Bulldogs make strides in Crossover Tournament

By Bill Foley

Butte High’s volleyball team won one and dropped three at the AA East-West Crossover Tournament Saturday.

Butte High beat Great Falls High in two sets to start the jamboree-style tournament at the Richardson Gym. The Bulldogs fell in straight sets to Bozeman and Great Falls Russell before going down in a third-set tiebreaker to Gallatin.

Bulldog coach Shane Jorgensen, though, declared the day a good one for his team as it tuned up for crunch time.

“Bozeman is a good team, and then CMR of course is at the top of the league,” he said. “But we still played tough in certain games, which is good. We made some strides throughout this year, and we’re starting to come together.”

Missoula Big Sky, Missoula Sentinel and Missoula Hellgate also played in the tournament, which also used Butte High’s old gym and the Montana Tech HPER Complex.

“I’m really happy with the way they played,” Jorgensen said. “We never got down today. This is the best day we’ve had all year without having that lull.”

Mollee Conlan, Brooke McGrath, Kennadie McMahon and Ashley Olson led Butte High’s attack at the net. Jordyn Bolton was a key player at the net and the service line and setters Olivia Bolton and Katie Keller ran the Bulldog offense.

The Bulldogs also got key contributions from Teagan Kennis, Camille Kautzman, Laura Rosenlief, Joscelyn Cleveland, Ashlyn Burnett and Averie Olsen.

“The serving was awesome,” Jorgensen said. “They hit every spot we asked them to hit. Some calls didn’t go our way or we were out of position. But we’re coming around.”

The coach said all the playing time against good competition could be a springboard for the Bulldogs, who will be home next Friday and Saturday against the Kalispell Schools.

“That’s what we’re hoping for,” Jorgensen said. “I think they’re ready for the home stretch now. We’ve got seven conference matches left and then divisionals. I think we’re ready.”

Butte High def. Great Falls High 25-21, 25-19
Butte High stats
— Kills 24 (Mollee Conlan 9, Ashley Olson 7, Brooke McGrath 4, Kennadie McMahon 2, Laura Rosenleaf 1, Averie Olsen 1). Assists 23 (Katie Keller 12, Olivia Quinn 9, McMahon 1, Camille Kautzman 1). Blocks 6 (Rosenleaf 2, Olson 2, McMahon 1). Aces 5 (Conlan 2, Jordyn Bolton 2, McGrath 1). Digs 46 (McGrath 12, Bolton 12, Keller 9, Conlan 4, Quinn 4, Teagan Kennis 3, Olson 2, Joscelyn Cleveland 2).

Bozeman def. Butte High 25-13, 25-14
Butte High stats
— Kills 9 (Olson 4, Conlan 2, McGrath 2, Kennis 1). Assists 9 (Quinn 7, Keller 2). Blocks 5 (Conlan 2, Kennis 1, Rosenleaf 1, Olson 1). Aces 2 (Bolton 2). Digs 16 (McGrath 6, Quinn 3, Conlan 2, Keller 2, Bolton 1, Kautzman 1, Cleveland 1).

Great Falls Russell def. Bute High 25-17, 25-16
Butte High stats — Butte High 23 (Conlan 7, McMahon 5, Olson 4, McGrath 3, Kennis 1, Rosenleaf 1). Assists 17 (Keller 9, Quinn 8). Blocks 0. Aces 0. Digs 32 (McGrath 9, Quinn 5, Conlan 4, Bolton 4, Kennis 3, Kelle 3, Cleveland 3, Rosenleaf 1).

Gallatin def. Butte High 25-23, 19-25, 15-13
Butte High stats
— Kills 29 (McMahon 7, Conlan 6, Kennis 5, McGrath 4, Rosenleaf 3, Olson 3, Cleveland 1). Assists 26 (Keller 14, Quinn 10, Conlan 1, McMahon 1). Blocks 12 (Olson 5, McMahon 3, Rosenleaf 2, Conlan 1, McGrath 1).



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