• All-stars can count on us0

    It was a short while back that Dale Burgman continued to contemplate the possibility while a small crowd filed out of the Butte High Gym. For as much as the rest of Montana seems to like to degrade Butte and its recent economic struggles, it sure doesn’t seem to mind letting The Mining City do

  • Mustard for the SEC-BCS bowl-loney1

    Congratulations to defending champion Alabama for landing a spot in the national BCS champ9ionship game, moving into the berth with a big victory over a presumably barely beatable Western Carolina juggernaut. Yes, that is who the Tide, uh, rolled the week they were promoted following losses by Oregon and Kansas State to actually formidable conference

  • Thank you all so very much

    Thank you all so very much5

    Ten years ago today, I quit smoking. However, I did not know that at the time. I was in a long and often sleep. It kept away the pain, which is what some very good doctors intended. A bit after midnight on this date in 2002, I lost consciousness while behind the steering wheel of

  • An improbable, yet deserving, achievement0

    What a feeling it must have been to look in the mirror Saturday morning and see a state champion Butte High Bulldog smiling back. Congratulations, guys. You earned it. The improbables added up to such a sum that a 38-36 State AA football championship game victory over Bozeman hardly seemed plausible, dream able or remotely

  • Riding out the super storm1

    An acquaintance reminded last week that a “lot of people here” have family on the East Coast and we were all anxious for word about their safety. Hurricane Sandy provided a sobering thought to accompany last week’s celebration of Butte High and Montana Tech football victories, and a day’s successes for other teams the community

  • Grandpa picked the World Series0

    I can remember only two arguments with my Grandfather Bagley, on my mother’s side. One was when I announced to him that I was going to major in journalism as a university student. He was extremely disappointed that I wasn’t intent on pursuing a profession that paid better money, which would’ve been most of the


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