Crossroads Shootout donates $4,000 to Mariah’s Challenge

The 8th Annual Butte Depot Crossroads Shootout 4 on 4 full-court basketball tournament committee donated $4,000 for this year’s tournament to Mariah’s Challenge, the committee announced today.

The tournament drew a total of 38 teams, 23 which were from out of town. In eight years the tournament has fielded a total of three hundred and ninety eight teams.

In those eight years, the tournament has awarded $29,000 to Mariah’s Challenge, an organization dedicated to curbing underage drinking and drinking and driving.

Since 2008, the Mariah Daye McCarthy Scholarship Foundation has provided $232,000 in scholarships to Butte area seniors who graduate alcohol-free and agree to never get in a car with a driver who has been drinking. Mariah McCarthy was killed by an underage drunk driver in October 2007.

Leo McCarthy, Mariah’s father and the founder of Mariah’s Challenge, thanked the tournament committee for the contribution.

“Once again The Depot Crossroads Shootout volunteer staff show what ‘Butte Tough’ is,” McCarthy said. “Each year the tremendous efforts of the teams and their sponsors combined with Butte’s local businesses showcase what Mariah’s Challenge Scholarship is all about. Character, Integrity and Honesty. Butte Crossroads Shoot Out and Butte are committed to helping our youth to grow old by helping them in making good, healthy decisions and to be successful in their future endeavors.”

Tournament director Mike Bauer noted there were around 100 players that played that had college playing experience. There were also thirty referees from out of town and Butte who volunteered their time and 130 business sponsors along with many other volunteer score keepers and helpers.

Bauer said the number of teams was down from years past, but that was because they put a limit on the number of teams that could register per division. He said the date for next year’s tournament should be set by Aug. 1.

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