Butte Sports Hall of Fame

Nominations form
  • List sports in which the athlete participated and excelled. Please note all recognition in sport field that was accomplished including any records, honors and championships.

Butte Sports Hall of Fame Public Forum

After making an nomination, a public forum will be held for supporters to make a public pitch for nominees in front of the Hall of Fame selection committee. Current Hall of Fame members will vote on Old Time nominees.

Nominations can still be submitted if all of the above information is not known by person making nomination.


Athletes and coaches already nominated

The following people have been nominated for the Butte Sports Hall of Fame over the past two election cycles and do not need to be nominated again.

However, nominees can be re-nominated for the purpose of adding additional information, if necessary.

Supporters of those already nominated are also encouraged to participate in the public forum on Wednesday, Jan. 11 at the Metals Sports Bar & Grill.

2015 nominees
Terry Barkell
Tom Berg
Michelle Durkin
Paul “Duke” Edwards
Mike Ferriter
John Gibson
Jim Hope
Pete Hristou
Kelly Kingston
Henry Klobuchar
Levi Leipheimer
Mike Mahoney
Dave Manovich
John Marinovich
Lori Markovich
Rick Nadeau
Craig Padbury
Todd Paffhausen
Linda Lyons-Paull
Scott Reed
Tom Roberts
Greg Salo
Scott Salo
Ed Semansky
John Smitham
Dan Sullivan
Bryl Thompson
Christine Cuchine-Vidrich

2013 nominees
Ted Ackerman
Tony Banovich
Corey Bolton
Matt Buckley
Bob Burns
Mike Carl
Barb Cockhill
Jim Crowley
Mark DeVore
Don Douglas
Deanna Dugdale
Eric Dunmire
Jay Fagen
Scott Ferguson
Jim George
Ray Jay Johnson
Susan Kaluza
Gary Kane
Gary Keltz
Julie Leary
Chad Lembke
Paul LeProwse
Fawn Lyons
Rick Lyons
Tom McIntyre
Ron Mehrens
Chris Milodragovich
Marc Murphy
John O’Neill
Kevin Parvinen
Matt Pelletier
Mark Peterson
Joe Petroni
Pat Prednergast
Chris Rasmussen
Tom Reopell
John Ries
Leroy Romero
Kelvin Sampson
Debbie Silk
Rob Spear
Stan Stanisich
Butch Starin
Randy Street
Barry Sullivan
John Sullivan
George Tarrant
Mike Thompson
Si Timberman
Jay Vogelsang
Erine Wilson
Mary Yakawich
Ed Yeo

Following is the selection guidelines for election into the Butte Sports Hall of Fame, as written in the by-laws.

Male and female high school athletes
A person becomes eligible 15 years after high school graduation, Each high school athlete must meet at least one of the following requirements to be considered by the committee: won an individual state title, played on a state title team, selected All-State in his or her sport or set a new school record.

Head coach
A coach must be a Butte head coach winning a divisional or state championship to be considered by the committee.

Old Time (50 plus years)
Must have competed or coached 50 years ago or more. Candidate will be elected by members of the Butte Sports Hall of Fame.

A person who has made a significant contribution to Butte athletics in some way

Every candidate in the various categories that can be selected by the Butte Sports Hall of Fame Election Committee are eligible for the special category. A nominee who is a non-high school athlete must achieve a significant accomplishment in a sport to be eligible. The nominee must no longer be competing at the highest level of the sport to be eligible.