Hillcrest wins School Races

Powered by the Silk twins — Will and Autumn — the Hillcrest Hornets skated to the team title Saturday at the annual School Skating Races, put on by the Montana Amateur Speed Skating Association.

Hillcrest posted 69 team points. West was second at 63, followed by Kennedy at 36.

Will Silk took first place in the boys first graded division. Autumn Silk won the first-grade girls.

The Hornets also got a first place from Max Kluck in second grade and Katherine Radocich in the fifth grade.

Cousins Delaney Foley and Brenna Foley, both of Kennedy, tied for first place in the girls’ third grade after a photo finish was determined a tie in their third race.

Timothy Hollingsworth of West won the title in the fourth grade. James Hollingsworth won the blue ribbon in fifth grade.

Other titles went to Sterling Smith of Emerson in the fifth grade girls, Austin Endy of Emerson in sixth grade boys, Creeshenee Hoar of Kennedy in the sixth grade girls and Courtney Angrove of East in the seventh-eighth grade girls.

(Photos below the results are by Bret Graden. To buy high-quality copies of these photos or others like it, go to gradenphotography.com.)

Team scores
Hillcrest 69, West 63, Kennedy 50, Emmerson 36, East 15, Central 9

First grade boys
1. Will Silk, Hillcrest
2. Marc McGillen, Central
3. Jake Ricci, West

First grade girls
1. Autumn Silk, Hillcrest
2. Hanna Kluck, Hillcrest
3. Addison Endy, Emmerson

Second grade boys
1. Max Kluck, Hillcrest

Third grade girls
1 (tie). Delaney Foley, Kennedy
1 (tie). Brenna Foley, Kennedy

Fourth grade boys
1. Timothy Hollingworth, West
2. Kyler Kukay, West

Fifth grade girls
1. Katherine Radocich, Hillcrest

Fifth grade boys
1. James Hollingsworth, West
2. Sean Foley, Kennedy

Fifth grade girls
1. Sterling Smith, Emerson
2. Justice Ross, West

Sixth grade boys
1. Austin Endy, Emerson

Sixth grade girls
1. Creeshenee Hoar, Kennedy
2. Kiera O’Boyle, West.

Seventh-eighth grade girls
1. Courtney Angove, East

Autumn Silk
Max Kluck
Delaney Foley