Helena team takes non-conference twin bill from Muckers

The Helena Independents swept the Butte Muckers in a non-conference doubleheader Saturday at Copper Mountain Park.

Helena came from behind to win the opener 8-6 in nine innings before erupting late in Game 2 to complete the sweep with a 17-5 win in Game 2.

Butte plays a home game again Sunday. Belgrade will come to town for a 3 p.m. conference game.

Mucker Cameron Johnson delivers a pitch in the first game.

Mucker Cameron Johnson delivers a pitch in the first game.

Helena Independents 8, Butte Muckers 6 (9 innings)
Helena scored three runs in the top of the seventh inning to send the game to extra innings.

Hunter Sickerson went 3 for 4 to lead the Helena offense. Nick Jemmings drove in two runs, while Keaton Raulston pitched three hit-less innings in relief to get the win.

Bryson Henningson went 2 for 4 with two RBIs for the Muckers. Ryan Schultz also hit a pair of singles, while Will Hoagland, Trey Burger, Logan LaFromboise and Will Brandon each hit one.



Helena Independents

BattingAB R H RBI BB K
Conor McCarvel 231030
Kaden Marrinez 300101
Mark Northey 010120
Nick Jemmings 401200
Caeden Suero 101000
Hunter Sickerson 403111
Adam Geubtner 200002
Colter Bauch 300001
Zach Huth 210000
Caleb Shamley 200000
Gabe Dallbeck 211020
Gage Vermillion 200020
Kaleb Winterburn 321011
Totals30 8 8 5 11 6

Batting TB: Conor McCarvel, Nick Jemmings, Gabe Dallbeck, Kaleb Winterburn, Caeden Suero, Hunter Sickerson 3
RBI: Nick Jemmings 2, Mark Northey, Kaden Marrinez, Hunter Sickerson
ROE: Gage Vermillion
FC: Zach Huth
SB: Conor McCarvel, Gage Vermillion, Gabe Dallbeck, Kaleb Winterburn, Caeden Suero
CS: Conor McCarvel, Gabe Dallbeck
PIK: Gage Vermillion, Gabe Dallbeck
Totals Team QAB: 24 (58.54%)
Conor McCarvel 4, Nick Jemmings 2, Gage Vermillion 3, Gabe Dallbeck 2, Mark Northey 2, Kaleb Winterburn 3, Colter Bauch 3, Caleb Shamley, Kaden Marrinez, Hunter Sickerson 2, Adam Geubtner

Team LOB: 3

Fielding E: Conor McCarvel, Gage Vermillion, Adam Geubtner, Zach Huth

PitchingIP #P TB H R ER BB K HR S%
Taylor Carlson 5.09231662160.663
Riley Chilsom 1.02511200100.560
Keaton Raulston 3.04520000240.556

Pitching W: Keaton Raulston
WP: Taylor Carlson
Pitches-Strikes: Riley Chilsom 25-14, Taylor Carlson 92-61, Keaton Raulston 45-25
Groundouts-Flyouts: Riley Chilsom 0-2, Taylor Carlson 5-4, Keaton Raulston 2-2
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Riley Chilsom 3-5, Taylor Carlson 16-25, Keaton Raulston 9-10

Butte Muckers

BattingAB R H RBI BB K
Will Hoagland 511000
Trey Berger 511002
Bryson Henningsen 412211
Alex Kober 420011
Cole Walker 200012
Austin Gerry 100011
Ryan Schultz 412100
Cameron Johnson 000000
Logan LaFramboise 401101
Will Brandon 401001
Liam Sommer 200001

Batting TB: Will Hoagland, Logan LaFrambos, Bryson Henningson 2, Will Brandon, Ryan Schultz 2, Trey Berger
RBI: Logan LaFrambos, Bryson Henningson 2, Ryan Schultz
SAC: Cameron Johnson
ROE: Alex Kober 2, Logan LaFrambos
SB: Will Hoagland, Ryan Schultz
CS: Bryson Henningson
Totals Team QAB: 16 (40.00%)
Will Hoagland, Cameron Johnson, Alex Kober 2, Logan LaFrambos, Bryson Henningson 3, Austin Gerry, Cole Walker 2, Ryan Schultz 3, Trey Berger 2

Team LOB: 5 Fielding E: Cole Walker, Trey Berger


PitchingIP #P TB H R ER BB K HR S%
Liam Sommer 4.07230330340.583
Cole Walker 2.14828032510.417
Cameron Johnson 2.25123522310.549

Pitching L: Cole Walker
Pitches-Strikes: Cameron Johnson 51-28, Liam Sommer 72-42, Cole Walker 48-20
Groundouts-Flyouts: Cameron Johnson 1-3, Liam Sommer 3-2, Cole Walker 1-4
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Cameron Johnson 8-13, Liam Sommer 11-17, Cole Walker 2-11


Helena Independents 17, Butte Muckers 5
The roof caved in on the Muckers in game 2.

The Independents scored eight runs in the sixth and eight runs in the seventh as Helena turned a 5-1 deficit into 12-run win.

Adam Geubtner, Riley Chilsom and Raulston each smacked a pair of hits for the Independents, while Gage Vermillion hit a double.

Noah Reynolds went 2 for 4 with a pair of RBIs, while Austin Gerry doubled to lead the Muckers. Hoagland and Cameron Johnson added singles in the loss.




Helena Independents
BattingAB R H RBI BB K
Zach Huth 100000
Kaden Marrinez 231120
Colter Bauch 511001
Caeden Suero 311110
Nick Jemmings 111100
Mark Northey 210030
Taylor Carlson 200001
Connor Mccarvel 221010
Gage Vermillion 201000
Adam Geubtner 222110
Kaleb Winterburn 200000
Hunter Sickerson 000200
Gabe Dallbeck 110010
Riley Chilsom 422111
Keaton Raulston 412100

Batting 2B: Gage Vermillion
TB: Riley Chilsom 2, Nick Jemmings, Gage Vermillion 2, Colter Bauch, Keaton Raulston 2, Caeden Suero, Kaden Marrinez, Adam Geubtner 2, Connor Mccarvel
RBI: Riley Chilsom, Nick Jemmings, Keaton Raulston, Caeden Suero, Kaden Marrinez, Hunter Sickerson 2, Adam Geubtner
SAC: Hunter Sickerson
ROE: Gabe Dallbeck, Caeden Suero 2, Kaden Marrinez, Hunter Sickerson, Connor Mccarvel
FC: Keaton Raulston
SB: Riley Chilsom 2, Gage Vermillion, Kaden Marrinez
CS: Caeden Suero
PIK: Kaden Marrinez, Hunter Sickerson
Totals Team QAB: 25 (56.82%)
Riley Chilsom 2, Nick Jemmings, Gage Vermillion, Gabe Dallbeck, Mark Northey 5, Kaleb Winterburn, Colter Bauch, Keaton Raulston 3, Caeden Suero 2, Kaden Marrinez 2, Hunter Sickerson, Adam Geubtner 2, Connor Mccarvel 3

Team LOB: 7

Fielding E: Kaleb Winterburn, Keaton Raulston, Kaden Marrinez
DP: Conor McCarvel, Mark Northey, Keaton Raulston

PitchingIP #P TB H R ER BB K HR S%
Caleb Shamley 1.05029343410.420
Conor McCarvel 4.05420211220.630
Colter Bauch 2.02912000210.586

Pitching W: Caleb Shamley
Pitches-Strikes: Conor McCarvel 54-34, Colter Bauch 29-17, Caleb Shamley 50-21
Groundouts-Flyouts: Conor McCarvel 4-5, Colter Bauch 1-3, Caleb Shamley 0-2
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Conor McCarvel 8-15, Colter Bauch 3-8, Caleb Shamley 3-11


Butte Muckers

BattingAB R H RBI BB K
Noah Reynolds 402200
Tommy Martz 200021
Trey Berger 400000
Bryson Henningsen 200012
Cole Walker 100000
Austin Gerry 311000
Will Brandon 100000
Will Hoagland 121020
Alex Kober 000010
Ryan Schultz 410000
Logan LaFramboise 210010
Cameron Johnson 201111

Batting 2B: Austin Gerry
TB: Will Hoagland, Noah Reynolds 2, Cameron Johnson, Austin Gerry 2
RBI: Noah Reynolds 2, Cameron Johnson
ROE: Ryan Schultz
FC: Trey Berger
GIDP: Trey Berger
SB: Will Hoagland 2, Noah Reynolds
Totals Team QAB: 13 (38.24%)
Tommy Martz 2, Will Hoagland 3, Noah Reynolds, Cameron Johnson, Alex Kober, Logan LaFrambos, Bryson Henningson 2, Austin Gerry, Ryan Schultz

Team LOB: 8

Fielding E: Will Hoagland 2, Cameron Johnson, Liam Sommer, Logan LaFrambos 2, Austin Gerry, Ryan Schultz, Trey Berger 2
DP: Tommy Martz, Trey Berger

PitchingIP #P TB H R ER BB K HR S%
Noah Reynolds 2.14825110410.479
Tommy Martz 2.24523111310.489
Cameron Johnson 1.14414897200.682
Liam Sommer 0.22510240110.600

Pitching L: Cameron Johnson
WP: Tommy Martz, Noah Reynolds, Liam Sommer
Pitches-Strikes: Tommy Martz 45-22, Noah Reynolds 48-23, Cameron Johnson 44-30, Liam Sommer 25-15
Groundouts-Flyouts: Tommy Martz 0-5, Noah Reynolds 1-4, Cameron Johnson 1-3, Liam Sommer 0-0
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Tommy Martz 4-10, Noah Reynolds 7-13, Cameron Johnson 12-16, Liam Sommer 3-5

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