Hoffman holds down top spot in girls’ rankings

Hoffman holds down top spot in girls’ rankings

Butte High sophomore wrestler Hayla Hoffman still holds down the No. 1 spot in the 170-pound weight class in the Montana Class AA girls’ wrestling poll.

The second addition of the poll was released today, and the 7-0 Hoffman is ranked in the top spot for the second time. She is one of six Butte High wrestlers with a ranking.

Senior Rylinn Mullaney (at 103 pounds) and sophomore Kera Moreno (152) are ranked No. 3, while freshman Aydin Gonzales (113) and sophomore Ashley Wilcox (205) are ranked No. 4. Butte sophomore Addison Endy is ranked No. 5 at 138.

Former Montana high school coach and principal Ken Stuker. The Class AA rankings will change to Montana all-class girls’ rankings next week after the all-class girls wrestling tournament was set for Feb. 19-20 in Lockwood.

Class AA girls’ wrestling rankings
Jan. 28

103 — Kaylin Taylor moves into the rankings at number one after defeating Alyssa Poe-Hatten and Anna Morrison.  Rylinn Mullaney moved down to 103 and recorded two wins and a loss to Poe-Hatten.  Kaylee LaPier scored two wins as did Anna Morrison.  Rankings:  1, Kaylin Taylor (3-0), Great Falls High; 2, Alyssa Poe-Hatten (6-1), Flathead; 3, Rylinn Mullaney (7-2), Butte; 4, Kaylee LaPier (3-1), Butte; 5, Anna Morrison (3-2), Flathead

113 — Hania Halverson and Rebecca Stroh of Chinook had an outstanding match with Stroh leading 10-7 late in the match when she recorded the fall.  Stroh will enter the All Class Girls Rankings next week.  Skye Shelmerdine recorded four wins this past weekend to move into the number two spot.   Ruste Torres won two of three matches, losing only to Shelmerdine.  Rankings:  1, Hania Halverson (4-1), Flathead; 2, Skye Shelmerdine (6-0), Flathead; 3, Ruste Torres (4-1), Skyview; 4, Aydin Gonzales (4-2), Butte; 5, Chloe Rogers, Senior

126 — Bella Arriaga recorded three wins and a loss to Lily Schubarth of Simms to retain the top ranking.  Evija Cagle recorded four wins to move into the number two rank.  Jessalyn Hewitt picked up three wins including one over Lily Conover and moves to number three.  Cheyenne A’Aigneau recorded four wins this past week.  Temree Payne-Taylor recorded three wins including one over Alexus Cislo to move into number five.  Rankings:  1, Bella Arriaga (6-1), Flathead; 2, Evija Cagle (5-1), Skyview; 3, Jessalyn Hewitt (4-1), Glacier; 4, Cheyenne A’Aigneau (4-1), Senior; 5, Temree Payne-Taylor (4-1), Glacier

138 — Emma Gambino moved into the top ranking with five wins in the past week.  Paige Gershmel took over at number two with four wins and 1 loss.  Lily Conover picked up three wins and one loss, while Nora Holiday scored two wins.  Rankings:  1, Emma Gambino (7-0), Flathead; 2, Paige Gershmel (4-1), Senior; 3, Lily Conover (5-1), Flathead; 4, Nora Holiday (3-2), Glacier; 5, Addison Endy (4-4), Butte

152 — Aleeya Derlatka won five matches this past week including a 9-8 win over Kendall Tucker in an outstanding match for both girls.  Tucker also had a great week going 3-1.  Kera Moreno was 2-1 with her only loss to Tucker.  Madisyn Frazier was 2-2 with her only losses to Derlatka and Tucker.  Rankings:  1, Aleeya Derlatka (8-1), Flathead; 2, Kendal Tucker (5-1), Senior; 3, Kera Moreno (3-2), Butte; 4, Madisyn Frazier (2-2), Glacier; 5, McKenna McCarthy (1-1), Glacier

170 — Hayla Hoffman won two more matches this past week to move to 5-0 and retain the top rank.  Boston Howell remains undefeated while Audrey Goodsell picked up a win and a loss to Derlatka.  Rankings:  1, Hayla Hoffman (5-0), Butte; 2, Boston Howell (2-0), Flathead; 3, Audrey Goodsell (2-2), Glacier; 4, Sara Harrison (2-2), Flathead; 5, Haely Payne (1-1), Glacier

205 — Kassidee Savaria earned five wins this past week including wins over Lucy Libby and Shannon Todd.  Libby picked up two wins including a split with Skye Smith of Cascade.  Rankings:  1, Kassidee Savaria (7-0), Skyview; 2. Lucy Libby (5-3), Flathead; 3, Shannon Todd (2-2), Glacier; 4, Ashlee Wilcox, Butte; 5, Seanna Dube, Glacier


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