Bulldogs Luedtke, Graham hoop Class AA All-State honors

Two Butte High basketball players received Class AA All-State recognition as honors teams were released to media this week.
Hudson Luedtke and Cadence Graham were among six Bulldogs overall to receive postseason honors in the listings. Also, Luedtke, a 6-foot-2 sophomore, shared the Western AA Conference most outstanding boy player with 5-11 Missoula Hellgate junior Easton Sant. Luedtke is a two-time All-Stater in both football and basketball.
The girls’ outstanding player award went to 5-9 Missoula Big Sky junior Kadynce Couture and 5-11 senior Chloe Larsen of Missoula Hellgate.
Luedtke and Graham, a 5-5 freshman, were both All-Conference first-team picks. Brityn Stewart, a 5-9 Butte High junior, was put on the second team. Tocher Lee, a 5-8 Bulldog junior, was All-Conference second-team on the boys’ team, and two more Bulldogs – 6-1 junior Dylan “Bobby” Bache and 6-3 senior Rueso Battermann, were accorded honorable mention.
Dylan Almquist of Helena Capital was chosen the Western AA boys’ most outstanding player on defense. Parker Link of Hellgate was selected the boys’ top sixth man. Coaches of the Year awards were presented to Maddie Keast of the Hellgate girls and Jeff Hays of the Hellgate boys.
Graham was joined on the girls’ All-State team by 6-3 senior Breanna Williams of state champion Billings Skyview, 6-0 senior Kourtney Grossman of Billings West, 5-8 sophomore Jada Davis of Bozeman Gallatin, 5-11 senior Halle Haber of Billings West, 5-10 sophomore Ave Odegard of Bozeman Gallatin, 5-9 junior Rae Smart of Billings Skyview, Couture, Larsen, 5-9 senior Emily McElmurry of Missoula Sentinel, 5-6 senior Avery Kraft of Helena High and 5-7 senior Avory DeCoite of Missoula Big Sky. Williams has signed with Maryland of the Big 10 Conference for college basketball.
Luedtke’s teammates on the Class AA boys’ All-State unit are 6-1 senior Kellen Harrison of Bozeman High, 6-5 junior Dean Blair of Great Falls C.M. Russell, 6-1 senior Jack Repscher of state champion Bozeman Gallatin, 6-1 junior Kash Embry of Bozeman High, 6-6 senior Braden Zimmer of Billings West, Sant, 6-0 junior Tevin Wetzel of Helena High, 6-4 senior Grady Walker of Missoula Sentinel, 6-3 junior Jaxan Lieberg of Helena High and 6-3 senior Cohen Kastelitz of Kalispell Glacier.
On the Western AA girls’ all-conference teams are:
First team – Couture, Larsen, Graham, McElmurry, Kraft and DeCoite.
Second team – 6-2 senior Kennedy Moore of Kalispell Flathead, 5-8 senior Taylor Sayers of Helena Capital, 5-10 junior Madi Todorovich of Helena High, 5-6 junior Reese Ramey of Kalispell Glacier, 6-0 sophomore Elly Reed of Missoula Hellgate, and 5-5 senior Audrey Hale of Missoula Big Sky.
Honorable mention – Kylie Gardipee, 6-0 senior, Helena High; Stewart; Mo Mastro, 5-7 senior, Missoula Sentinel; Gianna Passuccio, 5-9 sophomore, Missoula Hellgate; Katie Sheridan, 5-6 senior, Helena Capital; Noah Fincher, 5-7 senior, Kalispell Glacier; and Kaitlynn Hammett, 5-6 junior, Missoula Hellgate.
The Western AA All-Conference boys’ teams are:
First team – Sant, Luedtke, Wetzel, Walker, Lieberg and Kastelitz.
Second team – Cole Dawes, 6-5 senior, Helena Capital; Zane Gillhouse, 6-4 sophomore, Missoula Hellgate; Isaiah “Z” Reed, 5-8 junior, Missoula Big Sky; Chance McNulty, 6-0 junior, Missoula Hellgate; Kyler Meredith, 6-1 senior, Helena Capital; Lincoln Rogers, 6-5 sophomore, Missoula Sentinel; and Lee.
Honorable mention – Carson Towe, 6-4 junior, Missoula Big Sky; Lyric Ersland, 6-5 junior, Kalispell Flathead; Liam Ellis, 6-2 junior, Kalispell Glacier; Bache; and Battermann.
Eastern AA top honors for girls’ basketball went to Williams as offensive player of the year, Grossman and Davis as co-MVPs on defense and Randy Chase of Billings Skyview as coach of the year. The boys’ basketball award winners were Harrison as most outstanding player on offense, Ben Erbacher of Billings West as most outstanding player on defense, Tayshaun Williams of Billings Skyview as top sixth man; and Michael Claxton of Bozeman Gallatin as coach of the year.
Eastern AA All-Conference first team (girls) – Williams, Grossman, Davis, Haber, Odegard and Smart. Second team – Macie Wheeler, 5-11 senior, Great Falls C.M. Russell; Brooklyn Pierce, 6-3 sophomore, Billings West; Rhema Pace, 5-5 junior, Great Falls Russell; Taryn Salverson, 5-9 junior, Billings Skyview; Emma Hardman, 5-11 junior, Bozeman Gallatin; and Ava Epler, 5-11 senior, Bozeman High. Honorable mention – Kyesha Farmer, 5-9 senior, Great Falls High; Angel Martin, 5-10 senior, Billings Skyview; Eva Blatchford, 5-10 sophomore, Billings Senior; Dylan Simonson, 5-8 senior, Great Falls C.M. Russell; Maykayla Coleman, 6-1 sophomore, Bozeman Gallatin; Reagan Soucy, 5-6 sophomore, Billings West; Piper Jette, 5-10 senior, Billings Senior; Isabelle Blossom, 5-3 junior, Belgrade.
Eastern AA All-Conference first team (boys) – Harrison, Blair, Repscher, Embry and Zimmer. Second team – Erbacher; Williams; Grant Vigen, 6-6 junior, Bozeman Gallatin; Rylan McCollim, 6-5 senior, Belgrade; and Zad Rodarte, 6-1 senior, Bozeman Gallatin. Honorable mention – Cooper Tyson, 6-3 senior, Billings West; Rocky Lencioni, 6-4 senior, Bozeman High; Silas Walton, 5-11 senior, Billings Senior; Jonah Van Tassell, 6-0 junior, Great Falls C.M. Russell; Troy Hugs, 6-2 senior, Bozeman Gallatin; Maclain Burckley, 6-2 senior, Billings Senior; Anthony Schacht, 6-6 senior, Billings Skyview; Zakai Owens, 6-6 junior, Billings Skyview; Scott Klinker, 6-0 senior, Great Falls High; Daniel Marinko, 6-4 senior, Belgrade; Josh Goudy, 6-6 senior, Billings Senior; Quaid Ash, 6-2 senior, Bozeman High; and Braden Clyde, 5-8 senior, Belgrade.

— compiled by Bruce Sayler for buttesports.com