Butte runners win Frigid Digger

Butte runners Matt Choquette, Michelle Bazzanella, Conor McGee and Susan Kaluza were overall winners at the Wulfman’s Frigid Digger race Saturday in Butte.

Choquette won the long race, which was 7.3 miles, in 46 minutes, 3 seconds. Choquette also won the men’s 20-29 age group. Nathan Simons of Great Falls placed second at 48:03.

Ozzie Rosenleaf of Butte won the 30-39 men’s age group in 52:46. Butte’s Don Foley won the men’s 40-49 in 54:05, while Kyle Klicker of Philipsburg was the top runner in the men’s 50-59 in 56:46.

Butte’s Don Sunberg, the sole men’s 60-69 competitor, finished in 1:10:20.

Bazzanella won the women’s 7.3-mile race in 54:45. She also won the women’s 30-39 age group.

Butte’s Hannah Dysinger won the 20-29 women’s age group in 1:04:42. Karla Pomrenke of Butte won the 50-59 age group in 1:15:15, while Joby Rosenleaf was the lone 14-and-under competitor. She finished in an impressive 1:03:38.

Butte Central sophomore Conor McGee won the 3-mile race. McGee, who competes in cross country and basketball for the Maroons, finished the slushy, muddy course in 19:34. He also won the 15-19 age group.

Cam Haag of Sheridan won the 14-and-under boys’ group in 34:25.

Adam Cass of Butte won the 20-29 age group in 20:58, while Butte’s D.J. Crnich won the 30-39 group in 32:27.

In the 40-49 men’s group, Mark Peterson of Butte won in 20:54. Butte’s Ray Rogers won the 50-59 in 25:56, Butte’s Fred Jozovich won the 60-69 in 26:20, and Butte’s Bruce Robinson won the 70-plus group in 32:32.

In the women’s 3-mile run, Butte’s Susan Kaluza, who competed in the 50-59 age group, was the overall winner in 23:32.

Allyson Cleverly won the 14-and-under group in 28:02. Jordynn Schindler of Dillon won the 15-19 group in 29:48. Mariah Naegeli of Trout Creek won the 20-29 age group in 26:13.

Also, Butte’s Charissa Bisch won the 30-39 group in 24:43, Carrie Holland of Butte won the 40-49 in 25:38 and Sheila Franey of Butte won the 60-69 in 36:32.

Marilyn Pearson of Helena was the lone competitor in the 70-plus age group. She finished in 39:06.

The race is hosted by the Butte Puss and Moan Runners, who said the race drew a record of more than 170 runners and walkers.

The race is named in honor of Butte running legend John Wulf.

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Matt Choquette
Michelle Bazzanella
Conor McGee
Susan Kaluza
Bruce Robinson







FEMALE  OVERALL WINNER:  Susan Kaluza(Butte)-23:32


AGE 14 & under:      (1st)Allyson Cleverly(Butte)(28:02)


AGE 15-19:               (1st)Jordynn Schindler (Dillon)(29:48//(2nd)Emily Cleverly (Butte)(32:02)//(3rd)Erin Oswald (Butte)(50:02) 


AGE 20-29:               (1st)Mariah Naegeli (Trout Creek, MT)(26:13)//(2nd)Lindsay Silver (Butte)(26:58)//(3rd)Ginger Terry (Bozeman)(27:34)//

                                   (4th)Shelley Hodges (Butte)(29:13)//(5th)Casey Davis (Deer Lodge)(32:31)//(6th)Courtney Berge (Butte)(32:50)//

                                   (7th)Lindsay Cannon (Butte)(33:31//(8th)Aubrey Kersting (Butte)(33;32)//(9th)Julie Lawsen  (Butte)(37;57)//(10th)April Crowley (Butte)(47:30)//(11th)Ashly Skewes (Butte)(48:52)//

                                   (12)Jana Wilcox 9Anaconda)(51:27)


AGE 30-39:                (1st) Charissa Bisch (Butte) 24:43//(2nd)Vicky Cochran (Helena)

                                    (28:27)//(3rd)Jessica Pipinich (Butte)(29:45)//(4th)Melisa

                                    Johnson (Butte)(30:360//(5th)Dawn Rollinger (Billings)(31:52)

                                    (6th)Sherry Spear (Butte)(40:50)//(7th)Casey Giovanini (Butte)



AGE 40-49:                (1st)Carrie Holland (Butte)(25:38)//(2nd)Sierra Naegeli (Trout

                                    Creek, MT)(29:43)//(3rd)Lyla Klobucar (Silver Bow)(32:44)//

                                    (4th)Jody Parvinen (Butte)(33:47)//(5th)Suzy McClernan (Butte)



AGE 50-59:                (1st) Susan Kaluza (Butte) 23:32//(2nd)Betty Iverson (Dillon)

                                    (27:53)//(3rd)Ann Wayrynen (Butte)(31:11)//(4th)Pam Frost

                                    (Clancy)(31:50)//(5th)Cheryl Peterslie (Butte)(44:53)//

                                    (6th)Rona McOmber 9Butte) (45:31)


AGE 60-69:                (1st)Sheila Franey (Butte)(36:32)//(2nd)Charlotte McKenzie (Buxton) (37:09)//(3rd0Nancy Tuber (Helena)(37:25)


AGE 70 & Over:         (1st)Marilyn Pearson (Helena)(39:06)





3 Mile Continued (Men)



MALE OVERALL WINNER:   Conor McGee (Butte) – 19:34


Age 14 & Under:       (1st) Cam Haag (Sheridan)(34:25)//(2nd)Ty Haag (Sheridan)



Age 15-19:                  (1st) Conor McGee (Butte) (19:34)//(2nd)Robert Earhart (Butte)

                                    (22:37)//(3rd)Morgan Larson (Dillon)(23:15)//(4th)Nathan Hulet

                                    (Dillon)(23:38)//(5th)Frank Reed (Dillon)(24:50)//(6th)Seth Grant (Butte)(25:05)//(7th)Nathan Trang (Dillon)(25:20)//

                                    (8th)Josh Morgan (Dillon)(23:36)



Age 20-29:                  (1st) Adam Cass (Butte)(20:58)//(2nd)Brad Smith (Butte)(24:34)//(3rd)Kyle Parvinen (Butte)(29:36)//

                                    (4th)Marko Weitzel (Butte)(30:59)


AGE 30-39:                (1st) D.J. Crnich (Butte)(32:27)//(2nd)Kevin Mueller (Butte)(36:59)//(3rd)Andy Grinolds (Anaconda)(37:11)


AGE 40-49:                (1st) Mark Peterson (Butte)(20:54)//(2nd)Greg Campbell (Butte)(21:56)//(3rd)Mike Paterson (Helena)(25:08)//

                                    (4th)Michael Real (Whitehall)(25:17)//(5th)Tony Campeau (Butte)(25:43)//(6th)John McClernan (Butte)(27:24)//(7th)

                                    Sean Cleverly (Butte)(28:06)//(8th)Rod Viallon (Dillon)(30:02)//

                                    (9th)Grady Watts (Helena)(30:40)//(10th)Mark Phillip (Anaconda)(31:03)//(11th)Mark Parvinen 9Butte)(33:48)


AGE 50-59:                (1st)Ray Rogers (Butte)(25:56)//(2nd)Jim Ryan (Butte)(28:07)//

                                    (3rd)Earl Sholey Jr. (Butte)(29:36)//(4th)Leonard Baluski

                                    (Bozeman)(30:50)//(5th)Dan Harrington (Butte)(34:16)//(6th)

                                    Ron Carroll (Dillon)(34:49)//(7th)Ted Bury (Butte)(37:16)//

                                    (8th)Frank Fitzpatrick (Anaconda)(38:52)//(9th)Dale Grinolds

                                    (Butte0(41:02)//(10th)Jim Moyle (Butte)(45:24)


AGE 60-69:                (1st)Fred Jozovich (Butte0(26:20)//(2nd)David Mueller (Butte)

                                    (27:05)//(3rd)Don Wood (Livingston)(31:49)//(4th)Leon

                                    Shearman (Bozeman)(35:15)//(5th)Dan Mueller (Butte)(37:01)


Age 70 +:                    (1st) Bruce Robinson (Butte)(32:32)//(2nd)George Parrett (Butte)(51:46)






FEMALE OVERALL:  Michelle Gordon (Butte)–33:40

MALE OVERALL:      John Sholey (Butte) – 38:41


Female Walkers:   Michelle Gordon (Butte)/Lori Sholey (Butte)/Jill Crowley (Butte)/Moe Brophy (Butte)/Barb Brophy (Butte)/Claudine Micone (Butte)/Cathy Duhame (Butte)/Shelly Cleverly (Butte)/Cheri Meier (Butte)/Halle Oswald (Butte)/Misty Oswald (Butte)/Lisa Sholey (Butte)/robin Gammons (Butte)/Jessica Herzog (Butte)/Cathy Waldman (Butte)/Maggie Crowley (Butte)/Molly Poell (Butte)/McKenna Askin (Butte)/Briana Puyear (Anaconda)/Robyn Grinolds (Anaconda)/Jackie Hedval (Anaconda)/Ann Morani (Anaconda)/Janet Schrock (Butte)/Pat Near (Whitehall)/Channie Garrison (Butte)/Angela Garrison (Butte)/Pat Gruss (Butte)/Talli Leach (Butte)/Janet Pace (Dillon)/Kristina Uhlenkott (Butte)/Pam Ryan (Butte)/Laura Dalich (Butte)/Annie Telling (Butte)/Casey Clark (Butte)


Male Walkers:   John Sholey (Butte)/John Gordon (Butte)/Barry Brophy (Butte)/Daniel Garrison (Butte)/Ron Gryss (Butte)/Tim Ryan (Butte)/Mike Dalich (Butte)



FEMALE OVERALL WINNER:  Michelle Bazzanella–54:45


Age 14 & under:         (1st) Joby Rosenleaf (Butte)(1:03:38)


Age 20-29:                  (1st)Hannah Dysinger(Butte) 1:05:42//(2nd)Maria Ralph (Butte)(1:07:48)//(3rd)Ashley Tierney (Butte)(1:13;23)//(4th) Kylie Mondloch (Butte)(1;13;25)//(5th)Josie Daggett (Billings)(1;14:09)//(6th)Amanda Krieg (butte)(1:30:48)


Age 30-39:                  (1st) Michelle Bazzanella(Butte) 54:45//(2nd)Ashley Choquette (Butte)(1:00:51)//(3rd)Michelle Huntsman(Butte)(1:05:35)//

                                    (4th)Stephanie Haag (Sheridan)(1;09:12)//(5th)Rebecca Smith

                                    (Butte091:09;13)//(6th)Angela Welles (Butte)(1:10:19)//


7 MILE (Female Continued)



AGE 30-39:                (7th)Katie Hailer (Butte)(1;11:25)//(8th)Stella Capoccia (Butte)(1:19:18)//(9th)Tammy Sobey (Butte)(1;27:09)


AGE 50-59:                 (1st)Karla Pomrenke (Butte)(1:15:15)//(2nd)Linda Mathiason (Helena)(1:20:18)//(3rd)Paula Blessinger (Helena)(1;20:18)




MALE OVERALL WINNER:       Matt Choquette -46:03



AGE 20-29:                (1st ) Matt Choquette(Butte)(46:03)//(2nd)Nathan Simons

                                    (Great Falls)(48:03)//(3rd)Michael Calhoun (Butte)(49:03)//

                                    (4th)Tyler Condie (Butte)(50:24)//(5th)David Lawson (Butte)(52:04)//(6th)Matt Mattich (Butte)(1:07:48)//(7th)Jake McDermott 9Butte)(1:21:16)


AGE 30-39:                (1st) Ozzie Rosenleaf (Butte) (52:46)//(2nd)Jonathan Croston (Clyde Park, MT) (1:00:17)//(3rd)Richard Lopes (Great Falls)



AGE 40-49:                (1st)Don Foley(Butte) 54:05//(2nd)Lance Oswald (Butte)(55:16)//(3rd)Jay Grant  (Butte) (1;06:52)


AGE 50-59:                (1st)Kyle Klickir (Philipsburg)(56:46)//(2nd)Gary Hoar (Butte)(1:01:21)//(3rd)John Tomich (Butte)(1:02:45)//

                                    (4th)Tim Near (Whitehall)(1:04:47)//(5th)Terry Gauthier



Age 60-69:                  (1st)Don Sundberg (Butte)(1:10:20)