• Get off your high horse about sign stealing

    Get off your high horse about sign stealing1

    One week before Butte High opened the 2012 football season, the Bulldogs held their annual Purple and White scrimmage at Naranche Stadium. For some reason, Butte High coach Arie Grey had a nervous suspicion someone from Great Falls Russell, Butte High’s Week 1 opponent, was in the crowd to attempt to steal the Bulldogs’ play-call

  • Friday night wrestling is ‘Bad To The Bone’

    Friday night wrestling is ‘Bad To The Bone’0

    The best part of the movie “Major League” is when Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn comes strutting in from the bullpen to face Heywood. More than 30 years and about 2,700 viewings later, the hair on the back of my neck still stands up when the first long, drawn-out note of the song “Wild Thing” by

  • Nine years later, Morrell was clearly a great choice

    Nine years later, Morrell was clearly a great choice3

    In December of 2010, Ty Gregorak came to town with a lot of fanfare. He was then a former University of Montana assistant coach who was hoping to rebuild his tarnished reputation as the head football coach at Montana Tech. Gregorak was one of two finalists to replace Bob Green, who had just retired after

  • Gutsy Butte Central fans really came to play

    Gutsy Butte Central fans really came to play0

    To this day, my favorite chant at a sporting event is “spoiled rich kids.” That is mainly because the Montana Tech student section stole the chant from a line I wrote in a column poking fun at the Carroll College fans, who called themselves the “Carroll Crazies,” about 15 years ago. During the Montana Tech-Carroll

  • NFL dumbing down again

    NFL dumbing down again0

    By Bill Foley As Troy Aikman pulled out his hair calling yet another meltdown by his beloved Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, word broke on the internet about possible simplification on coin tosses for the 2020 season. Yes, the NFL feels that flipping a coin is too complicated for the players and, more importantly, the officials.

  • A piggyback ride down the ‘family run’

    A piggyback ride down the ‘family run’0

    Following is an updated version of a column that first appeared on ButteSports.com on May 14, 2013: One of the lasting impressions I have of my cousin Jerry D’Arcy is him walking up a ski hill with his skis over his shoulder. He was shaking his head in utter disbelief. He could not believe that


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