Hansen’s long jump ranks third in Bulldog history

Hansen’s long jump ranks third in Bulldog history

Christian Hansen busted off an eye-popping long jump Tuesday at the Western AA Top 10 meet.

The Butte High senior jumped 22 feet, 4 inches to easily win the title at Missoula County Stadium. Jace Klucewich placed second at 20-10 ½, while Bulldog teammate and classmate Ryan Lean took third at 20-03.

Hansen’s leap was not only a personal best. The jump ranks him among the very best in Butte High history.

Only two Bulldogs — Scott Hemmert in 1989 and Marco Stanisich in 1958 — have jumped farther than Hansen, according to the school’s top 10 lists. Hemmert jumped 22-11, and Stanisich posted a mark of 22-5 ½.

Hansen’s jump knocked Butte Sports Hall of Famer Kelly Davis to No. 4 on the Butte High all-time list. Davis, who went on to star on the Montana State football team, jumped 22-2 in 1982.

Another Butte Sports Hall of Famer, Josh Paffhausen, drops a spot to No. 5 with his jump of 22-1 ¼ in 1992.

Hansen’s previous best was a jump of 20-8 ¾ at Butte High’s meet with Missoula Sentinel and Butte Central on April 9. He also has jumps of 20-3 and 18-6. His best jump as a sophomore during the 2019 season was 17-5 ½.

Of course, the 2020 season was wiped out by the coronavirus pandemic.

Senior Anna Trudnowski won the 300-meter hurdles in 46.12 seconds. That puts her at No. 7 in school history. The previous No. 7 was a time of 46.49 posted by Trudnowski as a sophomore in 2019.

Trudnowski already ranks third in Bulldog history in the high jump with her personal best of 5 feet, 5 inches, which she has matched multiple times.

Butte High senior Hailey Nielson won the 1,600 meters in 5 minutes, 26.59 seconds. She missed cracking the school’s top-10 list by a second. Junior Mollee Conlan’s winning time of 12.96 in the 100 meters was a personal best. She needs a 12.7 to crack thee Bulldog top 10.

Bulldog senior Tanner Huff just missed the school’s top 10 with personal bests in the 100 and 200. He won the 200 and took second in the 100.

Butte High’s winning 400-meter boys’ relay team also just missed the school’s top 10 list.

Bulldog junior Dylan Snyder matched a personal-best of 6-2 to win the high jump. He is one inch behind sophomore Cameron Gurnsey for the team best this season. Both, however, have a long way to go to catch the great Jasson McNallie, who cleared 6-10 ¾ in 1989.

Following are Butte High’s boys’ and girls’ top 10 lists for each event heading into the 2021 season. The lists were provided by the school.


100 Meter Dash
1Dan Hanley10.631981
2Dalton Daum10.662014
3Jake Larson10.732000
4Ross Richardson10.82000
5Fred Krepps10.91996
6Zach Bunney10.992013
7Aaron Merrick112005
8Matt Twomey11.061998
9Dale Asanovich11.11987
9Nick Haynes11.12005
200 Meter Dash
1Dan Hanley21.511981
2Dalton Daum21.532015
3Zach Ueland21.852001
4Jake Larson21.92001
5John Killoy22.21975220yd
6Anthony Jurenic22.31998
7Travis Bickford22.311989
8Dan Nebres22.371978220yd
8David Schelin22.372004
10Tony Cunneen22.442007
400 Meter Dash
1John Killoy49.11975440yd
1Jake Larson49.12001
3Sam Verona49.21966440yd
4Zach Ueland49.32001
5Kaleob Palmer49.392008
6John Roys49.41974440yd
7Dalton Daum49.542015
8Travis Bickford49.561989
9Russ Whindom49.91963440yd
9Randy Vetter49.91969440yd
800 Meter Run
1Mark Leuschen1:56.11980880yd
2Kaleob Palmer1:56.222008
3Shannon Tempel1:56.562014
4John Michelotti1:56.661986
5Scott Fitzpatrick1:56.681981
6Mark Blomstrom1:56.91983
7Clint Choquette1:57.12005
8Bill Sage1:57.441986
9Mike Orlich1:57.651987
10Matt Choquette1:57.72001
1600 Meter Run
1Mike Houlihan4:15.801977Mile
2Eric Allen4:25.501987
3Jeremy Hamma4:26.101992
4Clint Choquette4:26.442004
5Scott Fitzpatrick4:28.391981
6Ethan Schrader4:28.792008
7Steve Noctor4:29.001980Mile
8Mark Blomstrom4:30.201982
9Stan Zezotarski4:30.301972Mile
10Gary Keltz4:32.401966Mile
3200 Meter Run
1Mike Houlihan9:16.1019772 Mile
2Stan Zezotarski9:32.2019722 Mile
3Eric Allen9:40.301987
4Jason Hamma9:45.891993
5Jeremy Hamma9:49.901992
6Tyler Welt9:49.941989
7Jeff Richards9:51.061982
8Ethan Schrader9:54.472008
9Steve Nocter9:59.9019802 Mile
10Tony Crawley10:06.2019792 Mile
110 Meter Hurdles
1Kelly Davis13.921982
2Justin Schwartzenbegger14.22003
3Josh Paffhausen14.41993
4Jake Larson14.422001
5Zach Peters14.631981
6Marshal Martin14.71985
7Todd Hoar14.721987
8Tony Cunneen14.742007
9Don Savage14.81989
10Rob Turner14.891987
300 Meter Hurdles
1Jake Larson37.662000
2Josh Pafhausen38.091993
3Eric Sorenson38.51991
4Justin Schwartzenberger38.522002
5Kelly Davis38.591982
6Rob Turner38.611988
7David Schelin38.752005
8Bob Smith38.761995
9Tony Cunneen39.112007
10Todd Hoar39.171987
400 Meter Relay
1J. Eisenbarth, Z. Bunney, B. Taylor, D. Daum42.462013
2J. Sullivan, T. Cunneen, N. Haynes, C. Conway42.542007
3R. Richardson, Z. Ueland, R. Michelson, J. Larson42.682000
4R. Richardson, Z. Ueland, T. Boyle, J. Larson42.702001
5C. Knuckey, Z. Peters, K. Davis, D. Hanley42.911981
6R. Dennehy, T. Cunneen, N. Haynes, A. Merrick43.082005
7J. Sullivan, T. Cunneen, N. Haynes, A. Bleken43.142006
8D. Daum, Z. Bunney, B. Taylor, C. Carriger43.192012
9B. Farren, J. Smithan, S. Galleti, J. Paffhausen43.211992
10J. Eisenbarth, T. Earles, D. Hayden, D. Daum43.212014
1600 Meter Relay
1R. Richardson, M. Choquette, Z. Ueland, J. Larson3:19.732001
2K. Palmer, A. Bleken, N. Haynes, T. Cunneen3:22.222007
3J. Michelotti, T. Dick, R. Allen, B. Sage3:23.031986
4A. Bleken, T. Cunneen, C. Choquette, D. Schelin3:23.252005
5A. Hawe, A. Leyba, K. Palmer, M. McGee3:23.342009
6C. Hill, D. Smith, J. Killoy, J. Roys3:23.91974
7C. Hill, D. Smith, B. Nebres, J. Killoy3:24.501975
8J. Rosy, L. Kelly, L. Peticich, K. Alt3:25.001972
9J. Vetter, T. Mellott, Q. Sullivan, J. Neil3:25.122018
10T. Winston, T. Mellott, Q. Qullivan, J. Vetter3:25.432019
High Jump
1Jasson McNallie6′ 10.75″1989
2Rany Miller6′ 9.75″1987
3Ryan Mickelson6′ 9″1999
4Bill Jones6′ 8″1982
4Mike Matthews6′ 8″1982
6Kelly Davis6′ 6″1982
6Adam Bleken6′ 6″2006
8Tyler Glider6′ 5″2007
9Pat Huff6′ 4″1987
9Shawn Galetti6′ 4″1992
Long Jump
1Scott Hemmert22′ 11″1989
2Marco Stanisich22′ 5.5″1958
3Kelly Davis22′ 2″1982
4Josh Paffhausen22′ 1.25″1992
5Jay Grant21′ 6.5″1986
5Kevin Fabatz21′ 6.5″1996
7Tommy Mellott21′ 6″2018
7Bob Smith21′ 6″1996
9Bob Alley21′ 5.5″1984
10Shawn Galetti21′ 4.5″1990
Triple Jump
1Scott Hemmert47′ 1″1989
2Aaron Merrick46′ 9″2005
3Larry Pericich46′ 6.5″1972
4Bob Alley46′ 2.5″1984
5Josh Paffhausen46′ .25″1993
6Bob Smith45′ 9.5″1995
7Ryan Mickelson45′ 5″2000
8Dan Krzan45′ 3.5″1982
9Barry Mitchell45′ 0″2004
10Jeff Shipley44′ 11.5″1991
1Ryan Richardson190′ 6″2003
2Corey Dennehy184′ 8″2010
3Willie Sullivan183′ 7″2007
4Casey Briggs182′ 3″2004
5Dunk Abbott179′ 1″2001
6Cole Walker174′ 10″2018
7Scott Lacey170′ 10″2006
8Tanner Huff169’3″2019
9Pat Eckerson165′ 10″2005
10Bryce Gallagher161′ 2″2016
Shot Put
1Bob Hawke61′ 7.25″1965
2Gene Popovich59′ 1.25″1973
3Frank Shone57′ 2.5″1964
4Jerry Fitzsimmons56′ 6.75″1960
5Eric Buehler56′ 0″1994
6Ed Thomas54′ 10.25″1966
7Harley Lewis54′ 9.75″1959
8Lance Allen54′ 2″1989
9John Butorovich54′ 0″1981
10John Mischot53′ 11.5″1992
1Bob Hawke187′ 11″1965
2John Butorovich175′ 6″1981
3Pat Eckerson173′ 2″2005
4Bryl Thompson169′ 8″1978
5Alex Smith168′ 2″2007
6Nate Edington165′ 0″1960
7Clay Chapman164′ 10″1998
8Eric Buehler162′ 11″1994
9Greyson Mandic158′ 6″2018
10Frank Green158′ 4″1997
Pole Vault
1Ty Peterson15′ 6″2018
2Darren Davis15′ 2″1987
3Dave Susanj14′ 9″1981
4Bryce Foley14′ 1″2007
5Ed Semansky14′ 0″1975
5Kyle Christie14′ 0″2013
7Scott Murray13’6″1986
7Todd Weldon13′ 6″1987
7Mike Reilly13′ 6″1995
7Bobby Pomroy13′ 6″2006



100 Meter Dash
1Shani Sullivan12.22007
2Tami Mathewson12.41987
3Jackie Street12.51984
3Chris Cuchine12.51981
3Ashley Kelly12.52008
6Heidi Hemmert12.61987
6Ashley Wolstein12.62000
6Sarah McGree12.62008
9Sherrie Sparks12.71987
9Jami Fabatz12.71995
9Brianne Petritz12.72000
9Marissa Steele12.72004
200 Meter Dash
1Erika McLeod25.22014
2Heidi Hemmert25.41987
3Shirley Chesterfield25.51972
4Tami Mathewson25.71988
5Ashley Kelly25.92008
6Ashley Wolstein262000
7Michelle Durkin26.11979
7Maria Williamson26.11991
7Sarah McGree26.12008
10Jackie Street26.21984
400 Meter Dash
1Wanda Mattson57.31976
2Erika McLeod58.262013
3Maria Williamson58.31992
4Jackie Street58.61984
5Elsa Janney59.12009
6Liza Merrifield59.31979
7Keli Dennehy59.82009
8Anna Trudnowski60.322019
9Ally Cleverly60.362019
10Beth Downey60.52004
10Ashley Woy60.52000
800 Meter Run
1Keli Dennehy2:13.02009
2Kala Jaquet2:15.32007
3Liza Merrifield2:16.61976
4Laci Lisac2:18.12002
5Rhonda Ferkovich2:18.61986
6Bailee Hanson2:19.252014
7Joby Rosenleaf2:19.392017
8Anna Wherry2:20.81987
9Katie Castner2:23.31992
10Kristi Malkovich2:24.51988
10Naomi Kaio2:24.51994
1600 Meter Run
1Keli Dennehy5:01.82010
2Joby Rosenleaf5:08.292017
3Kala Jaquet5:10.42007
4Liza Merrifield5:19.61976
5Laci Lisac5:21.82002
6Rhonda Ferkovich5:22.51984
7Kaci Hockaday5:24.62006
7Karen Gilder5:25.01979
9Laura Callahan5:25.01979
10Kristi Malkovich5:25.61987
3200 Meter Run
1Keli Dennehy10:56.22010
2Joby Rosenleaf11:19.92017
3Rhonda Ferkovich11:40.11987
4Chris Hartley11:43.11984
5Kaci Hockaday11:56.32004
6Traci Goerge12:08.21989
7Meghan Schulte12:11.52004
8Jennifer Ferkovich12:14.21988
9Hailey Nielson12:14.82019
10Skye Miner12:18.12007
100 Meter Hurdles
1Heidi Hemmert14.51987
2Chris Cuchine14.61980
3Michelle Durkin14.71978
4Erika McLeod14.862014
5Sarah McGree14.92008
6Lorene Hanley151974
7Gwenn Abbott15.22008
8Julie Jacobson15.41976
9Jan Borsheim15.51980
10Elsa Janney15.632011
300 Meter Hurdles
1Erika McLeod43.062014
2Heidi Hemmert43.91987
3Elsa Janney44.692011
4Chris Cuchine44.81981
5Gwenn Abbott45.82009
6Ashley Wolstein462001
7Anna Trudnowski46.492019
8Maria Williamson46.61992
8Sarah McGree46.62008
10Tawna Cleverly471986
400 Meter Relay
1J. Zevlovich, S. Sullivan, A. Kelly, S. McGree48.712007
2S. McGree, N. Faupel, H. Hoagland, E. McLeod49.312013
3H. Hemmert, S. Sparks, P. Pederson, T. Matthewson49.401987
4P. Pederson, C. Carle, H. Hemmert, S. Sparks49.601987
5J. Street, S. Sparks, H. Hemmert, K. Kingston49.701984
6K. Clark, S. Sullivan, J. Zevkovich, S. McGree49.712006
7A. Wolstein, B. Petritz, K. Vinecke, A. Kovash49.922001
8J. Bull, C. Cuchine, J. Borsheim, D. Silk50.101981
8H. Hemmert, C. Carle, T. Mathewson, S. Sparks50.101987
8A. Wolstein, A. Woy, L. Lisac, B. Petritz50.102000
1600 Meter Relay
1K. Dennehy, G. Abbott, A. Kelly, E. Janney4:00.482009
2H. Hemmert, S. Sparks, R. Ferkovich, J. Street4:00.01984
3K. Dennehy, M. McCarvel, E. Janney, A. Kelly4:02.52009
4G. Abbott, S. Sullivan, K. Dennehy, K. Jaquet4:02.582007
5E. Janney, E. McLeod, N. Faupel, M. Richardson4:03.312011
6A. Regan, S. LaMere, H. Hemmert, T. Cleverly4:03.41986
7L. Rooney, J. Street, H. Hemmert, K. Kingston4:04.81982
8J. Wolstein, K. Casrner, T. Burby, M. Williamson4:05.01992
9J. Bull, B. Carlyon, C. Jennison, M. Dick4:05.21980
10A. Wolstein, A. Woy, L. Lisac, B. Petriz4:05.61999
High Jump
1Holly Maloney5’8.75″1984
2Gwenn Abbott5’7″2008
3Carlie Haeffner5’5″2013
3Anna Trudnowski5’5″2019
4Karin Jolley5’4″1993
4Jami Wolstein5’4″1995
4Kinsley Rafish5’4″2012
7Abby Dodge5’3″2017
7Laci Sever5’3″1998
7Keli Zemljak5’3″2012
Long Jump
1Erika McLeod18’6.5″2014
2Tami Mathewson18’4″1989
3Sarah McGree18’3.5″2008
4Shani Sullivan18’2.5″2007
5Gabbie Parini17′ 8.5″2019
5Jami Hope17’8.5″1992
7Abby Dodge17’5.5″2016
8Jackie Street17’4.5″1985
9Jan Borsheim17’2.5″1980
10Peggy Paul17’2″1978
Triple Jump
1Holly Maloney37’5.5″1984
2Erika McLeod37′ 2.25″2014
3Jackie Chelini36’8″1986
4Abby Dodge36′ 3″2016
5Tami Mathewson36’2.5″1987
6Natelee Faupel36’1″2012
7Sarah McGree35’11.5″2006
8Kari Eliason35’8.75″2000
9Brianne Holland-Stergar35’8.5″2009
10Jennifer Stolarz35’8″1992
1Kalli McCloskey136’2″2007
2Rebecca Robinson126’0″2008
3Madalynn Rhodes125′ 8″2019
4Kristi Witt122’3.5″2003
5McKenzee O’Neill122′ 1″2014
6Natalee Faupel121’6″2012
7Kabri Emerson121’1″2010
8Hailee Regan119′ 0″2018
9Katlyn Valla117’10”2006
10Rachel Anderson115’4″2012
Shot Put
1Brianne Holland-Stergar40’9.5″2009
2Hailee Regan39′ 5″2018
3Joanna Kaio37’9″2001
4Rashae Emerson37’5.75″2013
5Kandi Keil37’5″1987
5Tammi Hill37’3.25″1981
7Connie Lawson37’3.25″1988
8Debbie Silk36’11”1982
9Heather McOmber36’11”1982
9Joey O’Neill36’11”2008
1Mallorlly Harbrecht126’1″1993
2Brenda Johnson124’0″1997
3Heidi Sherick123’8″1987
4Stephanie King122’8″1988
5Joey O’Neil121’11”2008
6Kristina Smith121’10”2008
7Barb Farmer121’8″1981
8Tawnya Mock120’4″1986
9Cindy Seymour119’2″1980
10Amanda Clark118’8″1994
Pole Vault
1Katie Mattingly11’6″2002
2Christina Talley10’0″2007
3Gabby Haberman9’6″2019
3Nicole Hyatt9’6″2017
3Laura Salusso9’6″1999
3Kerrie Vivian9’6″2006
7Lisa Speegle9’0″2000
7Sarah Stickney9’0″2007
7Christiana Beierle9’0″2018
10Hillary Pesanti8’6″1995
10Krista Birkelo8’6″1996
10Kristi Hautzinger8’6″2002
10Beth Downey8’6″2003
10Shenna Hawke8’6″2004
10Brenna Ferko8’6″2005
10Madalynn Rhodes8’6″2019
10Danika Murphy8’6″2019

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  • Steve Killoy
    April 28, 2021, 10:01 pm

    The article about Hanson is a nice article and it was also nice to see the other great track athlete from Buttes history celebrated. It was disappointing though to see only Javelin throwers from the 2000s highlighted. Butte has had some great throwers, throwing over 200ft including Rich Paul, Mark Devore, Ed Semansky, Scott Paffhausen. Even I threw over 185 ft in the 1984 State track meet.


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