• Even ‘Western guys’ deserve a new stadium

    Even ‘Western guys’ deserve a new stadium0

    In 1999 or 2000, I covered a football game between Montana Western and Rocky Mountain College at Vigilante Field in Dillon. The game was at night because the old Montana Power Company’s TV crew was televising the game. That game sticks out because I stood in a very long line at the restroom with some

  • Don’t hate the cheating, hate the smugness

    Don’t hate the cheating, hate the smugness0

    A 10-year-old Kentucky boy named Ace Davis won his science fair by proving that Tom Brady is a cheater. His project, inspired by the fact that he’s one of the 99 percent of Americans who despises the New England Patriots and their quarterback, also got him an A. A couple of things. First, you have

  • Saints fans treading on dangerous legal precedence

    Saints fans treading on dangerous legal precedence1

    Saints fans just cannot cope with that loss. Because of one of the worse no-calls you will ever see, the Los Angeles Rams stayed alive and eventually beat New Orleans in overtime in the NFC Championship game. Saints fans are not about to just sit back and whine about the loss like other fan bases.

  • There are no ladies here

    There are no ladies here3

    Sharon Barrett is the best professor I studied under at the University of Montana School of Journalism. Even though I have not seen or spoken to her in more than 20 years, I am reminded of her lessons in reporting and writing with every story that I write. In 1981, Barrett became the first female

  • Don’t mess with karma

    Don’t mess with karma0

    By Bill Foley Just ask Philadelphia Eagles receiver Alshon Jeffery, karma can be a real son of a gun. Jeffery taunted Bears fans after Cody Parkey pulled a Ray Finkle in Chicago. Exactly one week later, Jeffery became a giant goat in the “City of Brotherly Love.” As the Eagles moved inside the New Orleans

  • Butte-Anaconda union is bad news for competition

    Butte-Anaconda union is bad news for competition1

    Butte and Anaconda kids have disliked each other for decades. When it comes to adults from the Mining City and Smelter City, however, it is a completely different story. While the Maroons and Bulldogs have had long, bitter rivalries with the Copperheads, they usually form a pretty good bond when they graduate and go to


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