Hoagland four back at State Am

GREAT FALLS  — Soon-to-be Butte High senior Hailey Hoagland is within striking distance of the title at the Montana State Golf Association’s Women’s Amateur Championship.

Heading into Thursday’s final round at Meadow Lark Country Club, Hoagland is four shots behind leader Amber Lundskog of Bozeman.

Lundskog shot an even-par 72 Wednesday to overtake first day leader Dorsey Addicks of Big Sky with a 146 total.

Addicks, who shot a 77 for a 147, is second. Hoagland is third at 150 after shooting a 150 on Tuesday.

Butte High teammate Shealyn Hafer improved to an 84 on Tuesday, but has a steep climb in the second flight at 174.

Hafer’s grandmother, Butte Sports Hall of Fame member Shirley Shea, shot a 92 on Tuesday. She is in third place in the third flight of the senior division at 179.

Women’s State Amateur
Meadow Lark CC

Par 72, 5,500 yards
First Flight

Amber Lundskog, Bridger Creek 74-72—146
Dorsey Addicks, Big Sky 70-77—147
Hailey Hoagland, Butte 74-76—150
Maggie Crippen, Missoula 82-69—151
Jackie Mee, Cabinet View 76-75—151
Kyla Clancy, Laurel 79-74—153
Katy Peterson, Cottonwood 77-77—154
Lauren Hausauer, Valley View 77-78—155
Cathie Williamson, Meadow Lark 80-75—155
Natalie Beard, Meadow Lark 76-80—156
Mckenzie Webinger, Laurel 83-76—159
Breanna Cameron, Whitefish Lake 83-76—159
Katie Michunovich, Laurel 80-80—160
Coral Schulz, Green Meadow 84-80—164
Teigan Avery, Buffalo Hill 86-78—164
Chere’ Anderson, Yegen 82-84–166
Second Flight
Katie Fish, Meadow Lark 84-69—153
Cayley Fish, Meadow Lark 79-76—155
Haylee Folkvord, Riverside 82-80—162
Bailee Dexter, Old Baldy 79-84—163
Amanda Roberts, Green Meadow 82-83—165
Sadie Crippen, Missoula 77-89—166
Samantha Walter, Yegen 89-79—168
Danelle Burns, Cut Bank 89-81—170
Shealyn Hafer, Butte 90-84—174
Allie Sauvageau, Yegen 85-90—175
Bergen Buck, Valley View 85-90—175
Katie Wills, Missoula 93-87—180
Ellie Stanisich, Beaverhead 95-86–181
Third Flight
Hanna Zwemke, Briarwood 75-81—156
Toni Bender, Yegen 86-79—165
Lexi Pyette, Meadow Lark 84-83—167
Margo Salsbery, Forsyth 84-85—169
Lana Scott, Laurel 82-87—169
Morgan Scott, Laurel 87-84—171
Morgan Woods, Harvest Hills 87-88—175
Morgan O’Neil, Laurel 91-84—175
Marianne Crippen, Canyon River 89-87—176
Anna DeMars, Old Baldy 83-96—179
Erin Tabish, Whitefish Lake 88-92—180
Mike’la Atkinson, Yegen 102-89–191
Fourth Flight
June Briceno, Green Meadow 90-82—172
Casey Babinecz, Meadow Lark 83-91—174
Ellie Sullivan, Laurel 88-88—176
Catrina Babinecz, Meadow Lark 90-86—176
Sarah Cunningham, Buffalo Hill 91-94—185
Shelly Wills, Missoula 87-99—186
Kristin Person, Canyon River 93-93—186
Cheri Ellis, Red Lodge 94-94—188
Teresa Brown, Prairie Farms 96-93—189
Rylie Carmichael, Meadow Lark 103-89—192
Shellie Babinecz, Meadow Lark 104-92—196
Wendy Dick, Meadow Lark 102-108–210
Fifth Flight
Megan Ryan, Miles City 101-96—197
Laree Cox, Anaconda Hills 105-92—197
Frankie Tigart, Anaconda Hills 102-101—203
Kristi McManus, Meadow Lark 108-105—213
Shawna Miller, Anaconda Hills 109-109—218
Michelle Luce, Yellowstone 114-113—227
Brennan Swanberg, Hickory Swing 113-114—227
Kimberly Patrick, Canyon River 122-109–231

Women’s State Seniors
Meadow Lark CC
Par 72
Championship Flight

Karen Jacobson, Whitefish Lake 82-81—163
Sue Peterson, Cottonwood 85-78—163
Jo Smith, Missoula 81-83—164
Susan Court, Bill Roberts 83-83—166
Mary Kruse, Village Greens 82-86—168
Debby Porcarelli, Meadow Lark 84-85—169
Lisa Forsberg, Briarwood 85-84—169
Sue Matson, Laurel 89-82–171
Flight 1B
Jody Fee, Whitefish Lake 80-92—172
Lenny Robbins, Meadow Lark 82-91—173
Bobbie Lacklen, Cabinet View 90-84—174
Rosalie Meltzer, Larchmont 84-90—174
Fay Ferraro, Cottonwood Hills 89-86—175
Julia Jones, Stock Farm Club 91-84—175
Laura Wilson, Lake Hills 91-85—176
Cindy Reimers, Missoula 84-93—177
Vicki Knight, Meadow Lark 89–DQ
Flight 2A
Mardi Millons, Bill Roberts 81-90—171
Kate Joyce, Missoula 87-85—172
Mary Bryson, Green Meadow 88-86—174
Joy Staker, Black Bull 87-88—175
Mary Armstrong, Whitefish Lake 90-91—181
Jeanette Cheney, Whitefish Lake 90-92—182
Jan Stoick, Meadow Lark 88-94—182
Flight 2B
Tracy Paine, Cottonwood Hills 92-92—184
Sharon Russell, Laurel 92-92—184
Cheryl Nelson, Meadow Lark 95-91—186
Karen Schaefer, Scobey 96-94—190
Michele Geer, Yegen 91-101—192
Jan Dean, Larchmont 104-104—208
Flight 3A
Kimberly Bouma, Whitefish Lake 83-86—169
Billie Jean Bloxham, Buffalo Hill 88-89—177
Shirley Shea, Butte 87-92—179
Sue Kearns, Anaconda 89-94—183
Sue Bannon, Bill Roberts 95-89—184
Pam Alfred, Meadow Lark 90-97—187
Jennie Waggoner, Laurel 95-96—191
Sandi Nave, Lake Hills 95-97–192
Flight 3B
Loree Dark, King Ranch 94-99—193
Barb Cunningham, Buffalo Hill 94-100—194
Laurie Lamson, Bill Roberts 99-98—197
Nancy Dimeola, Madison Meadows 96-101—197
Gerry Bink, Eagle Falls 103-96—199
Ruth Fenn, Cabinet View 99-100—199
Lisette Carter, Meadow Lark 105-99—204
Linda Walsh, Meadow Lark 104-106–210
Flight 4A
Vicki Randall, Cabinet View 96-93—189
Gwen Graff, Canyon River 95-96—191
Marlys Stannebein, Valley View 94-97—191
Sherry Stern, King Ranch 97-96—193
Mary Stultz, Yellowstone 98-101—199
Carole Herron, Bill Roberts 99-102—201
Donna Fiveland, Yellowstone 105-99—204
Carol Bennett, Madison Meadows 95-109–204
Flight 5A
Karen Rice, Madison Meadows 95-102—197
Jean Mills, Hilands 99-100—199
Michelle Koppelman, Meadow Lark 103-98—201
Elvira Wilcox, Yegen 95-110—205
Leslee Washer, Whitefish Lake 101-104—205
Linda Blakney, King Ranch 98-108—206
Virginia Olson, Jawbone Creek 99-108—207
Janice Tate, King Ranch 108-106–214
Flight 5B
Jan Higgins, Anaconda Hills 105-111—216
Linda Frickel, Laurel 113-103—216
Susie Casey, Green Meadow 116-101—217
Patti Koivisto, Hickory Swing 111-106—217
Cindy Garberg, Scobey 107-113—220
Diane Eusterman, Meadow Lark 116-107—223
Mary West, Meadow Lark 105-120–225
Flight 6A
Rhonda Maun, Canyon River 92-103—195
Joyce Olson, Cottonwood Hills 100-101—201
Debbie Thomas, Anaconda Hills 103-100—203
Linda Mann, University 101-107—208
Sharryn Webinger, Laurel 108-104—212
Sue Schelle, Hilands 105-111—216
Sandy Sanders, Cottonwood Hills 107-111—218
Lorraine Richardson, Larchmont 105-114–219
Flight 6B
Diane Oakes, Meadow Lark 114-110—224
Marcia Hafner, Laurel 114-114—228
Thelma Willems, Bill Roberts 116-113—229
Diane Hansen, Anaconda Hills 114-119—233
Vicki Bickler, Meadow Lark 118-123—241
Janet Cook, Laurel 114-129—243
Kelly Harp, Meadow Lark 135-119–254