Crossroads Shootout called a success

Champions were crowned at the Sixth Annual Butte Depot Crossroads Shootout Sunday in Butte.

A total of 65 teams played in five gyms in the tournament that started Thursday night. Tournament director Mike Bauer said the dates for next year’s event will be announced in the next few weeks.

The proceeds from the tournament benefit Mariah’s Challenge. Bauer said he’s expecting to announce the total amount raised for the Challenge in the next few weeks.

Bauer also thanked the tournament workers and referees who volunteered their time to make the tournament a success.

Championship game scores and awards follow:

Men’s Open
VU Villa 71, Red Tiger 57
Universal Athletics MVP – Jourdain Allou, Montana State.
Baden All Stars – Carlos Taylor,  MSU; Stepen McCall,  MSU; Chad Meyers, Montana Western; Kyle Erickson, Montana Western; Matt Luedtke, Montana Western; Vince Turk, Montana Western.

Men’s B
Florence 77, Supercrew 71

Universial Atheltics MVP – Adam Greger, Montana Tech.
Baden All Stars – Ryan Hansen, Montana Western; Jake Mickelson; Keegan McCarthy; Austin Mailey, Montana Western; Bryan Bock, Montana Tech.

Men’s 30 & Over
Oasis Restaurant / Crossroads Shootout won the 30 and over three years in row. Team consisted of Mike Bauer, Jaiger Allen, Mike Schmidt, Jared Lovshin, Jeff Bellach, Jeff Riggs.
Universal Athletics MVP – Jeff Riggs – Montana State.
All Stars – Jeff Bellach, Montana Tech; Jaiger Allen, Montana Tech; Josh Keller, Montana Western; Jeff Hayes , Carroll College; Eddie Stuart.

Women’s Open
Leo McCarthy Insurance 81, RMC 52

Universal Athletics MVP – Ali Hurley, University of Montana.
Baden All Stars – Kenzie Deboer, University of Montana; Lisa Laslovich, Montana Tech; Dawn Degel, Dickinson State; Meg Ward, Briarcliff University; Brooke Zeiller, Montana Western.

District 13 99, Brooks Hanna Ford 97

Universal Athletics Women’s MVP – Kelsy Dewitt, Montana Tech.
Universal Athletics Men’s MVP – Bryan Bock, Montana Tech.
Baden All Stars – AJ Paine, Montana Tech; Bryne Hasquett, Montana Tech; Matt Ashley, Rocky Mountain College; Kelsey Lott, Rocky Mountain College

Boys High School
Bulldogs 56, Hoop School 47

Universal Athletics MVP – Peter Granger, Butte.
Baden All Stars – Cory Farstveet , Butte; Colten Billteen, Butte; Ryson Lovshin, Butte; Austin Lee, Butte.

8th – 9th Girls
Breakers 57, Southwest Ballers 45

5th – 6th Grade Girls

Hoop School 46, Montana City Thunder 10

5th – 6th Grade Boys
No champion named.