Federal Better Homes Org. wins trap title in shootout

Federal Better Homes Org. wins trap title in shootout

The Butte Trap Club’s fall league team title came down to a shootout under the lights and in the rain.

Federal Better Homes Org. walked away with the team scratch title, topping Cooney’s Locksmith and Arc Electric in the shootout. The three teams tied atop the league standings at 1,072.

The championship team was made up of Jake Taverna, Jeff Ault, Mel Keininger, Roger Terry and Chris Anderson.

Tim Cassidy won the “high individual” award after breaking 282 out of 300 targets on the season. Jake Ault was runner up at 276. Brandon Lyons topped the junior field, while Colleen Fink was the top female shooter.

Butte Trap Club – 2017 Fall League – Week 6 Final Standings

Final Team Handicap Standings

Class A

Federal Better Homes Org.                    –         1115

Arc Electric                                           –         1103

Baker Auto                                            –         1089

Class B

Cooney’s Locksmith                              –         1126

State Farm/Lisac’s                                –         1107

Lisac’s Tri Stop & Casino                       –         1091

Vu Villa/Lockmer Plumbing                     –         1080

Archibald Co.                              –         1073

Class C

Jeffery Contracting                                –         1097

Maloney’s/Treasure Chest                     –         1096

12 G Girls/ProBuild                                –         903

Final Team Scratch Standings

Federal Better Homes Org.                    –         1072  18 – 19 s.o.

Cooney’s Locksmith                              –         1072  16 s.o.

Arc Electric                                           –         1072  18 – 15 s.o.

Baker Auto                                            –         1043

Lisac’s Tri Stop & Casino                       –         1008

Jim Lynch State Farm/Lisac’s                –         1007

Vu Villa/Lockmer Plumbing                     –         992

Maloneys/Treasure Chest                      –         991

Archibald Co.                              –         971

Jeffery Contracting                                –         971

12 G Girls/ProBuild                                –         666

High Individual Scores

Short Yardage 19-21

Mike Krzan                       –         47×50

Charlie Brozovich              –         47×50

Mark Jeffery                     –         44×50

Mid Yardage 22-24

Brandon Lyons                  –         46×50

Mark Moline                      –         44×50

Kevin Zimpel                     –         36×50

Long Yardage 25-27

Al Peterson                       –         47×50

Mel Keininger                    –         44×50

Alex Schneider                  –         44×50

Dan Rademacher              –         43×50

Al Peterson                       –         45×50

Federal Better Homes Org won the Scratch standings with a 1072×1200 total plus 37 in a shootoff.  FBHO team members include; Jake Taverna, Jeff Ault, Mel Keininger, Roger Terry and Chris Andersen.

FBHO won the Class A Handicap category with a 1115×1200 tally.

Cooney’s Locksmith won the Class B division handicap trophy with a 1126×1200 score.  Team members are; Bill White, Scott White, Justin Lerum, Jerry McLaughlin and Bob Edwards.

 Jeffery Contracting won the Class C division handicap trophy with a 1097×1200 score.  Team members are; John Jeffery, Mark Jeffery, Ed Graham, Louie Sutey, and Skip Verworn.

Tim Cassidy won the High Individual award breaking a total of 282×300 targets.  Jake Ault won the runner-up category with a 276×300 score.

Brandon Lyons won the High Junior shooter award and Colleen Fink won the High Lady Shooter.

Billy Bob White won the first Annie Oakley with Skip Verworn finishing 2nd followed by Brandon Lyons.

 Skip Verworn won the 2nd Annie Oakley with Jerry Vercella 2nd and Billy Bob White finishing 3rd.

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