Hafer, Hoagland, Ogolin are All-State

GREAT FALLS — Butte High will come home from the Class AA State golf tournament without a trophy.

Butte High’s girls finished in fourth place after Saturday’s round at the Eagle Falls Golf Course.

That disappointment, though, has to be tempered by the enthusiasm of tomorrow for the Butte High girls’ golf team.

The Bulldogs saw three girls achieve All-State honors Saturday, with Shealyn Hafer, Hailey Hoagland and Hailey Ogolin bringing home medals.

More importantly, the Bulldogs will bring back its entire girls’ team for another run at a trophy. The Bulldog girls placed second at state last year.

Billings Senior won the girls’ side of the tournament.

Butte High a 708, hitting 354 both days. Hafer and Hoagland took home All-State honors for the second straight year.

Hafer, a sophomore, placed sixth with a two-day total of 165. She Followed Friday’s 81 with an 84. Hoagland, a junior , placed eight with a 167. She followed her 82 with an 85.

Ogolin, a sophomore, made a run Saturday, shooting an 87 for a 178. She shot a 91 Friday and placed 14th over. The top 15 golfers are considered All-State.

Junior Megan Ingersol shot a final-round 98 for a 198 total, while classmate McKenzee shot a 216.

“It’s great that they’re all coming back,” Butte High coach Eric Mankins said. “That’s the best thing you can say.”

Billings is the only other team to have three All-State players, and the Broncs won the tournament at 671. The finished 19 shots better than Kalispell Glacier. Billings West was third at 704, four shots better than the Bulldogs.

Senior’s Kortney McNeil defended her state title, shooting a 74 Friday for a 154. She beat Glacier’s Teigan Avery by two shots.

Butte High’s boys weren’t as close to medal contention after shooting a 323 for a 650 total, which put them in sixth place.

Glacier won, shooting a blistering 292 Saturday for a 593 total. Skyview took second at 606, followed by Billings West at 620.

Skyview’s Parker Bradbury won with a 144 after a final-round 70. He beat West’s Austin Berg by one shot.  Glacier’s Logan Iverson was two back at 146.

Butte High’s Mike Jankovich followed his 75 with an 83 for a 158 to lead the Bulldogs. Ty Lacey 76 Saturday for a 159, while David Starcevich shot an 82 for a 161. Also, freshman Trey Hoagland battled back in the second round for a 173, while Tyler Myers shot a 184.

Hoagland is a freshman. The rest of the Butte High boys are seniors.

Mankins took the time to say thank you to the local courses that donated time to the Butte High teams throughout the season, pointing to the Old Works, the Anaconda Country Club, Fairmont Hot Springs, the Butte Country Club and the Highland View Golf Course.

“It means a ton for them to let us use their facilities for no cost,” Mankins said. “It’s a pretty big deal that they give us that.”

Class AA State golf tournament
Eagle Falls Golf Course, Great Falls
Final scores
Kalispell Glacier 301-292—593; Billings Skyview 304-302—606; Billings West 319-301—620; Billings Senior 313-308—621; CMR 321-318—639; Butte High 327-323—650; Bozeman 323-327—650; Missoula Sentinel 332-322—654; Kalispell Flathead 341-318—659; Helena Capital 337-334—671; Missoula Big Sky 350-346—696; Missoula Hellgate 353-347—700; Helena High 350-357—707; Great Falls High 360-357–717
Bradbury, Parker, SKY 74-70–144
Berg, Austin, WST 74-71–145
Iverson, Logan, GLC 75-71–146
Lorenz, Cole, SKY 74-74–148
Porch, Ryan, GLC 72-76–148
Mann, Tommy, GLC 74-74–148
Anderson, Hunter, SEN 76-73–149
Applegate, Max, FHD 83-67–150
Sherill, Cody, GLC 80-71–151
Stott, Payton, SKY 76-76–152
Babinecz, Cody, GFH 78-74–152
Walter, Austin, SEN 76-77–153
Berg, Tanner, WST 79-74–153
Rossbach, Dylan, MHG 74-79–153
Benson, Sean, SEN 80-74–154
Kuntz, Taylor, CMR 74-80–154
Kakalecik, Josh, CMR 80-76–156
Talcott, Kevin, GLC 80-76—156
Enott, Easton, CMR 79-78–157
Keenan, Ryan, FHD 78-79–157
Jankovich, Michael, BUT 75-83–158
Lacey, Ty, BUT 83-76–159

Fox, Tyler, MSN 82-77–159
Powell, Kyle, BOZ 79-81–160
Nolan, Jon, MSN 82-78–160
Follett, David, WST 83-78–161
Starcevich, David, BUT 79-82–161
Brew, Jack, SKY 80-82–162
Brown, Connor, BOZ 84-78–162
Redelsperger, Scott, BOZ 77-85–162
Hayter, Kyle, CAP 80-82–162
Bell, Nick, WST 86-78–164
Becker, Logan, MSN 82-82–164
Lewis, Tevin, CAP 81-83–164
Finkel, Nick, BOZ 83-83–166
Egan, Austin, SEN 81-86—167
Ringling, Joe, HHS 74-93–167
Sullivan, Dublin, CAP 85-82–167
Woodin, Garrett, WST 83-87—170
Teegarden, Logan, HHS 86-84–170
Fischer, Zach, SEN 87-84–171
Wakai, Brad, MBS 89-82–171
Fuge, Nate, MSN 86-85—171
Solomon, Mark, CMR 88-84–172
Hoagland, Trey, BUT 90-83—173
Curran, Troy, BOZ 86-87—173
Koerner, Aaron, MBS 88-86–174
Enich, Ryley, MBS 88-87–175
Compton, Rayce, MBS 85-91–176
Nord, Isak, MHG 88-88–176
Rivey, Sam, MSN 91-85–176
Pallister, Talon, CAP 92-87–179
Culver, Barron, CAP 91-88—179
Potkonjak, Joseph, FHD 93-87–180
Liston, Chauncey, MHG 91-90–181
Thelen, Tanner, GFH 88-94–182
Ishak, Bryce, HHS 93-89–182
Halverson, Dylan, CMR 88-95—183
Lorentz, Lukas, FHD 98-85–183
Myers, Tyler, BUT 102-82–184
Stief, Kienan, HHS 97-91–188
Thurston, Stephen, GFH 97-93–190
Robinson, Richard, MBS 96-94—190
Christian, Carson, MHG 100-91—191
Clark, Bryce, GFH 97-96–193
Krantz, Matt, HHS 100-93—193
Taylor, Sean, GFH 97-105–202
Franjevic, Grant, SKY 80-DQ –80
Bauer, Cole, FHD 87-WD –87
Mikkola, Finn, MHG DQ-90–90
Billings Senior 335-336—671; Kalispell Glacier 336-354—690; Billings West 353-351—704; Butte High 354-354—708; Great Falls High 365-377—742; Helena High 379-367—746; Helena Capital 387-367—754; Bozeman 387-372—759; Missoula Hellgate 387-380—767; Kalispell Flathead 400-404—804; Billings Skyview 418-420—838; Missoula Big Sky 443-455—898; CMR 483-450—933; Missoula Sentinel 467-474–941
McNeil, Kortney, SEN 80-74–154
Avery, Teigan, GLR 74-82–156
Schulz, Coral, CAP 81-78–159
Walter, Sammy, SEN 79-83–162
Prosser, Kailey, GFH 81-83–164
Hafer, Shealyn, BUT 81-84–165
Flohr, Hayden, WST 84-81–165
Hoagland, Hailey, BUT 82-85–167
Remitz, Charlee, BOZ 85-84–169
Driscoll, Paige, SEN 84-88–172
Davis, Hannah, GLR 85-87–172
Zwemke, Hannah, WST 89-85–174
McHugh, Tori, HHS 89-87–176
Ogolin, Hailey, BUT 91-87–178
Davidson, Abigail, GFH 83-95–178
Sullivan, Elli, WST 89-92–181
Stevens, Shea, GLR 90-91–181
Aurich, Kaydee, GLR 88-94–182
Trent, Maddie, MHG 90-92–182
Radford, Jessie, SEN 92-91–183
Willw, Katie, MHG 94-89–183
Atkinson, Mike’la, WST 91-93–184
Bertrand, Ashley, WST 91-97—188
Haugenoe, Kirsty, GLR 89-100–189
Inman, Claire, HHS 94-95–189
Martin, Kelsey, CAP 98-91–189
Bonk, Sara, SKY 98-94–192
Knutson, Morgan, FHD 89-103–192
Garlushas, Chantelle, HHS 95-98—193
Ryan, Darcy, HHS 101-92–193
Beyer, Bridget, BOZ 102-93–195
Murer, Michaela, FHD 104-92–196
Prebil, Dani, HHS 103-93–196
Trowbriddge, Audrey, BOZ 100-97–197
Sisson, Alli, BOZ 100-98–198
Ingersoll, Megan, BUT 100-98–198
Babinecz, Casey, GFH 99-101–200
Pallister, Tjaden, CAP 99-101–200
Hawthorne, Susie, MHG 104-96–200
Carmichael, Rylie, CMR 107-94–201
Babinecz, Catrina, GFH 104-98–202
Zoltek, Geneva, FHD 98-105–203
Skoog, Kaitlyn, CAP 109-97–206
Stoner, Alisha, SKY 98-109–207
Good, Hannah, GFH 102-106–208
Mitchell, Kate, MHG 99-109–208
Johnson, Shayla, MBS 103-110–213
Herrick, Jenna, MHG 112-103–215
Gaudin, Sedona, MBS 104-111–215
O’Neill, McKenzee, BUT 111-105–216
Bartleson, Madison, SKY 109-108–217
Williams, Mackenzie, FHD 114-104–218
Bell, Kodi, SKY 113-109–222
Phillips, Aryn, FHD 109-118–227
Preshinger, Taylor, CAP 111-117–228
Peck, Micaela, MSN 110-119–229
Dyre, Emma, SEN 114-116–230
Nelson, Kailee, MSN 114-116–230
Vanderpan, Dani, BOZ 121-113–234
Ormesher, Sami, MBS 112-122–234
Beagles, Addison, CMR 117-118–235
Hege, Abbey, MBS 124-112–236
Lawson, Kristin, MSN 123-114–237
Martinez, Lindsay, CMR 129-117–246
Bixler, Lindsay, MSN 120-127–247
Winn, Holly, MSN 128-125–253
Calloway, Toni, CMR 138-121–259
Davis, Sidney, MBS 125-136–261
Schmidt, Delaney, SKY 137-125–262
Cereck, Alyssa, CMR 130-133–263