Butte Hall meeting tonight

The Butte Sports Hall of Fame committee will have a public hearing tonight at Metals Sports Bar in Butte.

The 6 p.m. public hearing will allow the general public to come and make a presentation on candidates that will be considered this year by the committee for the Butte Sports Hall of Fame.

The committee will be seeking testimony on candidates who graduated from one of the two high schools between 1964-1998.

Every two years new individuals and teams are elected into the local shrine that is located in the lobby of the Butte Civic Center. In the past, the committee has found the public hearings very informative in helping with the election process.

The twelve member Butte Sports Hall of Fame committee includes Jim Michelotti, Ron Ygnatowiz, Mary Crowe, Jim Fabatz, Jim McCarthy, Bob McCarthy, Eddi Walker, Jack Richardson, Mike Thatcher, Perry Hawbaker, Chuck Richards and Wilma Puich.

For more information on the Butte Sports Hall of Fame public hearing please contact chairman Pat Kearney at 490-0688.