Lifelong Butte resident knocks one out of the park with new indoor batting facility

Butte, Montana– A new business in Butte is hoping to hit a grand slam for its residents.

Copper Cage Athletics is a new batting cage area and training facility in the Mining City. It’s located at 1609 Harrison Avenue, right here in Butte Montana.

“I wanted a place for me and my buddies to hit especially in the winter months.” Said owner Jake Larson. “About 4 or 5 years ago I wanted to open an all sports facility here in town, but realized my eyes were a little too big for what I could accomplish. So, with this I wanted to start small and move up from there.”

Let’s face it being a ball player on a diamond in Montana is flat out tough, we don’t see a lot of warm weather and a lot of our athletes’ game suffers from it in the offseason. Butte now offers a chance to change that and your athlete’s game.

Copper Cage Athletics offers a setup of two nets, the first net being more of a diamond shaped cage, where you have a little room to move around and can see where you’re hitting the ball after each pitch.

The other cage offers your traditional straight down the pipe cage, equipped with a pitching net and machine. All cages are lined with turf and wall clocks to see how much time you have left in your current session. Some hitting equipment is provided but you must bring your own helmet.


Cage rentals range from 30 minutes for $25.00 to 60 minutes for $40 and if you use the pitching machine it’s an additional $10. If you don’t have a partner, there is a pitch feeder available that will feed 14 softballs every 8 seconds or 16 baseballs every 8 seconds.

Larson said training will also be offered for those who want it, and he will rent the cages to coaches who want to work with their teams in the offseason. A team discount will be applied if renting as a team.

Memberships will also be available for $100 a month limited to two people per membership. Punch cards will be given out and after your 15th rental you will receive an hour free session.

A hit tracks system is also in the works which is essentially a golf simulator but for baseball. “You can choose any park in the MLB and see if you can smack one out of there it’s pretty cool, we can also host winter leagues with it.” Said Larson.

Copper cages offers birthday party rentals available at $100 for 1 hour and $150 for 2 hours.  There will be consent and waivers to be signed upon stepping in a cage, those 14 and under must have an adult with them and those 18 and under will need their parents’ signature on the consent form.

Operating hours are Monday-Friday 3pm-8pm (will stay later if a later booking is needed)

Saturday-Sunday Are from the first rental of the day until 8pm. Located @ 1609 Harrison Ave.

Information gathered by John Robbins of Butte Sports.