Hillcrest Hornets defend skating title again

Hillcrest Hornets defend skating title again

The Hillcrest Hornets once again defended their title during Saturday’s School Races at the U.S. High Altitude Sports Center.

The Hornets scored 107 points to easily outpace second-place West Elementary, which scored 50. Butte Central placed third at 44.

In all, 26 racers from kindergarten through sixth grade competed in the event hosted by the Butte Speedskating Club.

Hillcrest, which saw 11 skaters compete, has won the event for at least the last seven years.

Team scores
Hillcrest                       107
West                            50
Butte Central               44
Emerson                      24
Margaret Leary           18
Whittier                       15
Crossroads                  15

Kindergarten boys
1. Jeff LeProwse, West
2. Cooper Coffing, Hillcrest
3. Tristan Brown, Hillcrest
4. Tristan Evans, Margaret Leary
5, Brendan Byren, Hillcrest

Kindergarten girls
1. Sophia Hettick, Whittier

First grade boys
1. Krew Anderson, Hillcrest
2. Kelton Dennehy, Hillcrest
3. Ryan Byrne, Hillcrest

First grade girls
1. Tenley Osborne, Hillcrest
2. Drew Carr, West

Second grade boys
1. Cage Anderson, Hillcrest
2. Jayke LeProwse, West
3. Owen LaRue

Third grade boys
1. Henry Babcock, Hillcrest
2. Kaden Evans, Central

Third grade girls
1. Sage Queer, Margaret Leary
2. Molly McGillan, Central

Fourth grade girls
1. Olyvia Pascoe, Crossroads

Fifth grade boys
1. GG Fantini, Central
2. Joe Bradshaw, Central
3. Tyler Miller, Hillcrest

Fifth grade girls
1. Avery Santifer, Hillcrest

Sixth grade boys
1. Rigley Vincent, West

Sixth grade girls
1. Danika Carr, Emerson
2. Hazel Ryan, Emerson

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