Payne Mills used his legs to find the end-zone with his extra effort run from the 1 yard line.  Defensively, Landon Day-Purcell recovered a fumble and was in on several tackles.  Other defensive standouts were Cameron Breitzman, Teddy Mayne, Kadin Liva, Tucker Allmendinger, and Ethan Marshall who were quickly able to fill gaps and stop the Raiders running game.

Seahawks 16- Packers 0

The Packers lost their fire in the last game but didn’t quit.  They have been a pleasure to coach for the last three years.  They have done all that was asked of them.  Many of them having to learn multiple positions to fill in for injuries/absent team members.  The 2022 Mining City Little Guy – Team Packers players included Ethan Marshall, Landon Thomas, Cameron Breitzman, Kadin Liva, Landon Day-Purcell, Tucker Allmendinger, Kenny DeShazo, Teddy Mayne, Payne Mills, Colbey Doyle, Brock Kelly, Walker Frevert, Weston Klima, and Jack Pesanti.


Casagranda’s Seahawks

Seahawks 28- Raiders 12

The Seahawks pulled out a victory 28-12 over the Raiders.  The Seahawks were lead offensively by Ryan Bache and Paxton Anderson.  KR Neilsen chipped in with a nice TD catch.  The defense was lead by the play of Harlas Hicks and Cooper Carter.  Carter also contributed two extra points to the cause.

Seahawk 0 – Rams 16

The Seahawks fell to the Rams in a tough battle.  The Seahawks were lead defensively by Aaron Christensen, Kahrter Mattila, and Remmy Petersen.  Joseph Hiltunen and Tazlyn Huffman were strong blocking at the point of attack.

Seahawks 16 – Packers 0

The Seahawks were able to pull out a win against the Packers 16-0.  The offense was paced by The running and throwing from Easton Dawes and Ryan Bache.  The defense was directed by stalwart efforts of Brayden Olsen and Teague Barsness.  Hayden Kuper provided tight coverage from the secondary.


5518 Designs Rams

The Rams completed their winning streak and ended the season with 7 in a row.

Rams vs Packers 30-26

This was an offensive power game, with neither team being able to get a stop. Whoever had the ball last was going to come away with the win. Thankfully for the Rams, we got the ball back with 2 plays left. On the last kickoff – the super speedy Fabian Thompson was able to break free for a 30 yard return to the 10 yard line. QB Noah Sutton was able to break free on the last play and dive into the end zone for the win. Chase Nasheim went 3 for 3 on extra points. The O-line was huge in this game setting up great runs. The O-line was led by center Braden Donnelly and accompanied by Riley Macumber, Hunter Stepan, Colton Nasheim, and Drew Pyrah.

Rams vs Seahawks 20-0

The Rams pitched the shut-out against the always fierce Seahawks. The Rams opened up the passing game with two TD passes from Noah Sutton to Chase Nasheim and Kanye Chopper was made a PAT. The Rams had excellent running from Colton Nasheim, Dylan Harrington, Fabian Thompson, and Renzy LeProwse.

Rams vs Raiders 20-0

The Rams pitched another shut-out in the evening finale. The Defense was strong with play from Jaghar Laursen, Roman Taylor, Dylan Harrington, and Hunter Stepan. The Offense was led by TD’s from a Noah Sutton kickoff return, Fabian Thompson sweep, another long TD pass to Chase Nasheim, and a PAT from Roman Taylor.  The Rams had great running from Drew Pyrah, Colton Nasheim, and Renzy LeProwse.


Glacier Bank/CCCS Falcons

Falcons 20- Commanders 16


The Falcons started the jamboree by playing the team that had beaten them the previous two meetings. This time, however, the Falcons would prevail in dramatic fashion. Vincent Savino was the recipient of two long touchdown receptions from quarterback Cole O’Connor getting behind the defense and finishing the rest with his legs. Gavin Schonsberg had 2 big receptions which accounted for several yards for the offense. The game came down to the last play of the game with the Falcons trailing by 2 points. O’Connor found Kolton Knutson streaking down the left side for a dramatic pitch and catch for the win.

The defense was anchored by huge efforts from Noah Bumgarner and Ryan Ferriter at the defensive end positions. Cole O’Connor came up with a huge forced fumble which was recovered by the Falcons to give them one last chance to score. Pacee Klimple and Maverick White were forces from the safety positions.


Falcons 14 – Patriots 6

Game two was against a formidable Patriots team which had beaten the Falcons once in overtime and tied them the other meeting. Trevin Berger came up with a huge touchdown reception from O’Connor to get the scoring going for the Falcons. Kolton Knutson broke out on a long touchdown run up the sideline avoiding several tackling attempts and ending with a dive to the pile-on. The blocking was exceptional this game as the line was anchored by Charley Cox, Lincoln Christian, Kruz Cotton, and Noah Bumgarner.

On the defensive side of the ball their were big efforts all over the field, but no tackle bigger than that from cornerback Lucas Benjamin on the final drive of the game to keep a great scrambling quarterback out of the endzone. Coy Carpenter had a big pass defense in the middle of the field from his cornerback position. Cameron Johnston and Gavin Schonsberg both had several tackles from the defensive back positions.

Falcons 16 – Colts 6

Cole O’Connor had his fingerprints all over game 3. On the offensive side he ran for a touchdown on a quarterback keeper. He got tremendous edge blocking from Ryan Ferriter and Maverick White to spring him into open field and he did the rest with his legs. There were several contributors on offense as the ball was spread around to 6 different ball carriers this game.

On defense O’Connor collected a backward pass for a touchdown via fumble recovery. The colts running game tested the Falcons, but the Falcons held strong especially in the middle of the defense with Kruz Cotton and Lincoln Christian manning the middle of the line. Vincent Savino forced a fumble from the middle linebacker position and ran down several open runners to keep the Colts at bay.

A great season capped off by a perfect 3-0 night at the Jamboree.


Harrington Pepsi Patriots

The Patriots finished out the season by letting players try new positions. Many of the players had never even practiced at the positions but it was more of a chance to let them experience it.  Aspen Garrison played a series at QB and got some nice runs and had some great handoffs. Lincoln West ran at Full back and gained some nice yards. Unfortunately, having a few new people playing on the line didn’t allow much opportunity for big yardage. Jack Panisko got a few carries at tailback as well.

Although the Patriots didn’t win any games in the Jamboree, they have proven their toughness and ability all season, posting a 4-1-1 record. The coaches couldn’t be more proud of this young team. Every player improved over the year and we can’t wait to get back on the field next year.

Thanks to all the coaches, parents, the LGF board, referees and of course the players for making this a great season.


Universal Athletics Game-one Commanders

The Commanders finished 2-1 in the jamboree, falling to the Falcons first 16-18 but beating the Colts and Patriots, 14-0 & 18-6. The Commanders ran the ball very well with Kyler Lean, Carter Schlichenmayer, and Kelton Dennehy. Jake Janecke and Paxton McEwen both found the endzone. Offensive line play was tremendous with Mason Lowney making his first start at center.

Defense was all over the field, Wyatt Edelen had a strip fumble which was picked up by Gavin Wadas. Kelton Dennehy nearly returned an interception.


Thriftway Colts

Colts 18 – Patriots 7

The Thriftway Colts came out firing on all cylinders Monday night at the 4th grade Mining City Little Guy Football Jamboree at Montana Tech. The front men Lonnie “so many miles” Darcy, Will “the foundation” Davis, Brentlee “the stone wall” Richards, and Caliber “mittens” Hart blew of the ball and used their cadence to their advantage creating huge holes and running lanes for their backfield!


Benny “The Jet” Donaldson lead his team at QB up and down the field like a marching band catching pay dirt 3 times! Benny scored twice!  Kale “Sweetfeet” Alexander led the first drive with a great cutback run for a 30 yard Scamper to the end zone and the colts never looked back!  Max “The Professor” Conlan out sprinted every one at Bob Green Stadium Monday night and made a game changing play on special teams to pin the patriots deep in their own territory!

Multiple Colts were involved in the pass game including Beaudin “The Boss” Murphy  who made some great catches and key blocks at tight end. He was all over the field defensively. If there was a play to be made, Beaudin was there to make it happen. Colt “the Wrecking Ball” Horsley, Brysen “Utility” Fosness also made great catches and blocked great!

Colts 0 – Commanders 20


The Colts let up a kick return to open the game and never really recovered but did play well they just couldn’t find the end zone! Colt “ The Wrecking Ball” Horsley made a great catch to start things off for the Colts offensively scrambling to help his QB out!  Jigme “Jiggz” Hanley made some key blocks to set up his teammates down field and set up two first downs! Colin “The Shots” Mchugh Abel “as he goes” Bolstad all played great on the defensive side of the ball and McHugh almost hauled in a great pass in between two defenders!

Franky “Stuart” Little batted a ball in the air to break up what would have been a touchdown, Brysen “The Machine” Fosness made a great interception in the end-zone to give his team another shot to cut into the deficit!

Beaudin “Papa” Murphy again was all over with 5 tackles helped  along by Benny “The Jet” Donaldson, Kale “Sweetfeet” Alexander all had one sack apiece.

Falcons 14 – Colts 6

The Colts were tired but gave it everything they had their third and final game and scored their first drive from a sweep from their leader Benny “The Jet” Donaldson scoring their only touchdown of the game!

Beaudin “The Bus” Murphy converted two 4th and 4s to help get Benny in the endzone! Jigme “Jiggz” Hanley filled in at running back, line, and wide receiver doing his job great at all positions he played! Colt “the wrecking ball” Horsley made another great catch and played great on defense as well! They missed their beloved teammate Colt “ the Missle” Dinius who had to miss due to illness but helped his team all year long on both sides of the ball!


First Citizens Cowboys

Vikings, Steelers, and Chiefs


The mean machine Mason McLntyre throwing TD passes, running in TD’s and trucking defenders on the grasses, also a tacking fool on defense. Raymond Skinner, R.J. Messer making things happen on the O and D Line along with Brody Fitzpatrick turning it up a notch with a fumble recovery. Kyle Gonder was a tacking machine showing no merci to ball carriers. William Hoar was all over the field blocking, tackling, running and catching passes playing like a mad man with a smile on his face the whole game. Evan Jegtvig let all the teams know who he was by great blocking and tackling.  Kolton Johnson played out of his mind with 3 catches, multiple great tackles that were key plays in all three games, also with no practice all year loan Mr. Kolton Johnson was 2-2 kicking a field goal. Quade LeProwse as usual was in on every play on both sides of the ball, running multiple yards, great blocking, coverage and tackling. Huck O’Neill got his wish and caught a TD pass at Montana Tech, he also made a few tackles and blocked two key passes on defense. Matthew Rawson, even with a sore leg played great on both sides of the ball. Brendon Rohan stepped up on both side the ball, at center he was a leader and made sure the 0-Line had there splits and played great defense. Kane Sorensen ran the ball well and tackled great stepping up and playing D-Tackle for the first time all year. Orlin Southwick IV played great at Safety and made sure the QB didn’t throw to his side. Very proud of the 5th Grade Cowboys for working hard all year, being great kids and getting better.


Newland and Company Bears


Bears 6 – Steelers 12

The Steelers started out the game with a long drive ending in a nice touchdown run around the outside. The bears answered back after sustaining a long drive of their own. With a roll out pass by bears quarterback Joe rich to a wide open receiver Bentley Blando. The bears defense fought hard but the Steelers were able to score again in the final seconds. It was a fun, hard fought game by both sides with the Steelers ending up on top 12-6.


Bears 6 – Vikings 18

The Vikings opened up the scoring with a long touchdown run. The bears tried to answer back but a few miscues stalled out their offense. The Vikings speed was too much for the Bears as they scored on another long run around the outside, widening the gap. The Bears were finally able to answer back with a long touchdown run of their own however there just wasn’t enough time to mount a come back as the Bears fell to the Vikings 18 to 6.


McQueen Athletic Club Vikings


Vikings 18 – Cowboys 0


The Vikings Defense was very stingy against the well rounded Cowboys Office.  Vikings had multiple standouts on defense lead by Nick “TNT” D’Amico, Kendric “The Crusher” McCarthy, Madden “Coach Z” Zeren and The Bash Brothers Charlie & Chaz Montoya. Vikings O-line was the difference in the game with Superb blocking lead by the Center Ty “T-Bone” Stepan, Minh “The Dynasty” Saracki, Leland “The Bull” Ballensky, McCarthy, and Hudson Summer “ Breeze.”

Kason “Honey Badger” Liston zigzag the whole Length of the field for a Long TD run.  The second touchdown was a passing TD from Jayke “Big Bird” Leprowse to Bridger “Bob” Stearns.  The last TD was a great run from the duel threat quarterback Jayke Leprowse.


Vikings 13 – Chiefs 6


The Vikings had their toughest test of the year in their second meeting with the Chiefs.  This game came down to the final plays. Vikings got on the board on the first Offenses snap of game with an amazing QB bootleg by Logan “ Wolverine“ Grunhuvd, he went coast-to-coast with multiple cut backs and broken tackles. Drake “Don’t do me like that” Dallaserra had a Monster grab from his TE spot for the point after.

The second TD was Bridger”Bob” Stearns would not be deny with a run up the gut breaking multiple tackles and dragging Chief Defenders into the end zone.  The Chiefs fought back and with only a few plays they were short and goal.  Logan the Wolverine made two back to back hits that echo into the stands.  The second hit was a 9.0 on the Richter scale, causing the Chiefs running back to cough the ball. Stearns was there to recover the ball and seal the win for the game.

The Vikings Defense was lead by Logan, Stearns, Cruz “Missile“ Kissell, Jacob “ thumbs up“ Regan, and Samuel “Your my Boy” Blue.


Vikings 18 – Bears 6


The Vikings final test of the year was far from a easy one.  They were tested to limits by the super physical Bears Defense!  Jayke “Big Bird” Leprowse had his best run of year with a bootleg TD scamper.  Logan “Wolverine” Grunhuvd broken multiple tackles and juked his way in for the second TD run.  The third TD to seal the deal was a run right down the gut by Bridger “Bob” Stearns bullying his way in for the hard fought TD.

The Viks defense was lead by Kason “ Honey Badger” Liston, Ty “T-Bone” Stepan, Silas “ squirrel“ Mayville, Cruz “ missile“ Kissell, Leprowse, Grunhuvd, and Stearns. Vikings finished the season 8-0.


Steele’s/Bank of Butte Chiefs

Chiefs 6 – Vikings 13

The Chiefs lost to the Vikings 13-6.  The Chiefs offensive lineman Lane Batterman, Hayden Barry, Kayden Barry, Boston Lakkala, Evan Bobermin, Gage Baker, Rody Johnson, and Timothy Shumway all did a terrific job opening up the running game. Running backs Clay Christians, Crew O’Connor, and Blake Connors all had multiple yards rushing. Blake Connors scored one rushing touchdown.

The Chiefs defense was lead by Crew O’Connor,  Dylan Lambson, and Boston Lakkala all having having multiple tackles. Blake Connors had one interception.


2nd game:


The Chiefs beat the Cowboys 18-0 on Tuesday night. The Chiefs offensive line once again did a great job upfront. All three running backs Clay Christiaens, Crew O’Connor, and Blake Connors scored rushing touchdowns.


Defensively, the chiefs had multiple players making tackles for a loss in the backfield such as Kaden Vaira, Hayden Barry, Kaden Barry, and Timothy Shumway. Dylan Lambson and Jake Powell had multiple tackles as well.


Lisac’s Tire Raiders


Raiders vs Seahawks


Hugh O’Brien had a couple of nice runs and great 1 on 1 tackles.  Gavin Holm had a couple of great touchdowns showing good vision and speed. On defense he had a great game and pass break up in the endzone.  Carson Ralph had a great game on the offensive line helping spring a couple of nice runs.  Casen Peltomaa had a heck of a game at FB making great blocks in the open field. On defense he was in a handful of tackles.

Raiders vs Packers


Colt Day had a good game on offense pushing people off the line and on defense he got in on a couple of tackles while holding the end and defensive end. Isaak Phillips showed good hustle along the offensive line always looking for someone to block or hit. When he got in on defense he had a good 1 on 1 tackle. Jett Nichols had a great game from at WR always pushing his guy down the field on run plays and had a nice down the field catch.  Calvin Salmonsen had a good game at corner locking his guy down and not allowing a catch as well as being in on a few tackles.  Aidan McPartland had a great game at conerback holding the edge well against the run and forcing them to cut back.

Raiders vs Rams


Kaden Evans got thrown into running back for the first time and it looked like he has bein doin it all year. Using great vision and agility to cut all over the field.  Grady Boyer nearly had a goal line stand by himself making 3 consecutive tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Henly Mansanti had great game on defense with multiple tackles and a couple of ” hit sticks “. Hayden Salmonsen had a big game on offense opening holes on his side of the line while continuing to block down field. JT Harrison had a good game on defense being in on a handful of tackles and also having good coverage on pass plays.


Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers


Steelers win over the Bears  21 to 6 in game 1.

Steelers lose to the Cowboys in Game 2 in an overtime thriller 20 to 26


On a great night to end the season the Steelers go 1 and 1.  Kohlter Pennell was able to find the end zone 3 times.  The Steelers also got Touchdowns from Logan Bush, Keaton Hislop, and A Pick Six from Parker Klimple. Treyton Rostad and Carter Fulton were also big in the run game.

The defensive line (Gage Taylor, Charlie Gillespie , Tayten Lester, Liam Fouts, Levi Martineau, and William Stockwell ) really set the tempo early as they found themselves the back field often making big plays. Each of them had a great game with multiple tackles.  The DBs (Ryker Lyndes, Kaylor Smith, Jace Rauch, Logan Bush, and Carter Fulton)also did a great job on contain with the larger field.  Jace Rauch and Ryker Lyndes both had Huge tackles that prevented TDs to help seal the victory against the Bears.

We Look forward to next season!