Butte AA State Champ Inks to play Golf in Sunny California

By John Robbins

Golfing in the cold may be a long distant memory that Butte native Jack Prigge will soon get to experience. The Butte High stud is signing with Occidental College in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.

While the golfing in the cold may soon be a thing of the past, Jack Prigge’s state title run will remain for years to come. For those that may need a refresher let me remind you.

Jack made one of the most prolific come backs in Butte High School Golf history, he started the tournament in 3rd place after the first round and carded a -1 to move to par after day two.

Come day 3 and Jack found himself 9 strokes back of first place. He played to 3 strokes back after 15 holes and made up for the remainder of the strokes on the next two holes headed to 18 needing a birdie for the win.

He put the ball just inside 30ft of the cup and dropped a long putt for what he thought was the tournament win. The score card had other plans, after a score check determined he was actually tied with Glacier golfer and friend Tyler Avery.

They were both marching back to the course for a playoff for the State Title. Both golfers put their respective shots on the green for birdie putts, Prigge was out so he went first.

Jack sent the 15-footer to the bottom of the cup, as he waited for Avery’s shot who ended up falling just short of a second playoff. The rest is history.

I had a chance to speak with Jack earlier this week and he had this to say when asked about the college he chose. “It is a great Liberal Arts College in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, it’s a great school and I’m excited to not only get a chance to pay golf there, but to also have the chance to earn a great education while doing so.”

But that is not all folks, Jack also received the Presidential Scholarship while he attends Occidental. When asked about what motivates him his response was simple, “I am going be getting a great education for life after golf!” “I’ve been playing golf since I was a toddler but didn’t take it serious until my freshman year of high school and now the hard work had paid off.”

Jack is a very smart young man, a great golfer and an even better person. The sky is the limit Jack, Butte is proud of you! Go get em kid!




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