Butte matmen go 4-1 to open Pate Weede Invite

Butte matmen go 4-1 to open Pate Weede Invite

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Cory Johnston seemed like a very happy man Friday night.

The Butte High head wrestling coach beamed as his Bulldogs went 4-1 against stiff competition at the Pat Weede Memorial dual meet.

“It was a really great day,” Johnston said. “We’re right in the hunt.”

The Bulldogs started off the tournament with a 42-33 win over Sheridan, Wyoming, the state’s 3A champion from a year ago.

Butte then beat Douglas County, Colorado 48-34 before trouncing Campbell County, Wyoming 65-16. After a loss to Thunder Basin, the 4A Wyoming state runners up, Butte High closed the day with a 56-21 win over Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Johnston said Butte High’s lone loss came in a heck of a match.

“We were right in it the whole time,” he said.

Trey Whitlock, at 113 pounds, and Mason Christian, at 195, both went 5-0 on the day to lead the Bulldogs. Reid Whitlock (106 pounds), Maverick McEwen (138), Gavin Vetter (170) and Riley Downey (182) each went 4-1.

Karson Pumnea (126), Connor Konda (145) and Morgan McClernan (160) won three matches.

The tournament doesn’t feature a bracket like last week’s Mining City Duals/Jim Street Classic. The Bulldogs will wrestle five more duals on Saturday.

Johnston said a late change will have the Bulldogs playing Sidney, the only other Montana team invited to the tournament, instead of Powell, Wyoming. Sidney is the four-time defending Class A state championship.

“They’ve been one of the premier teams in Montana for about five years,” Johnston said. So, we’re excited.”

Butte High results follow. Complete results are on trackwrestling.com.

Butte defeated Campbell County 65-16
  • 138Maverick McEwen (Butte) over Alex Eisenbraun (Campbell County) Fall 2:57
  • 145Connor Konda (Butte) over Logan Johnson (Campbell County) Fall 3:18
  • 152Trey Hanson (Butte) over Hunter Henderson (Campbell County) Fall 1:24
  • 160Logan Ketterling (Campbell County) over Morgan McClernan (Butte) Maj 14-6
  • 170Gavin Vetter (Butte) over Wade Garrett (Campbell County) Fall 2:35
  • 182Riley Downey (Butte) over Cohen Granzer (Campbell County) Fall 1:36
  • 195Riley Downey (Butte) over Ivan Tucker (Campbell County) Fall 0:28
  • 220Cohen Grunhuvd (Butte) over Sheldon Rollo (Campbell County) Fall 1:30
  • 285Kade Schleeman (Butte) over Gabe Azure (Campbell County) Fall 2:13
  • 106Reid Whitlock (Butte) over Tayce Lake (Campbell County) Fall 2:39
  • 113Trey Whitlock (Butte) over Fischer Smith (Campbell County) Fall 0:19
  • 120Colt Welsh (Campbell County) over Kyler Raiha (Butte) Fall 1:06
  • 126Karson Pumnea (Butte) over Peyton Bachtold (Campbell County) TF 16-1
  • 132Lucas Hill (Campbell County) over Kip Pumnea (Butte) Fall 1:03
Thunder Basin defeated Butte 37-35
  • 145Jais Rose (Thunder Basin) over Connor Konda (Butte) Maj 8-0
  • 152Cael Porter (Thunder Basin) over Trey Hansen (Butte) Fall 1:47
  • 160Morgan McClernan (Butte) over Saber Sessions (Thunder Basin) Fall 4:31
  • 170Deyton Johnson (Thunder Basin) over Gavin Vetter (Butte) Fall 1:08
  • 182Riley Downey (Butte) over Garrett Toohey (Thunder Basin) Fall 4:28
  • 195Mason Christian (Butte) over Aden Jorgensen (Thunder Basin) Dec 5-4
  • 220Aidyn Mitchell (Thunder Basin) over Cohen Grunhuvd (Butte) Fall 1:10
  • 285Dylan Skillings (Thunder Basin) over Kade Schleeman (Butte) Fall 2:34
  • 106Reid Whitlock (Butte) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 113Trey Whitlock (Butte) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 120Kyler Raiha (Butte) over Lance Striefel (Thunder Basin) TF 17-2
  • 126Ashton Leegaard (Thunder Basin) over Karson Pumnea (Butte) Fall 1:17
  • 132Antonio Avila (Thunder Basin) over Kip Pumnea (Butte) Dec 9-3
  • 138Maverick McEwen (Butte) over Alex Draper (Thunder Basin) TB-1 6-5
Butte defeated Sheridan 42-33
  • 106Reid Whitlock (Butte) over Cody Inman (Sheridan) Fall 1:52
  • 113Trey Whitlock (Butte) over Zander Cleland (Sheridan) Fall 1:54
  • 120Kolten Powers (Sheridan) over Kyler Raiha (Butte) Fall 4:58
  • 126Karson Pumnea (Butte) over Bae-John Heyneman (Sheridan) Fall 3:12
  • 132Kip Pumnea (Butte) over Dylan Goss (Sheridan) Fall 1:18
  • 138Rudy Osborne (Sheridan) over Maverick McEwen (Butte) Fall 4:17
  • 145Connor Konda (Butte) over Dawson Goss (Sheridan) Fall 5:24
  • 152Dane Steel (Sheridan) over Trey Hansen (Butte) Fall 1:25
  • 160Terran Grooms (Sheridan) over Morgan McClernan (Butte) Fall 3:56
  • 170Gavin Vetter (Butte) over Kolin Custis (Sheridan) Fall 1:25
  • 182Mason Christian (Butte) over Colson Coon (Sheridan) Dec 7-6
  • 195Riley Downey (Butte) over Lukas Dregoiw (Sheridan) Dec 4-2
  • 220Jim Strobbe (Sheridan) over Cohen Grunhuvd (Butte) Fall 2:26
  • 285Chris Larson (Sheridan) over Kade Schleeman (Butte) Dec 9-3
Butte defeated Douglas High School 48-34
  • 106Tanner Johnson (Douglas High School) over Reid Whitlock (Butte) Maj 11-3
  • 113Trey Whitlock (Butte) over Blain Johnson (Douglas High School) Fall 0:48
  • 120Kyler Raiha (Butte) over Edgar Sosa (Douglas High School) Fall 1:42
  • 126Karson Pumnea (Butte) over Hunter McReynolds (Douglas High School) Fall 1:36
  • 132Kip Pumnea (Butte) over Andrew Gifford (Douglas High School) Fall 0:56
  • 138Maverick McEwen (Butte) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 145Rylan Wehr (Douglas High School) over Connor Konda (Butte) Fall 1:42
  • 152Keltan Ewing (Douglas High School) over Trey Hansen (Butte) Fall 1:42
  • 160Morgan McClernan (Butte) over Weston Needham (Douglas High School) Fall 1:24
  • 170Gavin Vetter (Butte) over Andres Sosa (Douglas High School) Fall 0:56
  • 182Mason Christian (Butte) over Gabe Lopez (Douglas High School) Fall 0:27
  • 195Kenai Bergquist (Douglas High School) over Riley Downey (Butte) Fall 1:35
  • 220Kyle Logar (Douglas High School) over Cohen Grunhuvd (Butte) Fall 0:29
  • 285Gage Iberlin (Douglas High School) over Kade Schleeman (Butte) Fall 3:05
Butte defeated Rock Springs High School 58-21
  • 106Reid Whitlock (Butte) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 113Trey Whitlock (Butte) over Eric Nelson (Rock Springs High School) Maj 11-3
  • 120Broc Fletcher (Rock Springs High School) over Kyler Raiha (Butte) Dec 10-5
  • 126Justin Henry (Rock Springs High School) over Karson Pumnea (Butte) Fall 2:40
  • 132Garret Fletcher (Rock Springs High School) over Kip Pumnea (Butte) Fall 0:32
  • 138Maverick McEwen (Butte) over Hayden Romero (Rock Springs High School) Fall 2:36
  • 145Connor Konda (Butte) over Tim Henry (Rock Springs High School) Fall 3:35
  • 152Sam Thornhill (Rock Springs High School) over Trey Hansen (Butte) Fall 2:58
  • 160Morgan McClernan (Butte) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 170Gavin Vetter (Butte) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 182Mason Christian (Butte) over Ian Dickinson (Rock Springs High School) Fall 0:45
  • 195Riley Downey (Butte) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 220Cohen Grunhuvd (Butte) over Ranger Elkins (Rock Springs High School) Fall 3:20
  • 285Kade Schleeman (Butte) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

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