Hillcrest rules city grade school track, records reset

The Hillcrest Hornets held on to their crown, two records were broken and another tied as the Butte Athletic Council conducted the annual Butte City Grade School Track Meet Wednesday on Charlie Merrifield Track at Bulldog Memorial Stadium in the Gene Fogarty Sports Complex on the East Middle School grounds.
Hillcrest defended the title it won last year with 348.5 points to edge second-place West, which scored 338. Third place went to Whittier with 242 while Margaret Leary totaled 174 points, Central 156, Emerson 80 ½, Ramsay 67 and Kennedy 20.
Hillcrest athletes were in on the two new records as Kaspian Lutke sailed 8 feet, 2 inches, in the sixth-grade boys’ standing long jump, the same distance as Kelly Connole in 1988. Tenley Osborne burned a 31.48 seconds time in her fourth-grade girls’ 200-meter dash preliminary heat to nick the 31.49 time Kelcie Thatcher set as a record in 2010. Osborne also won the finals of the event.
Noah Sutton of Butte Central scored a perfect 50 points, race official Liza Dennehy confirmed, in the boys’ pentathlon competition, joining Derek Anderson of Whittier in 1988, Cliff Gaskill of Whittier in 1993, Justin Schwartzenberger of Hillcrest in 1997, Brock Bond of Hillcrest in 2006, Evan Anderson of Whittier in 2011 and Erik Johns of Hillcrest in 2015 as record-sharer.

Ryan Bache of Margaret Leary was second to Sutton in the boys’ pentathlon with 34 points, and Lutke placed third with 28. Lyric Okrusch of West won the girls’ pentathlon with 28 points while Sophia Houchin of Whittier was second with 24 and Jessica Andrews of Hillcrest third with 20.
About 600 fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade athletes competed.
Event winners were:
Fourth-grade girls – Osborne, 100-meter dash, 15.37; 200-meter dash, 32.61; and 400-meter run, 1:15.06; Paisley Allmendinger, West, 600-meter run, 2:22.09; and West, 400-meter relay, 1:08.31.
Fifth-grade girls – Loretta Matteson, West, 100-meter dash, 14.92; Ryenne Hardy, West, 200-meter dash, 32.33; Faithlynn Hooker, Margaret Leary, 400-meter run, 1:18.40; Kayoni Kinard, Emerson, 600-meter run, 2:10.01; Central, 400-meter relay, 1:06.89; Emma Richards, Margaret Leary, high jump, 4-2; Nora Loushin, Hillcrest, long jump, 9-11; Karmyn Kjersten, Margaret Leary, shot put, 21-2.5; Kaliya Kinard, Emerson, standing long jump, 6-2.
Sixth-grade girls – Saege Gray, Hillcrest, 100-meter dash, 14.98, and long jump, 13-3; Taylor Regan, Whittier, 200-meter dash, 31.97, and 400-meter run, 1:12.71; Sophia Houchin, Whittier, 600-meter run, 2:04.98; Hillcrest, 400-meter relay, 1:02.10. Karla Reich, Hillcrest, high jump, 4-0; Cynzee Johnson, Whittier, shot put, 23-7; Jessica Andrews, Whittier, standing long jump, 6-11.

Fourth-grade boys – Kale Alexander, Whittier, 100-meter dash, 15.50; Hunter Snyder, West, 200-meter dash, 32.71; Bentley Detonancour, Ramsay, 400-meter run, 1:13.75, and 600-meter run, 2:00.11; Whittier, 400-meter relay, 1:05.82.
Fifth-grade boys – Bridger Stearns, West, 100-meter dash, 14.11; 200-meter dash, 30.33; and long jump, 12-6; Kason Liston, Hillcrest, 400-meter run, 1:15.79; Logan Grunhuvd, West, 600-meter run, 2:04.59, and shot put, 24-3; West, 400-meter relay, 1:02.01; Huck O’Neil, Emerson, high jump, 3-10; Blake Connors, Hillcrest, standing long jump, 7-1.
Sixth-grade boys – Noah Sutton, Central, 100-meter dash, 13.88; 200-meter dash, 28.86; high jump, 4-7; long jump, 13-1; and shot put, 33-4; Chase Nashiem, Hillcrest, 400-meter run, 1:07.79, and 600-meter run; Kaspian Lutke, Hillcrest, standing long jump, 8-2.