KC basketball schedule

KC basketball schedule

Following is the Knights of Columbus Athletic Club’s four-man basketball schedule for the week of Jan. 21.

6 p.m. — C Squad vs. Tune Squad
7 p.m. — Schweitzer vs. MPP
8 p.m. — Logan’s vs. Rats
9 p.m. — Logan’s vs. Oasis

6 p.m. — MPP vs. Rats
7 p.m. — Jellyfam vs. Crystal Coyotes Rider Gang

6 p.m. — Bomb Squad vs. Gun No Run
7 p.m. — Parish vs. Tune Squad
8 p.m. — Parish vs. Dawgs
9 p.m. — Schweitzer vs. Hertz

6 p.m. — Bomb Squad vs. Crystal Coyotes Rider Gang
7 p.m. — Gun No Run vs. Jellyfam
8 p.m. —  Oasis vs. C Squad
9 p.m. — Dawgs vs. Hertz

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