• The true meaning of a clutch performance

    The true meaning of a clutch performance7

    When we talk about coming through in the clutch, we often talk about Tom Brady, David Ortiz or Michael Jordan. They throw the key pass, make the big hit and sink the last-second shot. We call them heroes, and they get paid enough money to buy a small country. As I watched the nurses and

  • Don’t like the new NFL? Blame a Saints fan

    Don’t like the new NFL? Blame a Saints fan0

    By Bill Foley George Washington Duke is the dirty fight promoter in the cinematic masterpiece that is Rocky V. Duke is clearly inspired by Don King, the real-life fight promoter who never even tried to hide his corruptness as he stole money (allegedly) from all of his boxers. In Rocky V, which was inexplicably snubbed

  • Now it’s time for Jake to call hinder on Darky

    Now it’s time for Jake to call hinder on Darky1

    Some days at the Elks, you could find Larry Jacobson in the handball court all by himself. Or so it appeared. A lot of players like to work on their game. They say they are “practicing” or “hitting the ball around” when there is nobody around to play. “Jake,” as everyone called him, always said

  • Let the overreactions begin

    Let the overreactions begin0

    By Bill Foley ’Tis the season for overreactions as we head into Week 2 of the NFL season. Listening to talk radio or watching ESPN is more annoying this week than at any other time of the year. Every team that won last week will go 16-0, and every team that lost will go 0-16.

  • Let the young man play

    Let the young man play1

    John Crossman worked as a referee for the first Saturday of Butte’s Little Guy Football League at Copper Mountain Park. He was all smiles and appeared to really enjoy himself as he worked with a couple of Butte Central teammates, but you would have to believe that the games reminded him of what he was

  • Aaron Rodgers finally gets his Chester the Terrier

    Aaron Rodgers finally gets his Chester the Terrier3

    By Bill Foley Remember the old Looney Tunes characters Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier? If you don’t you should go look it up on YouTube right now. Chester is a little dog who is over eager to impress is big friend, Spike. Spike has no interest in Chester at all. “Hey Spike, how


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