Camus tops Super Handicap shoot

Sixty one shooters competed at the Butte Trap Club’s Annual Super Handicap shoot.  Conditions were warm and breezy on Saturday (Aug. 25) morning but turned sunny and hot for the rest of the weekend.  More than 24,000 clay targets were fired at during the annual event with participants from Washington, Idaho and Montana.

Bill Camus of Sheridan claimed the HOA Champion trophy with a 584×600 score.  Camus was also the runner-up in Sunday’s Handicap event with a 194×200 mark and claimed the ‘300’ Champion trophy with a 290×300 tally in the two handicap events.  He also grabbed the top spot in the Saturday’s Doubles category with a 96×100 score.

Junior shooter Dale Royer of Jackson, MT managed to break a rare 100 straight in the handicap category on Saturday and grabbed the Championship hardware for his efforts.  It was Royer’s first perfect score in any event.

Scott Clutter of Great Falls broke the lone 100 straight in Saturday’s Singles event to claim the Champion trophy.  John Chor Jr. of Anaconda, Roger Andersen and John Berthelson of Idaho broke the only century marks in Sunday’s singles.  Chor won the coin flip to win the champion trophy while Andersen took the A category trophy with Bethelson forfeiting.  Chor also won the Handicap event on Sunday breaking 198×200 targets just narrowly missing the record held by Butte’s Joe Petroni of 199×200.

Other area shooters earning trophies included; Ray Brandl of Butte claiming the C Class prize in Saturday doubles with an 87×100 score and a perfect 20×20 in the shootoff.  Greyson Mandic won the junior category on Saturday’s Singles.  John MacDonald won the Singles Class C trophy on Saturday and Kohlten Fultz won the New Shooter trophy.  Dana Miller of Dewey claimed the 4th place prize in Saturday’s handicap and Vet Singles on Saturday.  John Chor Sr. of Anaconda won the Vet Singles Category on Sunday.

Here are all of the results:

Doubles – 25 Entries

Champion          Bill Camus                Sheridan                   96×100

Class A               Bill Beyl                     Bozeman                   95×100

Class B               JD Kent                      Manhattan                 91×100

Class C              Ray Brandl                Butte                           87×100 20 s.o.

over                     Jim Woodhull Sr.        Livingston                    87×100 19 s.o.

Sat. Singles – 40 Entries

Champion          Scott Clutter              Great Falls                 100×100

Class A               Roger Anderson      Iona, ID                      99×100 100×100 co

over                      Tom Kuka                   Bozeman                     99×100 97×100 co

over                     Bill Camus                   Sheridan                      99×100 99×100 co

Class B               Ray Cullinane          Challis, ID                 97×100

Class C              John  MacDonald    Butte                           93×100

Class D              Tonya Kent               Manhattan                 86×100

Junior                 Greyson Mandic       Butte                           89×100

Veteran              Dana Miller               Dewey                        99×100 25 c.o.

over                      Willie Price                  Helena                         99×100 24 c.o.

Lady                    Sharlarae Stuber     Bozeman                   96×100

Handicap – 43 Entries

Champion          Dale Royer                Jackson                     100×100

Runner-Up        Jerry Tabacco           Great Falls                 97×100 25 s.o.

3rd Place            John Berthelson      Pocatello, ID             97×100 23 so win flip

4th Place            Dana Miller               Dewey                        97×100 23 so lose flip

Sunday Singles – 36 Entries

Champion          John Chor Jr.            Anaconda                 100×100 won flip

Class A               Roger Andersen      Iona, ID                      100×100 lost flip

over                     John Berthelson          Pocatello                     100×100 forfeit

Class B               Ray Cullinane          Challis, ID                 96×100

Class C              Jo Lee Burman         Great Falls                 97×100

Class D              Sharlarae Stuber     Bozeman                   97×100

New Shooter     Kohlten Fultz                        Butte                           85×100

Veteran              John Chor Sr.           Anaconda                 99×100

Lady                    Tonya Kent               Manhattan                 97×100

Handicap – 46 Entries

Champion          John Chor Jr.            Anaconda                 198×200

Runner-Up        Bill Camus                Sheridan                   194×200

3rd Place            Steve Noland            Helena                       191×200 24,23 so

4th Place            JD Kent                      Manhattan                 191×200 24,20 s.o.

300 Champion Trophy

Bill Camus                     Sheridan                   290×300

HOA Trophy

Bill Camus                     Sheridan                   584×600