Kadyn’s Week 1 NFL picks

Kadyn Sayler is entering his third year as a media NFL picker. He is a fifth grader at Whittier Elementary. He plays wide receiver and cornerback/outside linebacker for the Jets in Little Guy Football. He is a Dallas Cowboys fan, choosing to side with his grandmother on his dad’s side, father and aunt over the better judgment of his grandfather, the one who is a Seahawks fan.
 Week 1
Cowboys over Giants
Bears over Colts
Vikings over Jaguars
Jets over Bills
Texans over Dolphins
Patriots over Titans
Lions over Rams
Saints over Redskins
Eagles over Browns
Falcons over Chiefs
49ers over Packers
Seahawks over Cardinals
Panthers over Buccaneers
Broncos over Steelers
Bengals over Ravens
Chargers over Raiders