Jankovich Hall of Fame, Scholarship unveiled

The Sam Jankovich Hall of Fame and Scholarship Fund will be unveiled Friday at the M&M in Butte.

Jankovich and the undefeated 1961 Butte High football team will be the first two inductees into the Hall, said M&M owner Sam Jankovich Jr.

The Hall of Fame features pictures and plaques of the Butte native’s career as a coach, athletic director and general manager at Butte High, Montana, Montana State, Washington State, the University of Miami and the New England Patriots.

The Hall of Fame will be unveiled between 5 and 7 p.m. at the M&M, where free appetizers will be provided.

“The Hall of Fame will be quite different than the others in Butte because it will include coaches, players and administrators that my dad worked with throughout his career at UM, MSU, Wash State, Miami and New England and of course Butte High,” Jankovich Jr. said. “The goal would be to fill up the M&M with plaques of the Hall of Fame members over the next few decades and to fund scholarships for young student athletes who have similar characteristics of my father. ”

A scholarship will be presented to one boy and one girl athlete at Butte High each year. The first scholarships will be awarded at the Butte High All-Sports Banquet at the end of the school year.

Jankovich Jr. said the M&M will match donations to the scholarship fund, and gold name plates will go on the wall for donors who give $50 or more.

Jankovich Sr. will be at the M&M for the grand opening event. His son said he had no prior knowledge of the scholarship or Hall of Fame.

Jimmy Johnson, left, and Sam Jankovich present president Ronald Regan with a Miami Hurricanes jersey after winning a national title.