Butte wrestlers come out on top

Nine Butte Wrestling Club members won gold medals this weekend as the local club topped the state at the Montana State AAU Folkstyle Championships at the Butte Civic Center.

The Butte Club won the 10-man competition in which coaches selected 10 wrestlers to represent their club. Butte also came out on top in the large-trophy format.

Trapper Stajcar, Trey Hansen, Irish Furthmyre, Cooper Hoffman, Quinn Sullivan, Makray Brackett, Dawson Hoerauf, Kadin Schonsberg and Lee Connon all claimed state titles in the tournament that drew nearly 1,000 competitors.

Butte wrestlers Keegan Lince, Keltan Keane, Keagan Gransbery and William Anderson took second place.

In all, the Butte Wrestling Club entered 95 wrestlers, and 36 of those placed in the top six of their respective groups.

Montana State AAU Folkstyle Championship Results for Butte Wrestling Club
Tots 55 – Trapper Stajcar’s place is 1st
Bantam 60- Trey Hansen 1st
Midget 65 – Irish Furthmyre’s place is 1st
Novice 100 – Cooper Hoffman’s place is 1st
Novice 105 – Quinn Sullivan’s place is 1st
Schoolboys 150 – Makray Brackett’s place is 1st
Schoolboys 180 – Dawson Hoerauf’s place is 1st
Cadets 152 – Kadin Schonsberg’s place is 1st
Elite 195 – Lee Cannon’s place is 1st

Tots 35 – Keegan Lince’s place is 2nd
Bantam 40 – Keltan Keane’s place is 2nd
Novice 65 – Keagan Gransbery’s place is 2nd
Cadets 145 – William Anderson’s place is 2nd
Novice 60 – Trey Whitlock’s place is 3rd
Cadets 126 – Tyler Ossello’s place is 3rd
Cadets 160 – Taran Bennett’s place is 3rd
Elite 170 – Cole Gillesie’s place is 3rd
Elite 195 – Dillon Hoerauf’s place is 3rd

Tots HWT – Colt Hassler’s place is 4th
Midget 112 – Soyer Mahkuk’s place is 4th
Novice 90 – Christian Vetter’s place is 4th
Novice 130 – Colton McGinnis’s place is 4th
Cadets 152 – Ryan Moodry’s place is 4th

Midget 60 – Gavin Vetter’s place is 5th
Novice 70 – Novice 120 – Timothy Hollingsworth’s place is 5th
Schoolboys 95 – Connor Johnson’s place is 5th
Connor Konda’s place is 5th
Cadets 113 – Kyle Konda’s place is 5th
Elite 160 – Nicholas Whalen’s place is 5th

Tots 35 – Stone Queer’s place is 6th
Tots 45 – Chase Fulton’s place is 6th
Midget 90 – Chaeli Scown’s place is 6th
Novice 60 – Kyle Hoffert’s place is 6th
Schoolboys 130 – Carl Anderson’s place is 6th
Cadets 152 – Kadon Queer’s place is 6th
Elite 145 – Conor Gillespie’s place is 6th