Butte High, BC fans asked to wear blue for Dr. Sorini

Purple and Maroon will meet Thursday night at the Butte Civic Center when Butte High plays Butte Central in a boys-girls basketball doubleheader.

Fans, however, are asked to forgo their school colors and wear blue to the game in honor of the late Dr. Peter Sorini, a beloved neurosurgeon in Butte and Anaconda.

Dr. Sorini died Monday night after battling brain cancer for more than a year. He was 56.

During his fight, Dr. Sorini served as an inspiration the community with his courage and dignity. That was expected from a doctor who was a heroic figure long before his fight with cancer.

As a colonel in the Army Reserves, Dr. Sorini served multiple tours overseas where he operated on troops injured in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dr. Sorini is survived by his wife and three daughters. His daughter Bella is a member of the Butte Central basketball team. 1 comment

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1 Comment

  • FMacD
    February 10, 2016, 11:19 am

    Pete was zoned in as a youngster in High School as to what he
    was going to do with his life.And he became the Best of the Best
    its ironic in a way that having saved hundreds of lives,their
    wasn’t one who could save his. I would hope the Bulldog and Maroon
    fans would give one last salute to a proud Buttite by wearing blue in
    his honor and filling up the Civic center come Thursday


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