Bulldogs leave Cougars Thunderstruck

There are two things for certain, well in this case three, death taxes and wind at Copper Mountain Park. The Bulldogs have now got to see multiple home games at 3 Legends Stadium, but that doesn’t mean it’s been all sunshine and rainbows in the Mining City.

The Bulldogs played host to feisty Columbus Cougars team Thursday night. As the wind howled and the rain started to fall the score was knotted 0-0 until the bottom of the 3rd inning when the Bulldogs erupted after a slew of hits and using the bunt game to their advantage.

Alex Jorgensen laid down a beautiful bunt sneaking it perfectly between the short stop and 3rd basemen, after that it was a hit barrage and some “old man” ball of take one and pass it back. The Bulldogs started scoring so much that it brought a thunderstorm and a 30-minute delay to go with it.

After the delay the Bulldogs picked right up where they left off and were led in part by Sean Ossello who went 2-3, 3 RBI’s, a Triple, and 2 Runs. Cayde Stajcar was 2-4 with a double, an RBI and a run scored. Alex Jorgenson was 2-3 with an RBI and a run scored. Ethan Cunningham recorded a hit; he scored and went the distance giving up just 1 run on1 hit with a walk and 5 K’s.

Bulldog pitcher Ethan “Easy” Cunningham slices a fastball through the gusting Copper Mountain winds. (Photo by John Robbins of Butte Sports.)

The Bulldogs rolled to 9-1 on the season, with their lone loss to a pesky Belgrade team.


AB   R    H    RBI   BB    SO

S Ossello           3     2    2      3      0       0

K Donaldson     3    0     0      1      0       1

A Knott              4    1     1      2      0       1

C Stajcar            4    1     2      1      0       0

Z Tierney           3    0     1      1      0       1

M Armstrong    0    1     0      0      0       0

Z O’Connell       2    1     0      0      1       2

E Cunningham 1    2     1      0      1       0

A Jorgenson     3    1     2      1      0       0

D Dunmire       1    1     0      0      1       1