College Football Spotlight: Week 4 Games

There really is no non-conference scheduling comparison between the Pac 12 and the SEC this week. The Pac 12 members are all in conference play, which means each has a very formidable opponent to face. The SEC has some non-cons, but isn’t really taking any chances. However, Louisiana-Monroe (shouldn’t that be Maryland-Monroe?) did beat Arkansas two weeks ago and lost in OT to Auburn last week, showing that the SEC just might not be as super-duperly as fawning pollsters would have us convinced. The slate shows Tennessee playing Akron this week, Arkansas going against Rutgers and Mississippi tangling with Tulane on the non-conference ledger. Disappointing is that Alabama, which really does look like the best team in the country right now and quarterback A.J. McCarron should be a strong Heisman consideration, chose to put Florida Atlantic (Would’ve been Azusa Pacific, but ‘Bama doesn’t play West Coast games) on its schedule this year. That game is Saturday