Foley named executive director of Butte Sports Hall of Fame

Foley named executive director of Butte Sports Hall of Fame

Longtime Butte sportswriter Bill Foley has been named the executive director of the Butte Sports Hall of Fame.

The 42-year-old Foley takes the helm as the Hall of Fame readies for the 2017 induction next June. That will mark the 30th anniversary of the inaugural Hall of Fame class.

“I am honored to be selected to lead an organization that recognizes the greatness of athletes in the Mining City,” Foley said. “I enter the job with no personal agendas or pretense. My No. 1 goal is to see that the Butte Sports Hall of Fame fulfills the dream of Pat Kearney, and that is to make sure the Hall is around to honor Butte sports legends for generations to come.”

Kearney, a co-founder and chairman of the Butte Sports Hall of Fame, passed away in October 2014.

“Pat was a colleague and a friend,” Foley said. “I know how much the Hall of Fame meant to him, and it means that much to me.”

After Kearney’s passing, Jim Michelotti and Jim McCarthy led the efforts to present the 2015 Hall of Fame Class. Michelotti and McCarthy will mentor Foley through the 2017 nomination and induction processes.

“With Mr. Michelotti and Mr. McCarthy and an unbelievable Hall of Fame election committee, I know I move into the position with a strong supporting cast,” Foley said. “It is assuring to have so many great people standing by my side.”

The Butte Sports Hall of Fame election committee is currently made up of Mare Bartholomew, Paul Culter, Cheri Delaney, Mick Delaney, Anna Fabatz, Jim Fabatz, Pat Fleming, Don Foley, Jeff Hartwick, Perry Hawbaker, Deanna “D.J.” Johnson, Bill O’Leary, Matt Paul, Don Peoples Sr., Don “Moose” Petritz, Chuck Richards, Pat Ryan, Mike Thatcher, Eddie Walker, Ron Ygnatowiz, Michelotti and McCarthy.

Bill Foley has covered sports in the Mining City for 18 years, with the first 14 coming at The Montana Standard. In May of 2012, Foley he began working for Butte Broadcasting, which owns the radio station KBOW, among others. At Butte Broadcasting, Foley helped launch ButteSports.com. He serves as editor, writer and photographer for the website.

Foley attended both high school in the Mining City. He transferred from Butte Central to Butte High before his junior year, and he graduated from Butte High in 1993. After attending Montana Tech for one school year, he graduated from the University of Montana with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in political science in 1997.

Foley began covering sports in Butte and Southwestern Montana for the Standard in 1998. He won numerous writing awards at the paper, including the Montana Newspaper Association Better Newspaper Award for Best Sports Story in 2007. He also won multiple awards for writing sports columns.

Foley will continue to work for Butte Broadcasting, where he is part of the morning team with Paul Panisko on KBOW each weekday. He will also continue to oversee ButteSports.com. His weekly sports column will also continue to run on the website as well as in The Butte Weekly.

Foley and his wife, Kim, have three children, Delaney, Grady and Maizee.

A social will be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Metals Sports Bar and Grill to introduce Foley to Hall of Fame members, committee members, the public and media.

Foley and members of the Butte Sports Hall of Fame election committee will also appear on KBOW Overtime, a sports radio show broadcast from the Coaches Corner at Metals from 7 to 9 p.m. each Wednesday. 4 comments

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  • mark parvinen
    June 21, 2016, 9:32 am

    Congratulations, Bill! Definitely the right man for the job!

  • Tom O'Neill
    June 21, 2016, 2:13 pm

    Definitely a great choice. Congratulations, Bill!

  • Joseph Markovich
    August 22, 2018, 7:49 am

    Dear Bill: I would please like to nominate three Butte athletes in their own right as well as their teams. Chris Milodragovich,you have a resume for Mr Milodragovich ‘s sports accomplishments. Milo had to be in the top five all around athletes at Butte High School,he was one tough son of a gun. I don’t know of any other Butte football player to graduate and serve his country as a jet pilot f-15 from Air Force Academy. Graduated with academic honors, Very impressive credentials .He passed away being exposed to agent Orange during the Vietnam War.Barbara Milo inadvertently left out his track triple jump fifth place during his sophomore year 1970.. My second nominee is Marko Stanicich, he was another top five all-around athlete at Butte High School. I don’t have a resume to credit his accomplishments, I know he long jumped 22’ 10", won State event, won the pole vault and the high hurdles, placed in the 100 yd dash probably ran the relays in the 1958 State track meet. First Team all-state fullback and linebacker for the Bulldogs. All-state basketball in 1957 AA State Championship and 1958 ,I am not sure if they won the State AA or got second place.Bill i would be honored to attempt to do a resume for Marko, please let me know what the protocol is for being nominated to the Hall of Fame.My last nominee is Melina Douglas for racquetball women’s open division. She played for the singles open championship several times unsuccessfully, she never started playing racquetball until her early 30s . She did win the state women’s doubles with Jandy May from Bozeman.Melina was I believe the first women from Butte,Mt to start women’s racquetball in the Mining City with a lot of success. She started playing racquetball competition open division in the late 70s and early to late 1980s. There wasn’t much female competitors, so most of the time she beat male players ,ask Ace Kovacich he was a victim of Melina Douglas and many more guys were defeated if they would admit to it,but that’s how she rose to the elete in the women’s open division.I would be more than happy to provide a more detailed resume for her. I would like to point out about separating athletes and coaches instead of combining them both together. Maybe have classifications for each category,just an idea I threw out there Bill. Thanks for your time and consideration.Respectfully Joseph Markovich

  • Jenifer Renz
    September 23, 2019, 7:43 pm

    Hello, my grandfather Robert Renz played for Butte many years ago. I was trying to go through your archives to find information about him. He is no where to be found in your archives. How far back do you guys go? I wanted to look up possible stories about my grandfather. Please let me know how I could look into it. Thank you


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