Jack Luoma Receives All State Honors

Butte High School boys soccer players were recognized by the other coaches in the Western AA: Jack Luoma earned All-State, Joe Schrader and Boyd Dewitt earned All-Conference, and Cameron Tobiness earned Honorable Mention.

Butte High School girls soccer players were recognized by the other coaches in the Western AA: Kierra Case earned All-Conference, and Kaylee LaPier earned Honorable Mention.

Boys Coach Cody Carpenter said, “the other coaches have recognized the hard work we have put in and commented about the progress our team has made over the last few years.  I’m so happy for our boys that were honored.”

Western AA


Player of the year: Trey Moseman, Helena Capital

All-state: Trey Moseman, Helena Capital; Jack Luoma, Butte; Dane Quinn, Helena Capital; Gunnar Shumate, Helena Capital; Liam McAdams, Helena Capital; Harrison Sanders, Kalispell Glacier; Hans Coggins, Kalispell Glacier; Brady Reed, Missoula Hellgate; Henry Pierce, Missoula Hellgate; Luca Musco, Missoula Hellgate; Andy Nuttall, Missoula Hellgate; Ivan Shadow, Missoula Sentinel.

All-conference: Joe Schrader, Butte; Boyd Dewitt, Butte; Izaak Ramirez, Helena Capital; Nate Wilcox, Helena Capital; Matthew Sanchez, Kalispell Flathead; Liam Ells, Kalispell Glacier; Bridger Dalla Betta, Kalispell Glacier; Caleb Brannan, Kalispell Glacier; Hunter Lisowski, Kalispell Glacier; Luke Ruch, Helena; Otto Stokman, Missoula Hellgate; Curtis Stevens, Missoula Hellgate; Tage Olson, Missoula Hellgate; Julio Stier, Missoula Hellgate; Luke Olsen, Missoula Sentinel; Curran Peeples, Missoula Sentinel.

Honorable mention: Cameron Tobiness, Butte; Josiah Bibeau, Helena Capital; Tizer Kazmierowski, Helena Capital; Landen Saraceno, Kalispell Flathead; Hank Shattuck, Missoula Hellgate; Evan Richardson, Missoula Sentinel; Maddox Anderson, Missoula Sentinel; Zollie Friedman, Missoula Sentinel; Arthur Boote, Missoula Sentinel; Jackson Krueger, Missoula Sentinel.


Player of the year: Kassidy Kirgan, Missoula Sentinel

All-state: Kassidy Kirgan, Missoula Sentinel; Avory DeCoite, Missoula Big Sky; Lauren Hoxie, Helena Capital; Reagan Brisendine, Kalispell Glacier; Avery Craft, Helena; Logan Todorovich, Helena; Lucy Odegard, Helena; Carmen Anderson, Missoula Hellgate; Riley Lumpkin, Missoula Hellgate; Lilly Allen, Missoula Sentinel; Haley Wolsky, Missoula Sentinel.

All-conference: Noel Migliaccio, Missoula Big Sky; Michenna George, Missoula Big Sky; Maddie Jones, Missoula Big Sky; Kierra Case, Butte; Brooklyn Brisko, Helena Capital; Morgan Kaufman, Helena Capital; Madison Burda, Helena Capital; Fiona Coulter, Kalispell Flathead; Mauraia Nigon, Kalispell Flathead; Calista Wroble, Kalispell Glacier; Madi Todorovich, Helena; Ashley Koenig, Helena; Chloe Larsen, Missoula Hellgate; Chloe Anderson, Missoula Hellgate; Liv Thorne-Thomsen, Missoula Hellgate; Kiana Norton, Missoula Sentinel; Irelyn Lochridge, Missoula Sentinel.

Honorable mention: Kaylee LaPier, Butte; Makenna Szarowitz, Helena Capital; Cecelia Vandenbosch, Kalispell Flathead; Cadence Murcray, Kalispell Glaicer; Mia Melton, Helena; Jaden Lumpkin, Missoula Hellgate; Sophia Dissa, Missoula Hellgate; Jayden Nash, Missoula Sentinel.



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