Grey selected Shrine coach

Butte High football coach Arie Grey will be the head coach of the West team in the Montana Shrine Game next July.

The announcement came as Grey appeared on KBOW’s “Overtime” at Metals Sports Bar and Grill. Shriner Jeff Hartwick made the announcement just before the show.

In his fifth year at Butte High, Grey led the Bulldogs to their first Class AA State championship in 21 years.

The Bulldogs capped an 11-2 season with a 38-36 win over Bozeman in the state title game Friday at Naranche Stadium.

Grey, 33, is a Deer Lodge native who was a standout receiver at Montana State.

For the second time since the game started in 1947, the 2013 game will be played in Butte. Grey played in the game in 1997. He was an assistant coach in 2009, the first time the All-Star contest was in the Mining City.

“It was the one of the most humbling experiences that I’ve been a part of,” he said. “It means the world to me to be able to coach that game.”

Note: The Shrine Game rosters will be revealed on Christmas Day.