Dream Big Event is well… BIG hit sees over 500 Participants in 2023

Colt Anderson’s Dream Big event continues to shine and grow, it has become a tradition and the town of Butte, and the young athletes love it, it’s also only fitting that Colt was also inducted into the Montana Football Hall of Fame on Saturday.

This year registration closed in less than 2 days’ time for The Mining Cities k-8th graders. This year saw over 500 participants roll into Naranchie Stadium. It’s basically turned to a 2-day event with Music and Motorbike on Thursday night from another Butte Hero Kieth Sayers and his team he come back and always put on a fantastic show for their hometown.

Colt and his brother Luke who runs Uptop Clothing company have really made the Dream Big Event a splash here in the Mining City, accompanied by numerous volunteers, players, coaches, and fans.

Colt the former Montana Grizzly and NFL pro who played nearly a decade in the league with stints with the Vikings, Eagles, and Colts and is now a Special Teams coach for the Cincinnati Bengals, had this camp set up in 12 different stations accompanied by Multiple NFL Players and coaches to help coach up its 500 plus participants.

Colt and his crew also had a big surprise from Hometown Hero, Tommy Mellott which participants raved about! “it’s touchdown Tommy” many could be heard saying. The former Bulldog also talked about how important coach Grey’s Bulldogs were in assisting the event, stating that they really helped when needed the most.

Colt is old school, and his message always stays the same, “be a good person, work hard and good things will happen to you.”

Perhaps the greatest thing about Colt and his team, but Colt especially is that even when he was big NFL star and would come home to visit he was never to big for his hometown and his fans, you could catch him out and about and shoot the crap with him like he was just an ordinary person, he never let it go to his head and his is doing great things for the community of Butte.

Thank you, Colt, and the Dream Big Event, for making this another great year!