Fultz posts perfect score at Copper City Shoot

Fultz posts perfect score at Copper City Shoot
Kohlten Fultz is shown in this courtesy photo.

Butte Junior shooter Kohlten Fultz had a big weekend as the Butte Trap Club held its annual Copper City Shoot.

Fultz broke the only perfect score in the opening singles event. He also was the runner-up in the handicap event on Saturday.

In all, 96 shooters fired at more then 35,000 clay targets during the weekend.  The field included shooters from Canada, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and Nevada.

Bozeman shooter Rodney Disbrow broke 194 out of 200 targets to claim the title of doubles champion. Disbrow won a total of five trophies over during the two-day shoot.  He won two doubles trophies, two handicap trophies and the HOA trophy which is awarded to the all-events high shooter. Art Peyton of Alberta claimed the Copper City Classic ‘300’ Trophy, the ‘300’ doubles award, plus three other trophies.

Other area shooters who earned trophies over the two-day event included; Brandon Lyons, Butte, Mid Yardage Handicap; Ron Lyons, Butte, Class C Doubles; Dana Miller, Divide, Veteran Singles; Jim Jones, Butte, Class C Singles; Matt Enrooth, Butte, New Shooter Singles; Bill Forrester, Dillon, Vet Singles Sunday; and Tim Cassidy, Butte, Long Yardage Handicap.

Sat. – 200 Doubles – 45 shooters

Champion     Rodney Disbrow      Bozeman       194×200

Class A          Art Peyton                 Alberta           193×200  Carry over 94

over                 Roger Andersen          Sheridan          193×200   carry over 92

Class B          Eric Anderson          Alpine, WY    192×200

Class C          Ron Lyons                 Butte               186×200

Class D          Sam Allen                 Helena           174×200

Singles – 72 shooters

Champion     Kohlten Fultz            Butte               100×100

Class AA        Daryl Shehan           Clyde Park    99×100

Class A          Kermit Chicha          Kalispell         99×100

Class B          Jeffery May               Helena           98×100

Class C          Chet Long                 Wyoming       93×100  s.o. 22

Class D          Skip Verworn            Helena           96×100

Lady               Tonya Kent               Manhattan     96×100

Vet                  Dana Miller                Dewey            99×100

Junior             Zane Hansen           Butte               96×100

NS                  Katie Goodheart       Helena           81×100

Handicap – 62 shooters

 Champion     Sam Allen                 Helena           96×100

Runner-Up    Kohlten Fultz            Butte               95×100  s.o. 23 ,20

18 – 21 Yds.  Rodney Disbrow      Bozeman       94×100

22 – 24 Yds.  Brandon Lyons         Butte               95×100 s.o. 23, 19

25 – 27 Yds.  Rod Hickle                Kalispell         95×100

Sun. – Singles – 67 shooters

Class AA        Art Peyton                 Alberta           100×100

Class A          Casey Firestone       Bozeman       100×100

Class B          Mike Ramos              Missoula        97×100

Class C          Jim Jones                  Butte               97×100

Class D          Tonya Kent               Manhattan     96×100

Veteran          Bill Forrester              Dillon             100×100

Junior             Hayden Sowa           Black Eagle   92×100

Lady               Diane Peyton            Alberta           97×100

NS                  Matt Enrooth             Butte               96×100

Handicap – 62 shooters

 Champion     Rodney Disbrow      Bozeman       99×100

19-21 Yd.       Mike Ramos              Missoula        92×100

22-24 Yd.       Kermit Chica             Kalispell         96×100

25-27 Yd.       Tim Cassidy              Butte               97×100

Sun. – Doubles –  43 shooters

Champion     Dan Vogel                 Ballantine      99×100

Class A          Art Peyton                 Alberta           96×100

Class B          Rodney Disbrow      Bozeman       94×100

Class C          Mike Ramos              Missoula        90×100

Class D          Skip Streett                Alberton         79×100  s.o. 16

 ‘300’ Doubles

Art Peyton                             Ballantine                  289×300

‘300’ Copper City Champion Sunday

Art Peyton                             Alberta                       290×300

HOA Champion

Rodney Disbrow                  Bozeman                   673×700

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