• A big-time encounter on Missoula Avenue

    A big-time encounter on Missoula Avenue0

    Dougie Peoples once tagged out four runners in one play in a Little League baseball game. I saw it with my own eyes. I swear. He did it the hard way, too. It was a coach-pitch game on the Missoula Avenue North Field in Butte. Peoples, who is now a soon-to-be sophomore at Butte Central,

  • Darby School Board really dropped the ball

    Darby School Board really dropped the ball0

    For anyone who ever thought that an opinionated athlete should stick to sports, I present to you the Darby School Board. That board is made up of a bunch of real rocket scientists, if you know what I mean. These are the men and women who merely suspended a high school football coach for taking

  • The words Darby coach should have used are ‘I quit’

    The words Darby coach should have used are ‘I quit’0

    No matter how he tries to spin it, Darby football coach Jeff Snavely was not a victim of the wrong words. When the coach posted that Black Lives Matter protesters in Salt Lake City should be hanged, we knew exactly what he meant. The coach left nothing to be construed when he wrote, “They should

  • Our coaches cannot be Nancy boys

    Our coaches cannot be Nancy boys1

    Over the last few months, the name Karen has been unfairly tarnished. Every time some ornery middle-aged white woman with an “I want to speak to your manager” hair style has a public meltdown, people say, “What a Karen.” I am not sure why the name Karen was picked because most of the women I

  • Coronavirus rules are consistently inconsistent

    Coronavirus rules are consistently inconsistent0

    The Kalispell Lakers were in town to play the Butte Miners for the home team’s first American Legion Baseball games of the season on Miners Field at 3 Legends Stadium. Like it was for every game since the May 30 opener, the concession stand was closed. That is part of the safety regulations in the

  • Singing the praises of Coach (Bleep) Face

    Singing the praises of Coach (Bleep) Face0

    Butte Miners coach Jeff LeProwse has a new nickname. It is not a very nice one, but his friends cannot stop laughing about it. The new handle originated during a recent doubleheader in Helena. During the second game, while sitting on a chair outside the dugout, LeProwse heard the words “Hey (bleep) face,” coming from


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