Challeen, Armstrong second at Jug Beck

MISSOULA  — Butte High wrestlers Tommy Challeen and Bryce Armstrong placed second in the weight class at the Jug Beck Rocky Mountain Classic Saturday at Missoula Sentinel.

Challeen beat pinned Jared Dickson of Great Falls Russell in 3 minutes, 24 seconds in the semifinals of the 145-pound division. He dropped a 3-0 decision to Lewistown’s Ryan Klemp in the title match.

Armstrong topped Luke Entzel of Missoula Big Sky 3-2 in the semifinals at 152. He fell 9-4 to Jim Malone of Lewistown in the championship.

“Tommy and Bryce were just dominant,” Butte High coach Jim Bob Humphrey said. “Then they ran into studs in the championship.”

Great Falls High won the tournament with 213 points. Butte High placed 18th with 75.5. Humphrey, though, said the tournament was a successful one because young members of his banged-up team got some quality mat time.

“Our freshmen battled really well,” Humphrey said. “It won’t be long until they’re not freshmen anymore.”

The Bulldogs head to the Class AA Duals in Great Falls next week. There, Humphrey says his team expects to get a handful of injured wrestlers back in the lineup.

“It will be a different-looking team,” Humphrey said.

Team scores (abbreviations)

1, Great Falls High (GFH), 213; 2, University High (UHI), 190.5; 3, Missoula Sentinel (MSH), 171.5; 4, Lewiston (LEW), 171; 5, Bozeman (BOZ), 150.5; 6, Mead (MED), 149; 7, Coeur d’Alene (CDA), 147; 8, Central Valley (CV), 144; 9, Belgrade (BEL), 134.5; 10, Havre (HAV), 123; 11, Missoula Big Sky (MBS), 116; 12, Kalispell Glacier (GLA), 103; 13, Fergus County (FRG), 85.5; 14, Kalispell Flathead (FLT), 82.5; 15, Ronan (RON), 82; 16, Frenchtown (FTN), 79; 17, Great Falls Russell (CMR), 75; 18, Butte (BUT), 74.5; 19, Bonners Ferry (BNF), 72.5; 20, Polson (POL), 68; 21, Corvallis (COR), 48; 22, Helena High (HH), 46.5; 23, Clarkston (CLK), 43.5; 24, Columbia Falls (CFS), 43; 25, Ferris (FER), 41; 25, Libby (LIB), 41; 27, Lake City (LCT), 38; 28, Missoula Hellgate (HGT), 37; 29, Hamilton (HAM), 28; 30, Superior (SUP), 24.5; 31, Helena Capital (CAP), 10.
Individual weights
98 pounds

Semifinals – Anthony Price, CDA, pinned Tyler Meyer, GFH, 1:49; Keegan Kennelly, HAV, dec. Jake Hegel, 5-0.
Seventh place match – Cameron Swanson, FTN, dec. Dalton Port, 6-1.
Fifth place match – Jake Hegel, MSH, pinned Cody Warner, 4:24.
Third place match – Jon Conklin, MBS, pinned Tyler Meyer, 5:59.
Championship – Keegan Kennelly, HAV, dec. Anthony Price, 5-2.
105 pounds
Semifinals – Kale Evenson, BOZ, pinned Grayson Brenna, 3:15; Jarren Komac, GFH, maj. dec. Kwest Osborn, 11-0.
Seventh place match – Demetri Koures, HGT, pinned Carson Graham, 1:54.
Fifth place match – Anthony Parkin, SUP, dec. Dyan Guzman, 14-8.
Third place match – Kwest Osborn, UHI, dec. Grayson Brenna, 3-2.
Championship – Kale Evenson, BOZ, dec. Jarren Komac, 8-6.
112 pounds
Semifinals – Bryson Beard, CV, dec. Shonn Roberts, 7-2; AJ Konda, CDA, maj. dec. Dylan Stewart, 3:09.
Seventh place match – Dylan Duffalo, MSH, pinned Riley Wavra, 3:36.
Fifth place match – Tommy McMillen, GFH, dec. Dylan Stewart, 4-1.
Third place match – Cameron Sorensen, UHI, dec. Shonn Roberts, 7-0.
Championship – Bryson Beard, CV, dec. AJ Konda, 3-0.
119 pounds
Semifinals – Hunter Grover, FRG, dec. Dakota Erickson, 10-3; Kenton Evans, GFH, maj. dec. Josh Tucker, 11-0.
Seventh place match – Marshall Bowen, LEW, dec. Drew Gorringe, 8-6.
Fifth place match – Josh Tucker, BNF, pinned Dakota Erickson, 1:30.
Third place match – Carlos Quinones, POL, dec. Logan McGreevey, 7-3.
Championship – Kenton Evans, GFH, dec. Hunter Grover, 7-2.
125 pounds
Semifinals – Jarrett Degen, BEL, dec. Blake Beard, 12-9; Dylan Schulte, MSH, dec. Landon Bailey, 7-6.
Seventh place match – Trei Bulluck, FRG, pinned Drake Randall, 3:57.
Fifth place match – Silas Hopkins, BOZ, pinned Landon Bailey, default.
Third place match – Blake Beard, CV, dec. Casey Dobson, 5-1.
Championship – Jarrett Degen, BEL, maj. dec. Dylan Schulte, 22-12.
130 pounds
Semifinals – Colton Orrino, CV, dec. Justin Rodgers, 9-5; Austin Shupe, GFH, dec. Nick Wells, 7-1.
Seventh place match – Justin Conklin, MBS, pinned Jake Marr, 4:18.
Fifth place match – Nick Wells, LCT, maj. dec. Tanner Johnson, 10-1.
Third place match – Justin Rodgers, LEW, maj. dec. Ben Miller, 11-0.
Championship – Colton Orrino, CV, dec. Austin Shupe, 6-3.
135 pounds
Semifinals – Bryce Parson, LEW, tech fall Blaine Invernon, 15-0; Bryce Weatherston, BEL, dec. Lucas Mantel, 9-5.
Seventh place match – Jesse Johnson, CMR, dec. Elijah Kilborn, 3-0.
Fifth place match – Lucas Mantel, GLA, dec. Dane Frobe, 4-0.
Third place match – Blaine Invernon, BNF, maj. dec. Cody Lemons, 11-2.
Championship – Bryce Parson, LEW, maj. dec. Bryce Weatherston, 10-0.
140 pounds
Semifinals – John Kenyon, LEW, maj. dec. Kessler Leonard, 14-3; Ryan Gabel, UHI, dec. Jordan Hegel, 4-3.
Seventh place match – Cooper Ryan, HH, dec. Kaleb Mitchell, 8-7.
Fifth place match – Kessler Leonard, GFH, dec. Isiah Yates, 3-0.
Third place match – Jordan Hegel, MSH, dec. Craig Feistner, 3-0.
Championship – Ryan Gabel, UHI, dec. John Kenyon, 3-1.
145 pounds
Semifinals – Ryan Klemp, LEW, dec. Ty Johnston, 3-2; Tommy Challeen, BUT, pinned Jared Dickson, CMR, 3:24.
Seventh place match – Wyatt Lott, COR, pinned Tim Ruebush, 2:54.
Fifth place match – Keaton Sterling, BEL, pinned Alek Mitchell, default.
Third place match – Jared Dickson, CMR, dec. Ty Johnston, 2-1.
Championship – Ryan Klemp, LEW, dec. Tommy Challeen, 3-0.

152 pounds
Semifinals – Jim Malone, FRG, maj. dec. Drew Randall, 11-2; Bryce Armstrong, BUT, dec. Luke Entzel, 3-2.
Seventh place match – Nick Iavicoli, FLT, dec. Zach Kies, 8-5.
Fifth place match – Sean White, CDA, pinned Quentin Denton, default.
Third place match – Luke Entzel, MBS, dec. Drew Randall, 4-0.
Championship – Jim Malone, FRG, dec. Bryce Armstrong, 9-4.
160 pounds
Semifinals – Tyler McLean, MED, pinned Jackson Barber, 5:33; Michael Cloud, MSH, pinned John Fairbanks, 3:30.
Seventh place match – Jared Lambert, LCT, pinned Gabe Ross, default.
Fifth place match – Jackson Barber, GLA, pinned Shelby Grant, :46.
Third place match – Jacob Egley, FLT, dec. John Fairbanks, 6-5.
Championship – Tyler McLean, MED, maj. dec. Michael Cloud, 8-0.
171 pounds
Semifinals – Chandler Rogers, MED, pinned Dawson Day, 3:38; Hudson Staub, CDA, dec. Ethan Blythe, 6-0.
Seventh place match – David Anderson, FTN, dec. Jake Williams, 1-0.
Fifth place match – Randy Keesler, GFH, pinned Ethan Blythe, 4:33.
Third place match – Dawson Day, GLA, dec. Austin Stannard, 10-3.
Championship – Chandler Rodgers, MED, pinned Hudson Staub, 3:08.
189 pounds
Semifinals – Tanner Davis, CV, dec. Tanner Orndorff, 5-4; Colby Roberts, RON, dec. Grant Pattison, 5-4.
Seventh place match – Carman Krichbaum, BNF, pinned Jacob Waller, default.
Fifth place match – Keavon Buckley, BOZ, dec. Reece Baldwin, 5-2.
Third place match – Tanner Orndorff, UHI, dec. Grant Pattison, 3-1.
Championship – Tanner Davis, CV, dec. Colby Roberts, 8-2.
215 pounds
Semifinals – Mason Ju, MED, dec. Sam VanBeek, 2-1; Darby Maier, MBS, pinned Keyten Anderson, 5:08.
Seventh place match – James Weidow, COR, pinned Zach Dolezal, 1:22.
Fifth place match – Tyler Adams, HAV, dec. Keyten Anderson, 3-1.
Third place match – Andreas Geranios, GFH, dec. Sam VanBeek, 3-1.
Championship – Darby Maier, MBS, dec. Mason Ju, 5-4.
Semifinals – Jaydn Wilson, MSH, pinned Axel Bladholm, 1:39; Tate Orndorff, UHI, dec. Lane Urick, 7-5.
Seventh place match – Bryce Blumenschein, BEL, dec. Zach Dennehy, 5-1.
Fifth place match – Jordan Zuraff, FTN, dec. Axel Bladholm, 4-2.
Third place match – Josh Felecia, BOZ, pinned Lane Urick, 1:44.
Championship – Jaydn Wilson, MSH, dec. Tate Orndorff, 11-4.

98 pounds
First round – Jon Conklin, BS, pinned Ryan Knapp, 1:08; Tyler Meyer, GFH, pinned Richard Warner, :42; Jacob Gunter, Boz, pinned Blake Bowen, :56; Aaron Smith, BF, pinned Joshe Rolfe, :46; Keegan Kennelly, Hav, pinned Jordan Hughes, :57; Cameron Swanson, UHi, tech fall Korey Hickson, 16-0; Nick Swartzs, MED, pinned AJ Blackburn, Fer, 2:20. Second round – Jon Conklin, BS, pinned James Daffin, 2:27; Tyler Meyer, GFH, pinned Christian Hill, 3:00; Anthony Price, CDA, dec. Jacob Gunter, 4-3; Ryan Danielson, Gla, pinned Aaron Smith, 2:35; Keegan Kennelly, Hav, pinned Thunder Morales, 4:11; Dalton Port, CLK, tech fall Jed Cheff, 20-5; Jake Hegel, MSH, dec. Cameron Swanson, 6-2; Cody Warner, FTN, pinned Nick Swartzs, :49. Quarterfinals – Tyler Meyer, GFH, dec. Jon Conklin, 8-6; Anthony Price, CDA, pinned Ryan Danielson, 1:06; Keegan Kennelly, Hav, maj. dec. Dalton Port, 11-1; Jake Hegel, MSH, tech fall Cody Warner, 18-1.
105 pounds
First round – Grayson Brenna, Hav, maj. dec. Jace Kovalicky, 17-8; Garrett Harisson, LC, pinned Cody Heeden, 3:49; Paul Allsop, Cor, dec. Aaron Caballero, 6-5; Carson Graham, CV, pinned Ty Hieght, :24. Second round – Grayson Brenna, Hav, pinned Ryan Rowe, 2:43; Dyan Guzman, FH, dec. Tanner Benton, 7-2; Kale Evenson, Boz, pinned Garrett Harisson, 2:29; Demetri Koures, HGT, pinned Nick Moreni, 1:17; Kwest Osborn, UHi, dec. Kelly Merrick, 10-5; Anthony Parkin, Sup, dec. Paul Allsop, 4-0; Carson Graham, CV, pinned Kris Anderson, 1:40; Jarren Komac, GFH, dec. Andrew Boharski, 6-0. Quarterfinals – Grayson Brenna, Hav, pinned Dyan Guzman, 2:58; Kale Evenson, Boz, maj. dec. Demetri Koures, 10-1; Kwest Osborn, UHi, dec. Anthony Parkin, 8-5; Jarren Komac, GFH, pinned Carson Graham, 1:06.
112 pounds
First round – Shonn Roberts, CF, pinned Kaydon Queer, :24; Chris Abrego, HH, maj. dec. Chad Landers, 12-0; Gavyn Wilson, FH, dec. Tyler Ishler, 2-1; Riley Wavra, CMR, pinned Zach Price, 1:17; Ty Hendren, Lew, pinned Nate Lambert, 1:58; Cole Snyder, Ron, pinned Kyle Taylor, 5:36; Dylan Roby, Lib, dec. Triston Caye, 12-7; Matt Petrini, MED, pinned Jaeger Schnuerle, :42; Shawn Olson, HGT, maj. dec. Kenny Stockard, 15-2. Second round – Shonn Roberts, Columbia Fallos, pinned Chris Abrego, 1:01; Dylan Duffalo, MSH, pinned Gavyn Wilson, 5:15; Cameron Sorensen, UHi, maj. dec. Riley Wavra, 17-4; Bryson Beard, CV, pinned Ty Hendren, :43; Dylan Stewart, Hav, pinned Cole Snyder, :35; Tommy McMillen, GFH, pinned Dylan Roby, :35; Steven Scheffer, Ham, pinned Matt Patrini, 3:26; AJ Konda, CDA, pinned Shawn Olson, 1:56. Quarterfinals – Shonn Roberts, CF, pinned Dylan Duffalo, 2:43; Bryson Beard, CV, dec. Cameron Sorensen, 11-5; Dylan Stewart, Hav, pinned Tommy McMillen, 3:09; AJ Konda, CDA, pinned Steven Scheffer, 3:26.
119 pounds
First round – Hunter Grover, Fer, pinned Marshall Bowen, 1:05; Drew Gorringe, CDA, pinned Cory Wells, 3:00; Kyle Lubke, Ham, pinned Derek Baker, 1:59; Josh Venema, Cor, dec. Brandon Clark, 3-1; Dylan Lindsley, BS, pinned Jonathon Blanchard, 4:42; Dakota Erickson, Bel, pinned Kevin Talcott, 3:19; Kenton Evans, GFH, pinned Braxton Henningson, 1:28; Miles Terry, FH, dec. Eric Emge, 8-7; Logan McGreevey, MSH, pinned Guy Hollabaugh, 3:59; Josh Tucker, BF, pinned Alex Caldwell, 3:58; Kaleb Gravilin, CF, dec. Nate Kilborn, 6-4; Carlos Quinones, Pol, pinned Don Hume, 3:15. Second Round – Hunter Grover, Fer, dec. Drew Gorringe, 6-0; Kyle Lubke, Ham, dec. Trevar McAllister, 13-8; Josh Venema, Cor, pinned Dylan Lindsley, 1:44; Dakota Erickson, Bel, pinned Max Peterson, 3:27; Kenton Evans, GFH, pinned Miles Terry, 1:54; Zach Freeman, CLK, pinned Logan McGreevey, 5:44; Josh Tucker, BF, pinned Ian Edwards-Mysliki, :49; Carlos Quinones, Pol, pinned Kaleb Gravilin, 3:59. Quarterfinals – Hunter Grover, Fer, pinned Kyle Lubke, 5:42; Dakota Erickson, Bel, dec. Josh Venema, 4-3; Kenton Evans, GFH, pinned Zach Freeman, 1:07; Josh Tucker, BF, dec. Carlos Quinones, 8-5.
125 pounds
First round – Casey Dobson, GFH, pinned Seth McCall, 2:39; Dylan Cronkhite, dec. Jon Andres, 7-2; Gunnar Fairbrother, Cor, pinned Ryan Stenerson, 1:05; Drake Randall, Lew, maj. dec. Quinn Barber, 14-0; Taran Bennett, But, maj. dec. David Rouche, 13-5; Chase Lincoln, CDA, pinned Ethan Boniecki, 1:44; Dylan Moll, Pol, pinned Daniel DeVall, :30; Silas Hopkins, Boz, pinned Arron Guz, 1:05; Zach Crace, Lib, pinned Chase Marmon, 1:05; Trei Bulluck, Fer, dec. Coltin Cox, 2-0; Tate LeClaire, MED, pinned Jared Coogan, :47; Dylan Schulte, MSH, pinned Dylan Lewis, 1:13. Second round – Casey Dobson, GFH, maj. dec. Dylan Cronkhite, 13-3; Jarrett Degen, Bel, pinned Gunnar Fairbrother, :43; Drake Randall, Lew, pinned Taran Bennett, 1:02; Blake Beard, CV, pinned Chase Lincoln, 3:01; Landon Bailey, HH, dec. Dylan Moll, 6-1; Silas Hopkins, Boz, dec. Zach Crace, 8-3; Trei Bulluck, Fer, pinned Tate LeClaire, 3:56; Dylan Schulte, MSH, pinned Chase Rhine, 3:06. Quarterfinals – Jarrett Degen, Bel, dec. Casey Dobson, 7-4; Blake Beard, CV, dec. Drake Randall, 2-0; Landon Bailey, dec. Silas Hopkins, 7-6; Dylan Schulte, MSH, pinned Trei Bulluck, 1:30.
130 pounds
First round – Tanner Johnson, Bel, dec. David Chapman, 11-4; Ben Miller, Fer, pinned Tanner Grubb, 1:28; Robert Few, Ham, pinned Jack Lewis, 3:56; Justin Conklin, BS, pinned Kelly Eller, 1:32; Justin Rodgers, Lew, dec. Seth James, 10-9; Sam Davis, MED, dec. Jake Marr, 6-2; Kyle White, CDA, pinned Michael Ayala, 1:15; Rhett Burland, Pol, pinned Donivan Williams, 1:38; Bridger Lapierre, Sup, pinned Ty Everson, 5:29; Nick Wells, LC, maj. dec. Brennan Armstrong, 12-2. Second round – Colton Orrino, CV, pinned Tanner Johnson, 3:28; Ben Miller, Fer, maj. dec. Robert Few, 10-1; Justin Conklin, BS, pinned Chandler Paulson, :37; Justin Rodgers, Lew, maj. dec. Tyler Davis, 10-1; Austin Shupe, GFH, maj. dec. Sam Davis, 12-0; Josiah Osborne, CF, dec. Kyle White, 9-4; Rielly Smith, UHi, pinned Rhett Burland, :23; Nick Wells, LC, dec. Bridger Lapierre, 7-1. Quarterfinals – Colton Orrino, CV, pinned Ben Miller, 1:40; Justin Rodgers, Lew, dec. Justin Conklin, 10-6; Austin Shupe, pinned Josiah Osborne, 3:15; Nick Wells, LC, dec. Rielly Smith, 6-4.
135 pounds
First round – Blaine Invernon, BF, tech fall Riley Jackson, 17-2; River Sides, Sup, pinned Kaleb Ferriter, 5:52; Jesse Johnson, CMR, pinned Dylan Clark, 1:10; Cody Lemons, FTN, pinned Colton Gove, 1:06; Colton Jeffery, HH, pinned Ryan Glen, 2:56; Bryce Parson, Lew, pinned Josh Hopkins, 3:25; Lucas Mantel, Gla, pinned Gunnar Aageson, 1:43; Easton Albert, Ham, dec. Jordan Starr, 13-6; Tanner Fletcher, FH, pinned Dane Frobe, 4:24; Thad Kucera, Fer, dec. Skylar Higareda, 6-3; James Jewett, Cap, dec. Baylee Burt, 7-3; Bryce Weatherston, Bel, pinned Sam Frank, 1:38. Second round – Blaine Invernon, BF, pinned River Sides, :24; Jesse Johnson, CMR, dec. Elijah Kilborn, 5-0; Cody Lemons, FTN, pinned Jake Wilkinson, :40; Bryce Parson, Lew, pinned Colton Jeffery, :58; Lucas Mantel, Gla, pinned Easton Albert, 2:24; Brandon Dumon, Ron, dec. Tanner Fletcher, 9-2; Thad Kucera, Fer, dec. Tristin Dunn, 9-4; Bryce Weatherston, Bel, pinned James Jewett, 2:39. Quarterfinals – Blaine Invernon, BF, pinned Jesse Johnson, 2:52; Bryce Parson, Lew, pinned Cody Lemons, 4:28; Lucas Mantel, Gla, pinned Brandon Dumont, 3:07; Bryce Weatherston, Bel, tech fall Thad Kucera, 18-0.
140 pounds
First round – Sam Asay, Cap, dec. Chance Stack, 11-9; Isiah Yates, CMR, pinned Logan Reilly, 1:54; John Kenyon, Lew, pinned Chase Ramberg, 1:55; Kaleb Mitchell, Gla, pinned Josh Abel, 1:15; Jordan Hegel, MSH, pinned Kody Keenan, 1:35; Kade Branson, BS, pinned Connor Benn, 4:50; Cooper Ryan, HH, dec. Aaron Gordon, 11-6; Noah Criner, Bel, pinned Guy St. John, 1:32; Ryan Gabel, UHi, dec. Wyatt Nemec, 5-0. Second round – Kessler Leonard, GFH, pinned Sam Asay, 3:08; Isiah Yates, CMR, dec. Eric Benton, 7-1; John Kenyon, Lew, dec. Kody Pribyl, 9-5; Kaleb Mitchell, Gla, pinned Kody Wilson, 3:20; Jordan Hegel, MSH, maj. dec. Braden Dieziger, 12-2; Craig Feistner, Pol, pinned Kade Branson, :41; Cooper Ryan, tech fall Noah Criner, 16-0; Ryan Gabel, UHi, pinned Tyson Boorman, 1:33. Quarterfinals – Kessler Leonard, GFH, pinned Isiah Yates, 1:17; John Kenyon, Lew, dec. Kaleb Mitchell, 6-4; Jordan Hegel, MSH, dec. Craig Feistner, 6-0; Ryan Gabel, UHi, pinned Cooper Ryan, 1:07.
145 pounds
First round – Keaton Sterling, BEL, pinned Keon Gallagher, 3:43; Colton Johnson, CDA, pinned Sundance Lodge, 1:13; Wyatt Lott, COR, pinned Brayden Pearson, 1:05; Tommy Challeen, BUT, pinned Jack Nerison, 3:00; Riley Nielson, UHI, maj. dec. Gage Bentley, 12-2; Jared Dickson, CMR, pinned Bryan Shaffer, 1:27; Ricky Roach, LIB, maj. dec. Ethan Askam, 12-3.
Second round – Ryan Klemp, LEW, tech fall Kyle Lawson, 16-0; Keaton Sterling, BEL, pinned Josh Miller, :36; Ty Johnston, BOZ, maj. dec. Colton Johnson, 10-0; Wyatt Lott, COR, maj. dec. Elijah Ross, 13-1; Tommy Challeen, pinned Joey Jeffrey, 1:12; Tim Ruebush, CV, dec. Riley Nielson, 9-6; Jared Dickson, CMR, pinned Cody Thomas, 1:26; Alek Mitchell, GLA, pinned Ricky Roach, 3:11.
Quarterfinals – Ryan Klemp, LEW, maj. dec. Keaton Sterling, 14-1; Ty Johnston, BOZ, dec. Wyatt Lott, 3-2; Tommy Challeen, BUT, pinned Tim Ruebush, 4:53; Jared Dickson, CMR, dec. Alek Mitchell, 5-3.
152 pounds
First round – Jim Malone, FRG, pinned Zach Thompkins, :57; Brayden Schmick, FER, pinned Derek Wilkinson, 1:11; Jacob Luckey, BOZ, pinned Michael Barday, 1:40; Tanner Stupak, GLA, maj. dec. Jake Marmon, 15-4; Nick Lavicoli, FLT, dec. Anthony Skeen, 9-5; Zach Kies, MED, pinned Jared Young, 2:40; Jordan Schroeder, HAV, pinned Conner Douglas, 2:58; Addison Boyer, CAP, dec. Cody Walters, 7-6; Sean White, CDA, pinned Jordan Miller, :40; Luke Entzel, MBS, dec. David Shepard, 6-3; Garret Chapel, LIB, dec. Logan Fisher, 1-0; Ethan Cheff, HGT, dec. Walker Ferda, 10-6; Justin Harbison, MSH, pinned Morly Jessop, 4:40; Bryce Armstrong, BUT, dec. Jonathan Mandy, 10-4.
Second round – Jim Malone, FRG, tech fall Brayden Schmick, 16-0; Tanner Stupak, GLA, maj. dec. Jacob Luckey, 11-2; Nick Lavicoli, FLT, dec. Zach Kies, 7-5; Drew Randall, LEW, dec. Jordan Schroeder, 13-7; Quentin Denton, RON, pinned Addison Boyer, :54; Luke Entzel, MBS, maj. dec. Sean White, 15-4; Ethan Cheff, HGT, dec. Garret Chapel, 9-3; Bryce Armstrong, BUT, pinned Justin Harbison, 3:26.
Quarterfinals – Jim Malone, FRG, dec. Tanner Stupak, 9-6; Drew Randall, LEW, dec. Nick Lavicoli, 8-3; Luke Entzel, MBS, dec. Quentin Denton, 6-0; Bryce Armstrong, BUT, tech fall Ethan Cheff, 18-2.
160 pounds
First round – Tyler McLean, MED, pinned Devin Blythe, :40; Payton Sexe, CMR, pinned Quinn Cummings, 1:44; Gabe Ross, CDA, pinned Dakota Cornish, :39; Jackson Barber, GLA, pinned Jason Riekena, 5:07; Douglas Bertelsen, BOZ, pinned Nick Argento, 2:35; Nick Challeen, BUT, dec. Chauncye Garrigan, 10-4; Michael Cloud, MSH, pinned Josh Bowers, 5:56; Keevan Pickle, BEL, maj. dec. Jacob Burgess, 12-4; Jared Lambert, LCT, maj. dec. Tucker Jessop, 12-2; John Fairbanks, UHI, pinned JClayton Paull, 2:29; Jacob Egley, FLT, dec. JT Belcourt, 7-3.
Second round – Tyler McLean, MED, pinned Payton Sexe, 4:45; Gabe Ross, CDA, pinned Tel Motichka, 1:19; Jackson Barber, GLA, maj. dec. Douglas Bertelsen, 13-3; Shelby Grant, RON, pinned Nick Challeen, 2:26; Michael Cloud, MSH, tech fall Zach Martin, 18-3; Jared Lambert, LCT, maj. dec. Keevan Pickle, 11-3; John Fairbanks, UHI, pinned Jacob Van Dyke, :20; Jacob Egley, FLT, tech fall Doug Womack, 15-0.
Quarterfinals – Tyler McLean, MED, pinned Gabe Ross, 1:51; Jackson Barber, GLA, pinned Shelby Grant, 1:18; Michael Cloud, MSH, dec. Jared Lambert, 12-7; John Fairbanks, UHI, dec. Jacob Egley, 6-4.
171 pounds
First round – Chandler Rogers, MED, pinned Andrew Obst, :15; Jack Martinich, HGT, dec. Patrick Valentine, 10-4; Ben Hisel, CV, pinned Cody Wiers, 4:30; Dillon Beeler, CLK, dec. Lee Cannon, 3-1; Jake Williams, HAV, pinned Sam Burdette, 1:21; Aaron Waddle, MBS, pinned Travis Beck, 1:08; Josh Diaz, HH, dec. Tyler Scheffer, 11-6; Quinton Grimmage, LEW, pinned David Peterson, 1:02; David Anderson, FTN, pinned Josiah Edington, 1:30; Randy Keesler, GFH, maj. dec. Tanner Price, 11-2; Travis Brugman, CMR, dec. Treay Weed, 2-1; Hudson Staub, CDA, maj. dec. Jacob Ramey, 9-1.
Second round – Chandler Rogers, MED, pinned Jack Martinich, :27; Austin Stannard, UHI, pinned Ben Hisel, 1:52; Jake Williams, HAV, dec. Dillon Beeler, 3-1; Dawson Day, GLA, pinned Aaron Waddle, 1:17; Ethan Blythe, FRG, pinned Josh Diaz, 2:48; David Anderson, FTN, dec. Quinton Grimmage, 4-0; Randy Keesler, GFH, pinned Cameron Peterson, :31; Hudson Staub, CDA, maj. dec. Travis Brugman, 11-2.
Quarterfinals – Chandler Rogers, MED, pinned Austin Stannard, :59; Dawson Day, GLA, pinned Jake Williams, 4:30; Ethan Blythe, FRG, dec. David Anderson, 5-2; Hudson Staub, CDA, dec. Randy Keesler, 10-3.
189 pounds
First round – Jaden Bryant, BEL, pinned Mike Corrigan, 2:34; Jacob Waller, CLK, pinned Colin Hammock, 1:09; Tanner Orndorff, UHI, pinned Sam Gordon, 1:58; Nick Nordell, CMR, pinned Walker Pozzie, 5:26; Reece Baldwin, LEW, maj. dec. Conner Gordon, 10-1; Colby Roberts, RON, pinned Jarrett Guyer, 1:53; Zach Bauer, HGT, pinned Phillip Whitney, 3:21; Carman Krichbaum, BNF, pinned Donavin McElliott, 1:05; Phoenix Duncan, CDA, pinned Adam Frandsen, 3:05; Grant Pattison, HAV, pinned Shig Hilborn, HH, :38.
Second round – Tanner Davis, CV, pinned Jaden Bryant, 1:55; Jacob Waller, CLK, dec. Eric Weaver, 2-0; Tanner Orndorff, UHI, pinned Nick Nordell, :47; Reece Baldwin, LEW, pinned Mitch Stivers, 1:22; Colby Roberts, RON, pinned Kevin McLean, :31; Carman Krichbaum, BNF, pinned Zach Bauer, 4:34; Keavon Buckley, BOZ, maj. dec. Phoenix Duncan, 12-3; Grant Pattison, HAV, pinned Justis Grammer, 1:53.
Quarterfinals – Tanner Davis, CV, maj. dec. Jacob Waller, 9-1; Tanner Orndorff, UHI, pinned Reece Baldwin, 5:13; Colby Roberts, RON, pinned Carman Krichbaum, 3:40; Grant Pattison, HAV, dec. Keavon Buckley, 3-1.
215 pounds
First round – Andreas Geranios, GFH, pinned Austin Kasper, 1:12; Tyler Adams, HAV, maj. dec. Rand Pritzkau, 8-0; James Weidow, COR, pinned Wyatt Pehling, 1:35; Ryan Wozniak, HGT, pinned Michael Nutt, 5:22; Aaron Stinzi, CV, pinned Zach Brown, :55; Keyten Andersen, BOZ, pinned Skylar Poole, 2:45; Dustin Winger, CLK, pinned Johnny Walker, 2:42; Jake Regish, MSH, pinned Zach Dolezal, 4:36; Darrian Robinett, CDA, pinned William Gaspar, 5:25; Darby Maier, MBS, pinned Wade Motichkia, 1:04.
Second round – Andreas Geranios, GFH, dec. Derek Petrie, 4-2; Mason Ju, MED, dec. Tyler Adams, 3-1; James Weidow, COR, pinned Ryan Wozniak, 1:23; Sam VanBeek, BEL, dec. Aaron Stinzi, 4-3; Keyten Andersen, BOZ, pinned Dustin Winger, :18; Jake Rebish, MSH, dec. Austin Porter, 7-2; Dillon Koffman, CAP, dec. Darrian Robinett, 12-6; Darby Maier, MBS, pinned Isiah Williams, 1:04.
Quarterfinals – Mason Ju, MED, pinned Andreas Geranios, :12; Sam VanBeek, BEL, dec. James Weidow, 4-0; Keyten Anderson, BOZ, pinned Jake Rebish, :30; Darby Maier, MBS, pinned Dillon Koffman, 2:49.
First round – Burt Blaine, MED, pinned Cody Knez, 1:12; Spencer Ross, CFS, pinned Bodey Hawks, :31; Lane Urick, GFH, pinned Michael Irvine, 1:36.
Second round – Jaydn Wilson, MSH, pinned Burt Blaine, :37; Bryce Blumenschein, BEL, pinned Colter Miller, 1:57; Axel Bladholm, FLT, pinned Morris McAllister, :56; Spencer Ross, CFS, pinned Matt James, 2:18; Josh Felecia, BOZ, pinned Billy Robinson, :54; Tate Orndorff, UHI, dec. Dustin Odegard, 6-0; Zach Dennehy, GLA, pinned Jordan Zuraff, 1:28; Lane Urick, GFH, pinned Zion Dixon, :49.
Quarterfinals – Jaydn Wilson, MSH, pinned Bryce Blumenschein, :50; Axel Bladholm, FLT, maj. dec. Spencer Ross, 11-2; Tate Orndorff, UHI, dec. Josh Felecia, 3-0; Lane Urick, GFH, dec. Zach Dennehy, 7-5.