East, West do battle in Butte Central mat mixer

East, West do battle in Butte Central mat mixer

By Bruce Sayler

One wrestler working his way through three junior varsity bouts was Butte Central’s on-the-mat contribution to its own high school wrestling mixer Thursday evening in the Maroon Activities Center.

The main good, though, of the competition was for the other invitees as simply a place to meet. Lewistown, Havre, Hamilton and Corvallis put entries in the mixer before moving on to meets in Butte (The Mining City Duals Jim Street Classic), Superior and Whitehall this weekend.

“I think it was a pretty good little mixer,” Butte Central head coach Robin Moodry said. “The way they set it up, I think the kids got to see who they wanted to see through the state. We had three (Class A) teams from the West and two from the East here and sometimes, it’s hard for the teams from the East to see the teams from the West — and vice versa.”

One of the teams from the West was a mite shallow.

Junior heavyweight John Crossman has been waiting a seemingly tortuous amount of time to be gain his Butte Central eligibility for sports competition after transferring from Butte High earlier in the year. His 90-day waiting period will be over in mid-January.

The ineligibility prevents Crossman from wrestling varsity matches, like it kept him on the varsity sidelines in football. He can, however, vie as a junior varsity contestant. He played football in subvarsity games and now wrestles in junior varsity bouts.

Another wrestler for the Maroons, Braden Thomas, is also awaiting eligibility clearance and transferred from Butte High.

“I was happy with the way Johnny Crossman wrestled,” Moodry said after his soon-to-be varsity heavyweight scored two wins by pin after losing one in the mixer. “He’s improving, That’s what the year’s about — steady improvement. He wrestled much improved from the Havre tournament (last week).”

Crossman began his Thursday night series with a loss in 2 minutes, 36 seconds to junior Reece Buchanan. The BC wrestler owned an 8-2 command in the match before a slip while trying to turn the opponent over resulted in finding himself clamped in half-nelson. 

He atoned with half-nelsons applications for pins of 1:47 over freshman A.J. McGouldrick of Hamilton and 1:39 of freshman Cole Adams of Havre junior varsity lineups.

Moodry said the Butte Central squad will grow a bit after the first of the year with one or more injured wrestlers hopefully being recovered enough to eventually join Crossman and, hopefully, Thomas on the active roster. He said the healing Maroons are working out at practice, but not yet cleared to wrestle.

“Hopefully, after the first of the year, we’ll have more bodies available.”

Results of the other bouts held in the Butte Central mixer follow:

Mat One, Round One

103 — Damen McCord, Lewistown, pinned Kiera Davis, Corvallis. 120 — Kanyon Stoker, Corvallis, tech. Fall  Hunter Velk, Havre, 15-0. 126 — Cody Fry, Lewistown, def. Dalton Weidow, Corvallis. 126 — Riley Pleninger, Havre, pinned Deegan Martin, Hamilton, :52. 132 — Dominic Perkins, Havre, def. Colten Loberg, Lewistown. 145 — Triston Davis, Corvallis, def. Ashton Grover, Lewistown. 152– Kale VanKampen, Havre,  def. Liam Sutherland, Corvallis. 160 — Ethan Chavez, Corvallis, def. Jose Vaca, Hamilton. 160 — Duane Otto, Lewistown, dec. Bridger Williams, Hamilton, 4-1. 170 — Derrik Weisweaver, Corvallis, dec. Colton Frost, Hamilton, 5-0. 182 — Derrick Saltzman, Hamilton, def. Ben Holtzen, Corvallis. 285– Cadagen Wheat, Hamilton, def. Andrew Mason, Corvallis

Mat One, Round Two

113 — Jesse Anson, Hamilton, def. Kiera Davis, Corvallis. 120 — Cody Fry, def. Hunter Velk, Havre. 126 — Hannah Hurst, Hamilton, def. Dalton Weidow, Corvallis. 126 — Deegan Martin, Hamilton, def. Kason Olson, Lewistown. 132 — Dominic Perkins, Havre, def. James Wissenbach, Corvallis. 132 — Nate Davis, Corvallis, def. Colton Loberg, Lewistown. 138– Cameron Pleninger, Havre, def. Colton Picco, Lewistown. 145 — Ashton Grover, Lewistown, def. Rocky Weidow, Hamilton. 152 — Kale VanKampen, Havre, def. Kooper Harmen, Hamilton. 152 — Liam Sutherland, Corvallis, def. Ethan Cramer, Hamilton. 160 — Randy Tommerup, Havre, def. Jose Vaca, Hamilton. 160 — Duane Otto, Lewistown, def. Ethan Chavez, Corvallis. 170 — Colten Frost, Hamilton, def. Keaton Potter, Lewistown. 205 — Derrick Saltzman, Hamilton, Andrew Mason, Corvallis. 205 — Cadagen Wheat, Hamilton, def. Ben Holtzen, Corvallis.

Mat Two, Round One

113 — Jesse Anson, Hamilton, pinned Ashton Slate-Buhler, Corvallis, :49. 120 — Kason Olson, Lewistown, pinned Hannah Hurst, Hamilton, :18. 126 — Cooper Birdwell, Lewistown, pinned Jason Davis, Corvallis, 2:09. Cameron Pleninger, Havre, tech fall James Wissenbach, Corvallis, 17-1. 138 — Colton Picco, Lewistown, major dec. Nate Davis, Corvallis, 10-1. 145 — Kendall Pleninger, Havre, pinned Rocky Weidow, Hamilton, 1:20. 152 — Randy Tommerup, Havre, pinned Ethan Cramer, Hamilton. 160 — Wyatt Hanson, Havre, pinned Zach Morgan, Corvallis, 5:14. 170 — Keaton Potter, Lewistown, pinned Noah Hurst, Hamilton, :22. 170 — Cody Fisher, Hamilton, pinned Bryce Weidow, Corvallis, 5:42. 285 — Dylan Morris, Lewistown, pinned Reece Buchanon, Hamilton, 3:06.

Mat Two, Round Two

103 — Damen McCord, Lewistown, pinned Ashten Slate-Buhler, Corvallis, 1:25. 126 — Jason Davis, Corvallis, dec. Riley Pleninger, Havre. 126 — Cooper Birdwell, Lewistown, tech. fall Kanyon Stoker, Corvallis, 18-3.  138 — Triston Davis, Corvallis, pinned Kendall Pleninger, Havre, :52. 170 — Wyatt Hanson, Havre, dec. Bryce Weidow, Corvallis, 9-6. 170 — Derrik Weisweaver, Corvallis, pinned Cody Fisher, Hamilton. 

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