KC “LIL” Kids Hoops

Knights of Columbus

By John Robbins

The Mining City really is a great place, and a lot of times I forget just how fun Butte can be and how a lot of traditions from when I was a “Lil” kid continue, almost like it hasn’t ever missed a beat.

Growing up I still remember being eager to get up to the KC on Saturdays to show the kids from other schools what I had learned in gym class or the playground that week!

It was great, and it is still great that the KC and the Boyle’s do this for our community at no cost to the player at all, and I mean hey this place builds character, for instance you will learn rather quickly that there is always an extra defender in the corner at the Knights of Columbus basketball gym.

BUT what you will most certainly do is make some lifelong friends along the way….. (Probably some enemies too) I found myself playing just this past week for a friend’s team after a two-year hiatus.

If you are from Butte, you have probably at some point and time played a game, or at least shot a basket at the KC, lets continue that tradition!

Anyway, enough of my babbling.

(Photo by Dan Boyle), for Butte Sports

The KCAC Lil Kids Hoops continues for the next 3 Saturdays: January 7th, 14th and 21st. This is a free program from 9am-10:30am for kids’ kindergarten to 2nd grade and 10:30am-noon for kids’ 3rd grade to 6th grade.