Butte High warns of scam

Once again Butte High is warning of the community of out-of-state solicitors using Butte High’s name without permission.

Following is a letter to the public from Chuck Merrifield, Butte High’s athletic director.

October 30, 2012

Valued friends, and fans of Butte High School Athletics and Activities:

We appreciate all of your enthusiastic help and financial support, and we thank you.

Out-of-state and internet businesses solicit the Butte community for advertisements in their publications.  They use the Butte High name and Butte High athletic schedules making it appear that you are supporting your Bulldogs.  This is not true.  Butte High School activities do not receive one cent of the monies paid to out-of-state vendors.

Please be aware of scams.  Be sure that your contribution will support genuine Butte Montana Bulldogs.  When our coaches or kids knock on you door or stop at your business, they will have Butte High School identification.  These letter jackets, activity cards, letterheads, promotional fliers, will clearly state that these are your Butte High Bulldogs, or Butte Athletic Council.

We want you to know how much we appreciate your support.  Just make sure your contribution goes where you want it to go.

Thank you.

Chuck Merrifield
Athletic Director




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