Butte High’s Renz third at CMR tourney

GREAT FALLS — Butte High wrestler Levi Renz placed third in the 145-pound division at the 36th CMR Holiday Classic Saturday.

Renz beat Great Falls High’s Gage Bentley 11-7 in the third-place bout. Teammate Lee Cannon took fourth at 195 pounds, falling 3-1 to Jace Billy of Havre in his last match of the two-day tournament.

Butte High placed 16th with 69 points. Great Falls High won the tournament with 272 points. Havre was second at 230, followed by Bozeman at 181.

Bulldog Tyler Vetter took sixth at 106 pounds. He fell 10-7 to Cut Bank’s Keaton Anderson in the fifth-place match.

Tyler Casey and Bryson Henningsen also wrestled late into the day in the consolation rounds for Butte High.

Butte Central scored 20.5 points, placing 29th.

Zach Hart had BC’s best showing. He placed sixth at 138 points, falling 3-1 to Logan McGreevey of Big Sky in the fifth-place match.

Bryce Noctor and Clay Stillwagon were also wrestling late on the consolation side.

Bryan Armstrong of Anaconda placed second at 145 pounds, leading the Copperheads to 12th place with 84 points.

The tournament, which featured 42 teams, was the final action before the holiday break.

Team Scores
1. Great Falls 272.5; 2. Havre 230.5; 3. Bozeman 181.5; 4. Missoula Big Sky 151.5; 5. Forsyth 151; 6. Choteau 141; 7. Colstrip 115; 8. Belgrade 114; 9. Helena Capital 113; 10. CMR 104; 11. Harlem 100.5; 12. Anaconda 84; 13. Helena 81.5; 14. Dillon 80; 15. Cut Bank 72; 16. Butte 69; 17. Flathead 67; 18. Glacier 66; 19. Conrad 65.5; 20. Great Falls J.V. 52; 21. Cascade 46; 22. Ronan 40.5; 23. Fergus 37.5; 24. Chinook 35; 25. Laurel 29; 26. Wolf Point 26.5; 27. Glasgow 24.5; 28. CMR J.V. 21; 29. Butte Central 20.5; 30. Park 20; 31. Shelby 16; 32. Browning 15; 33. Missoula Hellgate 13; 33. (tie) Townsend 13; 35. Fort Benton 12; 35. (tie) Great Falls 3 12; 37. Big Sandy 11; 38. Chester-Joplin-Inverness 9; 39. Belt 3; 39. (tie) Heart Butte 3; 41. CMR 3 0; 41. (tie) Poplar 0

1st-2nd Place
98—Bjorn Schroeder, Bozeman, dec. Sawyer Degen, Belgrade, 12-7 OT; 106—Keegan Kennelly, Havre, dec. Jon Conklin, Missoula Big Sky, 5-4; 113—Seth Schroeck, Helena Capital, dec. Tyler Meyer, Great Falls, 9-6; 120—Jarren Komac, Great Falls, pinned Gage Currier, Colstrip, :55; 126—Tommy McMillen, Great Falls, pinned Landon Bailey, Helena, 2:44; 132—Jarrett Degen, Belgrade, dec. Thomas Gruber, Havre, 5-2; 138—Parker Filius, Havre, dec. JJ Werdal, Choteau, 6-3; 145—Luke Weber, Forsyth, dec. Bryan Armstrong, Anaconda, 11-5; 152—Brandon Weber, Forsyth, dec. Jared Dickson, CMR, 9-3; 160—Walker Ferda, Great Falls, dec. Garrett Moritz, Conrad, 4-2; 170— Chris Nile, Forsyth, dec. Luke Entzel, Missoula Big Sky, 4-3; 182—Randy Keesler, Great Falls, M-Dec Alan Schmitz, Helena Capital, 11-3; 195—Keavon Buckley, Bozeman, M-Dec Jake French, Choteau, 14-5; 220—Tyler Adams, Havre, pinned Seth Adams, Harlem, 4:08; 285—Bryce Wigert, Anaconda, Def Tucker Yates, Colstrip High School

3rd-4th Place
98—Devin Altenburg, CMR, dec. Nick Kunz, Helena Capital, 7-3; 106— Kohltin Starkel, Dillon, dec. Maestro Martinez, Wolf Point, 4-1; 113— Caleb James, Bozeman, dec. Demo Koures, Missoula Big Sky, 10-7; 120— Grayson Brenna, Havre, dec. Tate Neideregger, Chinook, 5-2; 126— Shay Snider, Harlem, pinned Colt McDaniel, Forsyth, 1:40; 132— Matt Weber, Forsyth, dec. Seth James, Bozeman, 3-0; 138—Austin Shupe, Great Falls, M-Dec Jesse Johnson, Cascade, 11-2; 145— Levi Renz, Butte, dec. Gage Bentley, Great Falls, 11-7; 152— Kessler Leonard, Great Falls, dec. Trey Stone, Choteau, 9-4; 160— Robert Jennings, Cut Bank, dec. Keevan Pickle, Belgrade, 5-4; 170— Steeler French, Choteau, dec. Cody Henderson, Great Falls, 3-2; 182— Ethan Blythe, Fergus, M-Dec Layne Durfee, Choteau, 9-0; 195—Jace Billy, Havre, dec. Lee Cannon, Butte, 3-1; 220— Eric Weaver, Great Falls, dec. Hunter Hart, Bozeman, 8-5; 285— Travis Adams, Havre, dec. Donovan Hucke, Dillon, 5-2

5th-6th Place
98—Justin Gibson, Glacier, dec. Chase DeBoo, Choteau, 7-3; 106— Keaton Anderson, Cut Bank, dec. Tyler Vetter, Butte, 10-7; 113— Clayton Currier, Colstrip, pinned Chance Snellman, Dillon, 1:18; 120—Clayton Carter, Laurel, pinned Caleb Shigley, Great Falls, J.V., 1:42; 126—Dylan Stewart, Havre, dec. Lane Torgerson, Colstrip, 6-3; 132— Teague Jones, Harlem, pinned Seth Currier, Colstrip, :48; 138— Logan McGreevey, Missoula Big Sky, dec. Zach Hart, Butte Central, 3-1; 145— Isiah Yates, CMR, dec. Brenden Johnson, Harlem, 8-4; 152— Kade Branson, Missoula Big Sky, dec. Ben Manion, Bozeman, 5-0; 160— Anthony Wright, Flathead, dec. Andrew Fabian, Bozeman, 2-1; 170— Tanner Stupack, Glacier, dec. Jake Williams, Havre, 7-5; 182— Hunter Mycke, Conrad, M-Dec Raven Cunningham, Belgrade, 12-1; 195—Payton Sexe, CMR, dec. Conner Gordon, Missoula Big Sky, 7-2; 220— Dillon Koffman, Helena Capital, pinned Zach Bauer, Missoula Hellgate, 2:29; 285— Axel Bladholm, Flathead, pinned Colter Miller, Missoula Big Sky, 3:48

Championship – Semifinals
98—Sawyer Degen, Belgrade p. Justin Gibson, Glacier, 5:50; Bjorn Schroeder, Bozeman M-Dec Nick Kunz, Helena Capital, 10-0
106—Jon Conklin, Missoula Big Sky p. Kohltin Starkel, Dillon, 5:45; Keegan Kennelly, Havre dec. Maestro Martinez, Wolf Point, 3-2
113—Tyler Meyer, Great Falls dec. Clayton Currier, Colstrip, 6-5; Seth Schroeck, Helena Capital p. Caleb James, Bozeman, 3:53
120—Jarren Komac, Great Falls p. Clayton Carter, Laurel, 4:47; Gage Currier, Colstrip dec. Grayson Brenna, Havre, 2-0
126—Tommy McMillen, Great Falls M-Dec Colt McDaniel, Forsyth, 12-2; Landon Bailey, Helena dec. Shay Snider, Harlem, 2-0
132—Thomas Gruber, Havre p. Seth Currier, Colstrip, 5:08; Jarrett Degen, Belgrade dec. Teague Jones, Harlem, 3-1
138—Parker Filius, Havre dec. Austin Shupe, Great Falls, 7-3; JJ Werdal, Choteau dec. Jesse Johnson, Cascade, 7-6
145—Luke Weber, Forsyth p. Gage Bentley, Great Falls, 5:04; Bryan Armstrong, Anaconda dec. Levi Renz, Butte, 1-0
152—Brandon Weber, Forsyth dec. Kessler Leonard, Great Falls, 8-2; Jared Dickson, CMR p. Trey Stone, Choteau, 5:22
160—Garrett Moritz, Conrad dec. Keevan Pickle, Belgrade, 4-3; Walker Ferda, Great Falls M-Dec Robert Jennings, Cut Bank, 12-3
170—Chris Nile, Forsyth dec. Tanner Stupack, Glacier, 12-8; Luke Entzel, Missoula Big Sky M-Dec Steeler French, Choteau, 11-0
182—Randy Keesler, Great Falls dec. Ethan Blythe, Fergus, 4-3; Alan Schmitz, Helena Capital dec. Raven Cunningham, Belgrade, 7-4
195—Keavon Buckley, Bozeman dec. Lee Cannon, Butte, 9-2; Jake French, Choteau dec. Jace Billy, Havre, 10-8 OT
220—Tyler Adams, Havre dec. Eric Weaver, Great Falls, 8-0; Seth Adams, Harlem dec. Dillon Koffman, Helena Capital, 6-5
285—Tucker Yates, Colstrip p. Travis Adams, Havre, 2:50; Bryce Wigert, Anaconda p. Donovan Hucke, Dillon, 4:59

Consolation – 4th round
98—Chase DeBoo, Choteau dec. Cody Devall, Flathead, 2-0; Nate Sargent, Helena Forf T Jay Osborne, Browning; Tony Roso, Cascade p. Tyler Casey, Butte, 1:14; Devin Altenburg, CMR Forf .Tate Munyon, Havre
106—Trevor Moore, Choteau p. Bryce Noctor, Butte Central, 3:51; Tyler Vetter, Butte M-Dec Adam Oja, Bozeman, 14-5; Keaton Anderson, Cut Bank p. Jimmy Smith, Belt, 2:16; Shawn O’Brien, Townsend M-Dec Gavin Martin, CMR, 12-4
113—Chance Snellman, Dillon p. Blade Massey, Great Falls J.V., 2:00; Tyler Schilling, Great Falls 3 p. Bryson Henningsen, Butte, 3:37; Logan Pleninger, Havre dec. Noah Durnell, CMR, 6-0; Demo Koures, Missoula Big Sky p. Clay Stillwagon, Butte Central, :30
120—Caleb Shigley, Great Falls J.V. p. Connor DeBruycker, Fort Benton, 1:50; Austin Gabbert, Flathead p. Kwin Stoddard, Dillon, 3:47; Cole Snyder, Ronan p. Devyn Harris, Bozeman, 1:21; Tate Neideregger, Chinook p. Jake OMalley, Helena, 1:57
126—Dylan Stewart, Havre p. Chad Landers, Fergus, 1:37; Jake Norby, Chinook dec. Kelly Taylor, Bozeman, 9-3; Ryder Day, Glacier dec. Taner Stone, Choteau, 3-0; Lane Torgerson, Colstrip dec. Jake Shawver, Glasgow, 9-3
132—Kenton Evans, Great Falls dec. Chase Rhine, Ronan, 10-5; Matt Weber, Forsyth p. Josh Brunner, Missoula Big Sky, 2:00; Seth James, Bozeman p. Morgan Koenig, Conrad, :53; Cody Decker, Glacier dec. Travis Vermulm, Cut Bank, 6-4
138—Jace Berkram, Cut Bank p. Hayden Schrull, Helena, 4:24; Zach Hart, Butte Central p. John Bell, Harlem, 2:40; Logan McGreevey, Missoula Big Sky p. Blaine Berg, Conrad, 2:13; Lyle Degen, Belgrade dec. Braden Fitzgerald, Park, 4-1
145—Kody Pribyl, Havre dec. Finn Johnston, Bozeman, 3-0; Brenden Johnson, Harlem p. CJ Snyder, Helena Capital, 4:04; Tyler Richter, Conrad dec. PJ Ayers, Fort Benton, 4-2; Isiah Yates, CMR M-Dec John Andres, Missoula Big Sky, 10-2
152—Mason Mavrinac, Anaconda dec. Austin Blaede, Colstrip, 10-6; Ben Manion, Bozeman dec. Arik Lybeck, Glacier, 6-3; Colton McElhinney, Great Falls J.V. p. Colt Pederson, Shelby, 2:33; Kade Branson, Missoula Big Sky dec. John Pepos, Cascade, 12-6
160—Brandon Bilbrey, Great Falls J.V. p. Jacob Ferkin, Glacier, 2:28; Andrew Fabian, Bozeman dec. Nick Grasseschi, CMR, 7-3; Lawrence Gannon, Cascade dec. Ronny Cullis, Ronan, 5-3; Anthony Wright, Flathead p. Joey Clark, Choteau, :41
170—Thayne Hage, Colstrip dec. Grady Blewett, Belgrade, 10-3; Jake Williams, Havre p. Lance Massey, Great Falls J.V., 2:20; Cody Henderson, Great Falls M-Dec Nick Argento, Helena Capital, 13-2; Jeremy Van Dyke, Helena p. Ethan Reich, Anaconda, 2:03
182—Layne Durfee, Choteau dec. David Hopson, Wolf Point, 6-5; Noah Danielson, CMR p. Jacob Bell, Missoula Big Sky, 2:29; Hunter Mycke, Conrad dec. Doug Bertelsen, Bozeman, 6-3; Mitchell Stivers, Flathead dec. Dustin Odegard, Havre, 7-4
195—Payton Sexe, CMR M-Dec Mateo Amatto-Cattaneo, Great Falls, 15-4; Jaden Bryant, Belgrade p. Michael Ollinger, Browning, 3:55; Parker Tezak, Dillon p. Wyatt Wickum, Chester-Joplin-Inverness, 1:57; Conner Gordon, Missoula Big Sky dec. Tanner Erickson, Helena, 8-1
220—Justin Pfiefer, Cut Bank p. Thomas Bell, Forsyth, 4:56; Hunter Hart, Bozeman Def Tyler Brewer, Missoula Big Sky; Jake Sessions, Colstrip dec. Shig Hilborn, Helena, 12-10; Zach Bauer, Missoula Hellgate dec. Travis Field, Choteau, 10-3
285—Colter Miller, Missoula Big Sky p. Che Littledog, Cut Bank, 2:20; Colten Rue-Zindell, Great Falls J.V. M-Dec Joe Clemans, Cascade, 14-1; Axel Bladholm, Flathead p. Roberto Smith, Great Falls, 4:52; Zach Dennehy, Glacier p. Trent Noel, Harlem, 2:26

Consolation – 5th round
98—Chase DeBoo, Choteau dec. Nate Sargent, Helena, 5-0; Devin Altenburg, CMR dec. Tony Roso, Cascade, 9-3
106—Tyler Vetter, Butte p. Trevor Moore, Choteau, :48; Keaton Anderson, Cut Bank p. Shawn OBrien, Townsend, :39
113—Chance Snellman, Dillon dec. Tyler Schilling, Great Falls 3, 8-2; Demo Koures, Missoula Big Sky dec. Logan Pleninger, Havre, 7-4
120—Caleb Shigley, Great Falls J.V. dec. Austin Gabbert, Flathead, 2:33; Tate Neideregger, Chinook p. Cole Snyder, Ronan, :34
126—Dylan Stewart, Havre p. Jake Norby, Chinook, 1:56; Lane Torgerson, Colstrip dec. Ryder Day, Glacier, 8-2
132—Matt Weber, Forsyth dec. Kenton Evans, Great Falls, 7-2; Seth James, Bozeman dec. Cody Decker, Glacier, 4-1
138—Zach Hart, Butte Central dec. Jace Berkram, Cut Bank, 4-0; Logan McGreevey, Missoula Big Sky p. Lyle Degen, Belgrade, :54
145—Brenden Johnson, Harlem dec. Kody Pribyl, Havre, 8-7; Isiah Yates, CMR M-Dec Tyler Richter, Conrad, 14-3
152—Ben Manion, Bozeman M-Dec Mason Mavrinac, Anaconda, 11-3; Kade Branson, Missoula Big Sky dec. Colton McElhinney, Great Falls J.V., 9-3
160—Andrew Fabian, Bozeman dec. Brandon Bilbrey, Great Falls J.V., 6-5; Anthony Wright, Flathead p. Lawrence Gannon, Cascade, 1:31
170—Jake Williams, Havre dec. Thayne Hage, Colstrip, 2-1; Cody Henderson, Great Falls p. Jeremy Van Dyke, Helena, 2:29
182—Layne Durfee, Choteau dec. Noah Danielson, CMR, 4-0; Hunter Mycke, Conrad T-Fall Mitchell Stivers, Flathead, 16-0
195—Payton Sexe, CMR p. Jaden Bryant, Belgrade, :51; Conner Gordon, Missoula Big Sky dec. Parker Tezak, Dillon, 8-2
220—Hunter Hart, Bozeman p. Justin Pfiefer, Cut Bank, 2:37; Zach Bauer, Missoula Hellgate dec. Jake Sessions, Colstrip, 7-4
285—Colter Miller, Missoula Big Sky p. Colten Rue-Zindell, Great Falls J.V., 2:22; Axel Bladholm, Flathead dec. Zach Dennehy, Glacier, 4-2

Consolation – Semifinals
98—Nick Kunz, Helena Capital dec. Chase DeBoo, Choteau, 8-6; Devin Altenburg, CMR dec. Justin Gibson, Glacier, 6-3
106—Maestro Martinez, Wolf Point T-Fall Tyler Vetter, Butte, 16-0; Kohltin Starkel, Dillon dec. Keaton Anderson, Cut Bank, 6-5
113—Caleb James, Bozeman p. Chance Snellman, Dillon, :22; Demo Koures, Missoula Big Sky p. Clayton Currier, Colstrip, 2:34
120—Grayson Brenna, Havre p. Caleb Shigley, Great Falls J.V., 2:30; Tate Neideregger, Chinook dec. Clayton Carter, Laurel, 7-1
126—Shay Snider, Harlem dec. Dylan Stewart, Havre, 9-4; Colt McDaniel, Forsyth dec. Lane Torgerson, Colstrip, 7-2
132—Matt Weber, Forsyth M-Dec Teague Jones, Harlem, 10-2; Seth James, Bozeman dec. Seth Currier, Colstrip, 8-2
138—Jesse Johnson, Cascade dec. Zach Hart, Butte Central, 7-5 OT; Austin Shupe, Great Falls dec. Logan McGreevey, Missoula Big Sky, 3-1
145—Levi Renz, Butte p. Brenden Johnson, Harlem, 2:18; Gage Bentley, Great Falls M-Dec Isiah Yates, CMR, 13-2
152—Trey Stone, Choteau M-Dec Ben Manion, Bozeman, 11-0; Kessler Leonard, Great Falls dec. Kade Branson, Missoula Big Sky, 8-6
160—Robert Jennings, Cut Bank dec. Andrew Fabian, Bozeman, 4-2; Keevan Pickle, Belgrade p. Anthony Wright, Flathead, 3:46
170—Steeler French, Choteau dec. Jake Williams, Havre, 9-4; Cody Henderson, Great Falls T-Fall Tanner Stupack, Glacier, 16-1
182—Layne Durfee, Choteau dec. Raven Cunningham, Belgrade, 4-2; Ethan Blythe, Fergus p. Hunter Mycke, Conrad, :30
195—Jace Billy, Havre dec. Payton Sexe, CMR, 10-8; Lee Cannon, Butte dec. Conner Gordon, Missoula Big Sky, 7-0
220—Hunter Hart, Bozeman dec. Dillon Koffman, Helena Capital, 2-1; Eric Weaver, Great Falls p. Zach Bauer, Missoula Hellgate, :59
285—Donovan Hucke, Dillon M-Dec Colter Miller, Missoula Big Sky, 9-1; Travis Adams, Havre p. Axel Bladholm, Flathead, 3:26