• The not so faraways of yesterdays1

    The indoor track on the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse floor was still a homecourt advantage for Rob Stark. Sunday found the former University of Montana athlete and Montana State University coach shaking hands and conversing with those who had entered the Bozeman venue to tour the Southwest Montana Building Industry Association trade show. “You know, I

  • B.S’n with Tony and Red in Anaconda0

    The time was late in the year so that the chilled breeze rushed out of the canyon, past the scoreboard and through the west end zone at Mitchell Stadium on an Anaconda football night. So, it could have been September, maybe even August, but likely October as the wind collected loose napkins and game program

  • A mighty scare on the Clark Fork rapids0

    Swells can rise to incredible heights on some Montana rivers during June high water time. The estimates seemed exaggerated by some of the runners through Cyr Canyon or Tarkio Gorge on the Clark Fork River as it hurried west of Missoula toward its eventual confluence with the Columbia. To view a 12-man raft trying to

  • Let’s bring back the Big 324

    Lines were so long coming out of the parking lots and the side streets where others left their cars that plenty of time existed to rehash the game. Whether you watched the game or played in it, the game was absolutely worth the conversation. All of those boys’ basketball games were that good then and

  • A sportswriter looks at 622

    It took awhile to identify the pang, maybe a month or more but in recent days it became clear. It felt like a hunger, but only higher. The little nagging hurt seemed located somewhere behind the nose and felt a lot like the ones that try to force out tears at funerals — the quiet

  • Doing the Ooga ’Nooga1

    Something to fear, or relish, depending on which side of the argument you align, about Saturday’s Iron Bowl is the possibility of an Auburn win. That such could happen is one more reason for Alabama doing the Ooga ’Nooga this year as its part of taking out some BCS/SEC insurance. A win by fourth-ranked Auburn


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