Butte wrestlers win titles in Anaconda

The Butte Wrestling Club competed in the Anaconda Smelter City Smackdown on Saturday.  The Butte Wrestling Club brought 94 competitors to the annual tournament and walked away with 10 champions and numerous other placers.

Butte Wrestling Club members taking home championships were Bridger Garrison, Bode Hazlett, Bryden Wagner, Lane Humphrey, Cody Fuller, Tre Antonioli, Keagan Gransbery, Kyle Konda, Genevieve Gasser and Chaeli Scown.

Anaconda Invitational Results for Butte Wrestling Club members
PeeWee 36A – Reveles McEwen’s place is 3rd
PeeWee 36A – Briggs Dunmire’s place is 4th
PeeWee 36A – Keegan Lince’s place is 2nd
PeeWee 36B – Lazerus McEwen’s place is 3rd
PeeWee 36B – Stone Queer’s place is 4th
PeeWee 36B – Bridger Garrison’s place is 1st
PeeWee 36B – Hunter Powers’s place is 6th
PeeWee 40A – Levi Fuller’s place is 4th
PeeWee 40A – Jack Holmes’s place is 6th
PeeWee 40B – Chase Fulton’s place is 3rd
PeeWee 40B – Bode Hazlett’s place is 1st
PeeWee 40C – Brennan Lester’s place is 5th
PeeWee 40C – Xander Mattson’s place is 4th
PeeWee 40C – Bryden Wagner’s place is 1st
PeeWee 45A – Ryder McEwen’s place is 4th
PeeWee 45B – Jordan Scown’s place is 3rd
PeeWee 45B – Jaeger Hansen’s place is 4th
PeeWee 45C – Keegan Thatcher’s place is 5th
PeeWee 45C – Kasen Okeefe’s place is 4th
PeeWee 45C – Mattie Stepan’s place is 3rd
PeeWee 50A – Kelton Berger’s place is 5th
PeeWee 50B – Lane Humphrey’s place is 1st
PeeWee 55/60 – Trapper Stajcar’s place is 2nd
PeeWee 55/60 – Bridger Brancamp’s place is 4th
PeeWee 65+ – Colt Hassler’s place is 2nd

Bantam 40 – Keltan Keane’s place is 2nd
Bantam 45A – Jacoby Baughman’s place is 6th
Bantam 45A – Miles Gasser’s place is 5th
Bantam 45A – Cashton Spolar’s place is 2nd
Bantam 45A – Damen Furthmyre’s place is 3rd
Bantam 45B – Elijah Plute’s place is 3rd
Bantam 45B – Zane Beckman’s place is 4th
Bantam 45B – Cody Fuller’s place is 1st
Bantam 45B – Connor Norman’s place is 5th
Bantam 45B – Isiahi Burch’s place is 2nd
Bantam 50A – Colby Gordon’s place is 5th
Bantam 50B – Will Stepan’s place is 2nd
Bantam 50B – Brayden Doherty’s place is 5th
Bantam 50C – Jayden Doherty’s place is 5th
Bantam 50C – Tre Antonioli’s place is 1st
Bantam 50C – Neveah Lester’s place is 6th
Bantam 55A – Samuel Akey’s place is 6th
Bantam 55B – Cayde Stajcar’s place is 4th
Bantam 55B – Burke McGruder’s place is 3rd
Bantam 55C – Kyle Kinsey’s place is 2nd
Bantam 55C – Shane Schalk’s place is 3rd
Bantam 60 – Maverick McEwen’s place is 5th
Bantam 60 – Trey Hansen’s place is 2nd
Bantam 65 – Aiden Ossello’s place is 5th
Bantam 65 – Gavin Rowe’s place is 2nd
Bantam 75 – Ethan Sweet’s place is 2nd.
Bantam 75 – Jake Bailey’s place is 5th

Intermediate 50 – Kristian Kellogg’s place is 4th
Intermediate 55 – Sean Ossello’s place is 2nd
Intermediate 60 – Gavin Vetter’s place is 5th
Intermediate 60 – Reid Whitlock’s place is 6th
Intermediate 65/70 – Irish Furthmyre’s place is 2nd
Intermediate 65/70 – Drew Humphrey’s place is 5th
Intermediate 75 – Mason Pennell’s place is 4th
Intermediate 95/103 – Soyer Mahkuk’s place is 2nd

Novice 60 – Cody Charon’s place is 5th
Novice 70 – Connor Konda’s place is 2nd
Novice 70 – Keagan Gransbery’s place is 1st
Novice 75 – Brenden Roat’s place is 3rd
Novice 75 – Cameron Cox’s place is 2nd
Novice 75 – Kody Kuenzel’s place is 5th
Novice 85 – Anthony Liva’s place is 5th
Novice 85 – Jake Humphrey’s place is 3rd
Novice 90 – Ethan Edwards’s place is 6th
Novice 95 – Christian Vetter’s place is 2nd
Novice 95 – Dominik Scown’s place is 3rd
Novice 112 – James Kinsey’s place is 3rd
Novice 120/140 – Tim Hollingsworth’s place is 3rd
Novice 120/140 – Colton McGinnis’s place is 4th

Schoolboy 112/120 – Jerek Rosenleaf’s place is 4th

Cadet 106 – Kyle Konda’s place is 1st
Cadet 126 – Tyler Ossello’s place is 2nd

Junior 138 – Kyler Smith’s place is 2nd

Girls Pee Wee 36/40/45 – Mattie Stepan’s place is 2nd
Girls Intermediate 65 – Genevieve Gasser’s place is 1st
Girls Intermediate 87 – Chaeli Scown’s place is 1st