Bulldog Swimmers honor their seniors

Info Compiled by John Robbins Butte Sports 

The Butte High Swim team honored their seniors yesterday, they are pictured here in order as, Octavia Breeton, Jerica Hamburg, Ireland Johnston, Alex Kovnesky and Cora Rauch

Octavia Breeton senior swim manager. (Photo Lynn Shrader for Butte Sports file photo)
Senior jerica Hamburg pictured in this Butte Sports File photo. (Lynn Shrader)
Ireland Johnston Pictured in this Butte Sports file photo. (Lynn Shrader)
Alex Kovnesky pictured in Butte Sports File photo. (Lynn Shrader)
Cora Rauch pictured on her senior day in this Butte Sports file photo. (Lynn Shrader)

The Butte High Girls took 4th and the Boys took 6th at the Butte High January Splash.

Top 10 places for the girls:

Junior, Lily Jaksha, took 3rd in both the 50 free and the 100 fly.  Freshman, Olivia Thurmond, took 4th in the 100 free, and 8th in the 100 back.  Junior, Joci Petroni took 5th in the 500 free.  Freshman, Tatum Trefts took 6th in the 100 breast with a best time.  Junior, Brianna Komm, took 10th in the 100 fly.

Girls 200 medley relay of Olivia Thurmond, Tatum Trefts, Lily Jaksha, and Alex Kovnesky placed 6th.  The 200 free relay of Lily Jaksha, Nimalka De Alwis, Alex Kovnesky, and Olivia Thurmond also took 6th.  The 400 free relay of Cora Rauch, Tatum Trefts, Chloe Salusso, and Joci Petroni took 9th.

Top 10 finishers for the boys.

Freshman, Nathan Stone, too 3rd in the 500 free with a personal best time.  He also took 6th in the 100 breast.  Sophomore, Ziah Garza, took 7th in the 200 free, and 9th in the 100 free.  8th grader, Gage Plum, took 4th in the 100 back by swimming a best time by 3 seconds.

The boys 200 medley relay of Ziah Garza, Gage Plum, Nathan Stone, and Ben McAdams, took 7th.  The same boys took 6th in the 200 free relay.  The 400 free relay of Titus Salusso, Nate Hiebert, Blair Hamry, and Levi Balentine took 9th.

Butte high cancelled going to the Missoula meet on Saturday, January 28th due to weather.  We will do an in house meet on Tuesday, January 31st.

Lynn Shrader

Butte High swim coach.