Butte club wrestlers battle in Helena

By: Logan Parvinen

Butte’s wrestling machines kept churning in a week dominated by the high school basketball state tournaments. Young wrestlers representing the Mine Yard Dogs (MYD), Butte Wrestling Club (BWC), and Butte Central (BC) participated in the Battle at the Capital event in Helena. Butte had 76 wrestlers participating, with 12 taking home the gold. This tournament awarded those who finished in the top 4 in their weight class. The tournament did not give awards for 5th and 6th place.

Samson Rauch (MYD) took home the gold in a round-robin 6U 50 class with two decision wins. Samson’s first win came off a 10-1 major decision, with the second being an 8-3 decision win over Brexdyn Renz (BWC). Brexdyn finished in second after winning his first match by a score of 11-4.

Brooklyn Giacoletto (MYD) took first place in the Girls 6U 40/45 class after winning two matches in a round-robin format. Brooklyn’s first win came by way of pinfall, while her second win came by way of tech fall.

Elias McEwen (MYD) took home the gold in the 8U 49 class, which also saw Paden Parks (MYD) and Grant Ellingson (MYD) take home the silver and bronze. Elias went 4-0 during the event. After a first-round 15-0 tech fall, Elias pinned his next two kids, which set up a Butte vs. Butte championship round. Elias defeated Paden after a vital 9-2 decision victory. Paden finished 3-1 with two pinfalls and a 9-2 decision victory over teammate Grant. Grant finished 5-1 in the event, having to wrestle more matches than Parker and Elias. Grant had three pinfall victories, a 7-4 decision in the second round, and a 10-8 decision in the 3rd place match.

Eme Rauch (MYD) stood victorious in the Girls 8U 60/65 class. After a first-round bye, Eme would win her first match after a tough 5-1 decision. Eme would then face Aria Giacoletto (MYD) in the 1st place match, where Eme would win by pinfall. Aria would finish in 3rd place. Eme would also wrestle in the boys 8U 62 class, where she would finish 2-2 on the day, with the two losses being against Noah Hollamon (MYD) and Byrason Renz (BWC)

Noah Hollamon (MYD) struck gold in the 8U 62 class. Noah finished 3-0 on the day, starting with a bye and then a forfeit victory. Noah would win his next two matches by pinfall, which took him into the championship round. Noah would win with a 5-0 decision victory to claim gold. Brayson Renz (BWC) would claim the bronze medal after wrestling an eye-opening seven total matches with only one loss to his name. Braysons only loss was a 9-0 decision to the kid who Noah beat in the championship match. Brayson would finish with three pinfalls, one tech-fall, and two decision victories. One of Braysons decision victories was a 6-2 win over Eme Rauch.

Beau Benski (BWC) would stand atop the podium with a 1st place finish in the 8U 70/85 class. Beau finished with a 4-0 record on the day, with his first win being a clutch 7-6 decision. Beau’s successive two wins came by pinfall and then a forfeit. Beau’s day would end the way it started, with a barn-burning 3-2 decision victory. Hank Butala (BWC) would finish third in the same class after going 3-2 on the day. Hank’s day would start with a loss to Beau Benski, but Hank would bounce back with three straight decisive victories. Hank would eventually lose in the 2nd place match to the kid Beau beat in the championship.

Reid Hoffman (MYD) and Bearick McEwen would finish 1st and 2nd for the 10U 59 class. Reid would end his day 3-0. All of Reid’s wins were by decision. Reids’ first match would be an 8-0 major decision, his semifinal match would be a 6-4 decision, and the 1st place match would be a 3-2 defensive battle against Bearick. Bearick would not let the loss affect him, as he returned with a 7-3 victory in the 2nd place match. Bearicks first two wins would come by way of pinfall in under a minute.

Braydon Regan (BWC) continues to impress as he strikes gold in the 10U 105/110 class. Braydon would finish with a 3-0 record on the day. After a first-round forfeit, Braydon would pile on the points with a 16-1 tech fall win and a 13-5 decision victory in the finals.

Adalie Hazlett (BWC) would add another gold to her resume after going 2-0 in the 12U 85 class. After a first-round bye, Adalie would pick up a pinfall victory in the second round and finish with a 9-4 decision victory. Adalie finished second in the Middle School state tournament, which took place on March 4th in Lewistown.

David Honer (MYD) would dominate the Middle School 88 class after going 3-0 en route to a gold medal. All three wins would come by way of pinfalls in under a minute.

Isaac Zell (BWC) would win gold in the Middle School 100 class. Isaac finished 2-0 after an 11-2 major decision and an injury stoppage in the 1st place match.

Conner Espelin (MYD) would win the Middle School 120 class. Conner, who finished 6th at the Middle School state tournament, went 3-0. After a first-round bye, Conner started his day with a 21-second pinfall, won via forfeit in the semis, and won the championship with a 52-second pinfall.

Reid Leprowse (MYD) won the silver medal in the 8U 45 class after finishing 3-1. Reid would win his first two matches with a 15-0 tech fall and a pinfall. After losing the 1st place match, Reid would pick up a quick 31-second pinfall win for 2nd place.

Trae Hansen (MYD) finished second in the 10U 67 class. Trea would finish 2-1 on the day, with both wins coming through pinfall.

Pacee Klimpel (BWC) finished with a silver medal in the 10U 71 class. After losing his first match, Pacee would march back with four straight wins to acquire the silver. Pacee would pick up two quick pinfalls, a 16-1 tech fall (the fastest tech fall of the tournament), and a 10-8 decision in the second-place match. Blake Ellingson (MYD) would take 3rd, and Sawyer Hunt (MYD) would take 4th

Braelynn Schwartzmiller (MYD) finished 2nd place for the Girls 70/75 class. After a first-round bye, Braelynn would win her first match with a 14-second pinfall, the fastest among Butte wrestlers and the 5th fastest of the tournament. A loss in the championship meant Braelynn had to wrestle the 2nd place match. Braelynn would finish with a hard-fought win in 1 sudden death 9-7 victory.

Easton Dawes (BWC) would fight back to get a silver medal in the 12U 70 class. After a first-round loss, Easton would battle back and win four straight matches, much like his teammate Pacee Klimpel. Easton would pick up two pinfalls, a forfeit victory, and an 11-3 decision in the 2nd place match en route to a silver medal.

Maddison Brown (MYD) would finish 3rd in the 10U 56 class and 4th in the Girls 10U 50/55 class.

Aria Sherrill (BWC) would finish 3rd in the 10U Girls 60/65 after going 3-2 in the event. Four of Arias’s five matches would end up going the distance, with the one being a victory by forfeit.

Crew O’Connors (BWC) took home the bronze in the 12U 78 class. The wrecking Crew finished with a 3-1 record on the day.

Aiden Maesar (BWC) also went 3-1 on the day to take home the bronze medal in the Middle School 94 class.

The next scheduled tournament is the Montana AAU State event in Billings on March 17th – 19th.

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