• Cheering for both Wilsons0

    It seemed comical that Jeanette Wilson thought her cooked trout might not be favored by visitors and so had already stashed the plateful in the refrigerator. The fish were pulled from a nearby stream in the Park City, Utah, area and were, as it turns out, certainly prepared well by Jeanette in spite of the

  • Former Butte players still leave their mark0

    This topic would’ve sounded a little better, a little more timely a couple of weeks ago. The Red Sox and the Yankees spoiled that, though. So did the tardiness of this writer’s thinking. Back then, the American League East was a bona fide pennant race and involved the division’s top three teams — the Boston

  • Checking in with Butte’s Wilson brothers0

    Cell phone reception in the Andes from Butte probably wasn’t very good on Thursday, since most home electronic communications were out for reasons we didn’t know yet as of this writing. So, we didn’t attempt to check on the flips in Chile being done by the Butte Wilson brothers of Olympic freestyle skiing hopes. Bryon,

  • The Champ says hello

    The Champ says hello0

    I took whatever I had left in my wallet and tossed it out on the bar. It wasn’t yet noon, but I couldn’t wait in the lobby because I didn’t have enough money left to tip the bellman for stowing my bag somewhere off the floor. So, the bag was with me and I placed

  • Bailing out the Griz0

    So, the defense put forth, the reason the NCAA supposedly got part of it wrong was: “They weren’t really boosters?” An 18-month investigation by the college sports governing body of the University of Montana athletics, particularly football, into alleged wrongdoings focused much on the payment of bail money for a couple of Grizzly players. A

  • The legend grows at Naranche Stadium1

    The comments that wove through Naranche Stadium early in Saturday night’s East-West Shrine Game football showcase were a somewhat less enthusiastic than could be found in most summer evening revival tent meetings. The East, though, did own a 28-0 advantage moments into the second quarter. “I thought the West was supposed to be favored,” was


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